Thursday, 16 February 2012

WDC: stamps

(pic from here)
When I was a child my father used to collect stamps. He had all the weirdest ones from African countries to all those countries which I thoug had only wild animals walking around. He gave me some of his stamps too that I could start collecting stamps. So I started. One funny thing is, that North Korea had Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen stamp in the 80's! I can bet that my father has that stamp too..

Now design is much different than in the seventies or eighties.

 Where I'm trying to get this issue is, that there is a stamp collection for Helsinki Design Capital. There was an open competition for everyone to design stamps. One of the winner stamps is made by Elias Ollila, who is only 5 years old. And it's very refreshing design, brings memories from childhood.

All the stamps have Helsinki vibe in them. See all the stamps here. If you are visiting Helsinki, you can purchase the whole collection from e.g. Posti (post office). Is now your time to start collecting stamps?

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