Monday, 6 February 2012

Finland has new President!

So it was end of Tarja Halonen's (Social Democrats) journey as Finland's President. Sauli Niinistö (the National Coalition Party)won the elections and was chosen as Finland's 12th President. Congratulations Niinistö (I call him Nipsu).

To be honest, the National Coalition Party is not my party at all. I don't go along with their ideology, but that's basically because I was grown up as in very Left winded family. Actually my parent's didn't ever go to vote, because they were against the whole system (or I think this is the reason).

Nipsu had to battle against Pekka Haavisto (The Green Party) during the second round. Mr. Haavisto ws my favorite, not from the beginning but during his campagn I understood how good dude he was. He wanted Finland to be one, as now there are too strong differences between people.

Well, Finland wasn't ready for his yet, but I believe that after 6 years Pekka is going to win the battle. Anyway, Haavisto got over one million votes, as Nipsu got 1800 votes. So the difference wasn't *that* huge...

And I can proudly say that in Helsinki 49.8 percent of the voters voted for Pekka Haavisto! And I can be very proud of people living in Kallio, as here most pf the people voted for Haavisto!

Thank you Pekka Haavisto for bringing people together and keep it going! You have a very good heart. You have become an icon.

Also during these elections Nipsu got super religious people behind him, as Pekka Haavisto is gay. Viva la narrowmindness!

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