Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Presidential elections in Finland

We're going second round in the Presidential elections. I'm happy to announce that the person I voted for is going for second round. Yes, I voted for Pekka Haavisto (The Green Party).

Last sunday was super exciting: Haavisto started from third place, before him were Sauli Niinistö (with 40%, from National Coalition party) and Paavo Väyrynen (something around 15,8%, from Centre Party). What happened during the counting, suddenly Haavisto rised up. After 2 hours he was in the second place, with 18,8%.

Before this I was thinking, who am I going to vote in the second round, if there's Niinistö and Väyrynen. Would I give my vote for National Coalition Party or Centre Party? Never.

There are plenty of people who are judging Haavisto, because he is gay. I was just talking with my mother, that it would be excellent to have a gay president because he could be an example for other countries where being gay is not ok - some places it's even a crime to be gay. Sometimes it seems like there are people in Finland who can't live with the fact that sometimes a man can love a man, or a female can love a female.

I don't still understand why this is so difficult to understand?

I was raised up to respect other people. I was definately raised up to accept different kind of people. I went through a hard school on this issue, because I was bullied at school because I was different. As my dad is not originally Finnish, and I as I'm half Turkish, I got lot's of shit because of this. Also I was raised up in two cultures: Finnish culture which is shy and not so impulsive and Turkish culture which is totally opposite.

So I know what is narrowmindness, I know how it feels when you are not accepted by people arround you. So this is the reason I support different kind of people. This World needs people, who are what they feel like being, who are not afraid to show their real me.

Also Haavisto is extremely clever man and he has a big understanding of other cultures. People are saying that Niinistö has a strong understanding on foreign policy, but that's just something that his supporters are constantly repeating. Yeah, he does have understanding on this, but what else? What else does he have to offer? Haavisto has also a strong understanding on foreign policy, World vide.

I give my full support to Haavisto. Finland needs a President like him <3

You can visit Pekka Haavisto's homepage here.
Even my mom gave her vote for Haavisto. I asked my mom "when was the last time you voted?", she answered "35 yers ago", "who did you vote that time", "Communists of course!" Good work Haavisto!

HFUT is rising again!