Sunday, 12 February 2012

Childhood's sundays

When I was a child, would sundays be the days that the whole family would be at home. Usually in the evening we would go to sauna too. Even if we weren't a religious family, would we spend sundays peacefully.

Sudays were also the days my mother would cook something else than chicken and rice, or meat in cream sauce. Those are the dishes I remember from my childhood. My mother is going to kill me now.

"ESIN WTF, I WAS COOKING EVERYTHING FANTASTIC and all you can remember is chicken!"

Sometimes my mom would bake on sundays. The best was when she did pancake for breakfast. Finnish pancake, so much better than American sponge pancake! My mom is from the countryside, just next to Russian border, so she told me several times how they were making pancake from fresh milk. That way no eggs were needed.

In Helsinki fresh milk is not even an excisting word. You can get it somewhere, but mostly it's just processed milk. Bohhohhoo.

Well, as I prefer soymilk, nowadays my pancake is made from that. Or water if I'm broke. And instead of egg I put baking powder. Also I like to add my pancake cardemom and vanilla sugar. On top of it I use agave syrup. So I pimp my pancake.

I recommend you to make Finnish oven baked pancake. Recipe in English here.

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