Saturday, 7 April 2012


I was cycling just home and started to think that I should really continue writing here again. Last year I had this flow going on. I was very inspired about writing of Helsinki. We were living interesting times here, as people wanted to show their openmindness after political hassle (remember True Finns and other questions about gay marriages etc.)

Those times did really bring us - people in Helsinki - more together. Those times were great times.

During the presidential elections there were also this atmosphere. Unfortunately Finland didn't get the modern president.

I lost what I was about to write... Hmm...

Oh yeah, so I waned to tell that I got an e-mail from Dominic who had ended up in my blog accidentally. His letter really cheered me up and made me realize that I really had created something that people like to read. For me writing is fun and therapeutic, and it can be the same for my readers.

Actually I wanted to publish a book about my blog. I sent it to Finnish book publisher and they sent me a letter that "Helllllll no!" And as I get uppset quite easy, it made me think that this whole blog is piece of crap and I'm never going to be anything and why the hell I'm even writing these things. Do I even matter.

Yes, I went really through so deep thoughts. I'm Finnish, we are deep :D

I still think HFUT would be a fun book about a girl that lives in Helsinki and writes blog. It would tell also about changes happening in Finland (political and it's influence to people), Finland growing up to become more openminded. My character would be very good for the book, because I have grown up in multicultural family and that was very new thing in the 80s. I can reflect 80s and 90s to precent and ell that now we - Finns - are much much more open minded.

Also that book would open my strange problems on finding true love, living poorly but still successing in life. Meeting people, cycling aroudn Helsinki and getting inspired about things and write those in my blog.

Oh, I think I should really write this book. I need a publisher.

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