Friday, 22 June 2012


Whoops, it's been a while.

Surprisingly I notice, how many visitors I have in my blogh, though I haven't been updating anything. The truth for not being active is, because I have lost my interest in Helsinkin. I think the wave of changes has stopped, so it's hard to get inspired of things anymore.

Sure there are still good stuff organized: now as it's summer, Suvilahti (or Kalasatama) has woken up. There are organized some parties in Konttiaukio. Also end of this month there will be park flea market in Dallapean Park in Kallio. The date for this happening is 28th.

There are things happening all the time around. But I still have lost my interest.

I have new interest: Berlin. Actually I'm moving to Berlin 3rd of July.

What a surprise? Or did you expect this coming?

I want to discover something new and Berlin is one of the best cities for this. Already I have plety of friends there, I don't know the city so well (which makes everything even more interesting) and along this all I have one job already. It's actually blogging as well, but in Finnish, so I will start one blog in English which will be similar to Helsinki For Urban Travelers.

I will try to make my living as a freelance journalist, we'll see!

So yeah, new things coming. Gotta keep on moving!

HFUT is rising again!