Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hi there!

I have moved to a new apartment and haven't been able to use internet. As living without connect to virtual world, I've been making videos and music.

Here's one of them.

(untitled 2) from EsinAamutuuli on Vimeo.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

New born

Finally I'm working on a book.

A book about this blog! Yes, HFUT is going to become a book.

I've been reading all my writing from the beginning and I'm surprised how active I've been. Huh, where did I ever get all that energy and inspiration?

Now I'm going to put all together and add some extra stuff (like explains why I wrote dfferent topics and open up a bit how my blog found it's shape). I want to publish it in English as my writing skills in Finnish isn't so interesting.

And sure my writings cant be published as raw as I have been writing. :D


But hey, stay tuned! I have already 60 000 letters written. 30 000 missing and I'm ready.

Einz, zwei, drei. JA!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Oh hoy

I have three blogs now. I decided to start pushing my energy for one, that actually has a line. I'm writing about food, fashion, sex and drinking. A very healthy blog!

I will write in English and Finnish to please all my readers. Yeah.

Meanwhile I made a video:

Rabbit hole from EsinAamutuuli on Vimeo.

My new blog can be found from here

Friday, 26 October 2012

Finnish journalism is going down

What is good journalism? Well, it depends in different country. There's countries like Russia, where over hundred journalists have been murdered since 1992. Just because they had an opinion and with this opinion they wanted to influence readers to get more knowledge.

And sharing knowledge is the main reason for journalism. To get more sophisticated and understand about the World in it's every appearance.

Ok, so I went to Finnish shitty news paper Iltasanomat web-page and saw an "article" about Sweden's princess Madeleine's new man. The topic was "Finnish men are upset: Madeleine chose wrong".


That topic was the reason for me to click that article, because you-know-I-have-my-opinion-of-Finnish-men.

The article was based in Facebook group, where several men are complaining about Madeleine's choice. In the article it says "She chose this American, middle aged and flavorless faced man..." yadi yadi yaa.


Is this journalism to write this kind of crappy articles? In a way yes, they show that there are such idiot people that think famous people should only marry beautiful and good looking people. But still I think this whole article was super tasteless.

And you know what? This "news"paper is one of the most red in Finland.

Sweden, adopt me. No wait, I'm glad to live in Germany.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

New t-shirts!

Helsinki inspired t-shirts. Let's make them available!

I had to create this one too, because so often people come to me and are sure that Helsinki is in Sweden. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A song about culture arriving in Helsinki

I lazy translate it with Google.

Culture arrived here in Helsinki
I was up against it now only
Culture arrived here in Helsinki
I am so very glad that

Culture arrived here in Helsinki
Culture arrived here in Helsinki
And it, and it ...
to comfort my mind

Culture arrived here in Helsinki
Already it was high time to tullakin
Yes because it is already here in a long time was needed
So, yes it was expected

Culture arrived here in Helsinki
Culture arrived here in Helsinki
Yes it is a long time already expected
and, with only some

Culture arrived here in Helsinki
Culture arrived here in Helsinki
Yes it is a long time for a much-needed
And yes, it is already expected

Culture arrived here in Helsinki
I was, of course, it is faced with
Warm heart and an open heart
I took that course in culture

Culture arrived here in Helsinki
Culture arrived here in Helsinki
And for that I am happy
when it was needed here for a long time
and expected and hoped for

Friday, 5 October 2012

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Funny Finnish polices

Yesterday I red from Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki Daily Newspaper), that Finnish police patrol had made a home search at suspected persons home - without telling him that they will be do such thing. In Finland police must give a chance for the person to be at home when they are suspecting the person and want to search his/her home.

They went to this mans home while he wasn't at home. They search the place and.. now comes the funny part: they left a handwritten message in this mans home in you know.. those squared papers, which are used in offices and schools..


So funny! Polices are sooo funny!! I pay taxes and police buy printers and computers with those money. And they use squared paper. C'mon!

I want my tax money back!

Read the news here (in Finnish).

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Good news!

Since my childhood there has been one man selling chestnuts in front of Stockamann department store. Always, during the winter, he's been standing there. I love chestnuts and it's quite rare to get them in Finland.

I just read that this Austrian man, Hartmann Abendstein, has announced that he's quitting celling chestnuts, because they doubled he's rent price.


And wait, isn't that illegal to double the rent. C'mon.

The politicians woke up.

Jarmo Nieminen (the National Coalition Party) was thinking, that the license fees are not necessity. Also he mentioned, if these self-employed people start making lot's of money, the Helsinki city should get it's share out from that. So, yeah, capitalistic way of thinking. But I think it's fair enough in these cases.

Imagine, at once I agree with someone from the National Coalition party. This is the first time ever!

What's up October!

And now I can write a little bit of me and what's going on!

The autumn has taken over Berlin and the weather is nice and fresh. Last week I started a couple of projects that I'm working with. I'm still studying and I contact my school if it's possible to do Erasmus exchange here and the answer was that there's a possibility if we find a school for me in which I can fit my studies. 

Also I have started working on my final work. It will be a documentary of my grandma. No, it's not a depressing story about war, it's a story of my grandmothers life that reflects the political changes in Turkey: how everything has changed from modern creations of Atatürk to the old style with Erdogan.. 

I started filming this documentary over a year ago, but I had to leave Turkey earlier than planned, because I had a fight with my dad. And the fight is still going on - haven't been talking with him every since. 

But I really want to go and finish this documentary, because the material I have already are so good, that I can't wait to have the interview to fit in them!

Visual work from me

It was one night when I got highly inspired. After this day I spent one weekend at home. I was editing. Then I opened Logic and made a track. Suddenly I had made a visual work.

Want to see it? Ok, here it is:

Dark from EsinAamutuuli on Vimeo.

MoMa New York offering Finnish school food

Wait, what? When I was a child I couldn't stand school food. I didn't even have a favorite one, because they all just sucked.

In the mid-90's, when I was in the elementary school, the basic school food was: kaalilaatikko (cabbage casserole), maksalaatikko (liver casserole), summer soup (kesäkeitto), curry kana (curry chicken), pinaattiletut (spinach pancakes), veriletut (blood pancakes)... Those are some of I can remember.

Also with our meal we could have milk and water. Bread? There were daily only crisp bread. Sometimes, rarely, there were some other bread. Desserts we had maybe once a month.

Nowadays I don't know what food schools offer, but I have seen that there is now also different types of bread. Maybe it was just my elementary school that was still in the war times. I believe that all those were created after the war, when there was nothing to eat, except potatoes and the leftovers from animals, like blood and liver.

But hey, it's very good and simple food. And nowadays I love spinach panckakes and summer soup. I'm trying to learn to love cabbage casserole, and one day I will love it. It will be the day I have only 1€ in my bank account for food, as cabbage is the cheapest product in Finnish supermarkets.

So, if you are in New York, or you are going there, one interesting thing to check out is the Museum of Modern Arts, MoMa. With entrance ticket (costs 20€) you get to eat Finnish school food! Yes, exactly, they are offering there the same shit that I've been growing up with!

Check out the web-page for further information.

ps. I forgot one food that I hated also: hernekeitto (pea soup)

Monday, 6 August 2012


Sorry not for posting for ages.

I promise to be more active later on. I live now in Berlin but I do really want to post about Helsinki. Berln isn't my home city like Helsinki is.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Piece of Finnish culture

My mother is from Eastern Finland, from Karelia area. One of most known foods from there is Karelian pie. Yes, you saw right, it's basically bread with rice.

Something most delicious things on Earth. No one makes them as good as my Finnish grandmother, my cousins mother and my mother.

When in Finland, these are something you must try. The pure Karelian they are, the better taste is!

Friday, 22 June 2012


Whoops, it's been a while.

Surprisingly I notice, how many visitors I have in my blogh, though I haven't been updating anything. The truth for not being active is, because I have lost my interest in Helsinkin. I think the wave of changes has stopped, so it's hard to get inspired of things anymore.

Sure there are still good stuff organized: now as it's summer, Suvilahti (or Kalasatama) has woken up. There are organized some parties in Konttiaukio. Also end of this month there will be park flea market in Dallapean Park in Kallio. The date for this happening is 28th.

There are things happening all the time around. But I still have lost my interest.

I have new interest: Berlin. Actually I'm moving to Berlin 3rd of July.

What a surprise? Or did you expect this coming?

I want to discover something new and Berlin is one of the best cities for this. Already I have plety of friends there, I don't know the city so well (which makes everything even more interesting) and along this all I have one job already. It's actually blogging as well, but in Finnish, so I will start one blog in English which will be similar to Helsinki For Urban Travelers.

I will try to make my living as a freelance journalist, we'll see!

So yeah, new things coming. Gotta keep on moving!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Finnish architecture lectures in New York

EXHIBITION NEWLY DRAWN – EMERGING FINNISH ARCHITECTS is on view at The Center for Architecture until April 30.

More info here and here.

Finnish architecture is very inspiring. If you are in NYC check this event out!

Cafe Talo

This post might sound a bit pervert, but it's all true...

It was sunday and I went for a coffee with my friend, Sarah. We decided to go to a place called Cafe Talo. I work in a bar, so I never look at bartenders or coffee shop workers like that. We went in and my eyes jumped out from my face: how can there be so many good looking guys working in this place?!

The place itself is nice and during sundays there's brunch. It's also a nice place to sit in the evening and drink wine. The atmosphere is just excellent. Upstairs is slightly more intimate, while downstairs reminds European restaurants with it's big windows to Hämeentie and hall style interor design.

During weekdays Cafe Talo serves Italian style food with a Finnish twist.

I really advice to try this place out. Even if you are not looking for good looking guys, try it just for Cafe Talo's sake!


Hämeentie 2 b
00530 Helsinki

How to get?
Metro to Hakaniemi, trams 3B, 6, 7A, 9... Walking from central to Hakaniemi is delightful as well.

Serving hours:
Mon 11 am - 00 pm
Tue-Fri 11 am - 02 am
Sat 12 pm - 02 am
SU 12 pm - 5 pm (Brunch)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Finnish guys and fear of showing emotions

I've been writing about Finnish men quite a bit. I had problems in connecting with men. If I fell in love with someone, he faded me. He was afraid.

Even if he was the one who cantacted me and it took a while me to warm up for him, but after I did warm up, he reached his goal and faded.

How about now?

Well, as I'm now slightly known person (some people consider me as a celebrity as my face is on television), how have the attitudes of men changed towards me? Well, that's for sure that a lot more men try to hit on me. And they are trying to hit on me harder than before, in a more self-confident way.

It feels stupid. It feels wrong.
(pic from

Before I didn't matter that much, but now as I'm "something" I'm more interesting? That's pretty narrow-minded.

I had also one guy coming and telling me that "I would have started a relationship with you, but there wasn't that feeling with you". With that guy we had a complicated thing going on for 1.5 years. I think that wasn't true either. I think if there are two people, and they are brave to show their feelings to each other, then there will be that feeling. But if you two are pussies (like we were) the feeling couldn't show up, because there was more fear.

Sometimes I think people don't think enough. They are giving the power for fear. People who try to hit on me now that I'm "famous" are also pussies. I think they should think all chicks are equal with me. They think that I'm special, because my face is showing off from television.


Some guy gave me his number yesterday. I put it behind my ear - literally. There's a saying in Finnish when someone invites you in some place or something and you are not sure if you can make it: "I'll put it behind my ear". Maybe it's en English too, don't know.
Glad I'm going to Berlin next week and there I will be nobody again.

I heart Helsinki

Today Helsinki has been the capital of Finland for 200 years!

Here you can read more about Helsinki's history (in English).

I'm so lucky to live in this beautiful city Helsinki. But still I want to move away from here. Why? Because I've seen it all. 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saturday Helsinki


I was cycling just home and started to think that I should really continue writing here again. Last year I had this flow going on. I was very inspired about writing of Helsinki. We were living interesting times here, as people wanted to show their openmindness after political hassle (remember True Finns and other questions about gay marriages etc.)

Those times did really bring us - people in Helsinki - more together. Those times were great times.

During the presidential elections there were also this atmosphere. Unfortunately Finland didn't get the modern president.

I lost what I was about to write... Hmm...

Oh yeah, so I waned to tell that I got an e-mail from Dominic who had ended up in my blog accidentally. His letter really cheered me up and made me realize that I really had created something that people like to read. For me writing is fun and therapeutic, and it can be the same for my readers.

Actually I wanted to publish a book about my blog. I sent it to Finnish book publisher and they sent me a letter that "Helllllll no!" And as I get uppset quite easy, it made me think that this whole blog is piece of crap and I'm never going to be anything and why the hell I'm even writing these things. Do I even matter.

Yes, I went really through so deep thoughts. I'm Finnish, we are deep :D

I still think HFUT would be a fun book about a girl that lives in Helsinki and writes blog. It would tell also about changes happening in Finland (political and it's influence to people), Finland growing up to become more openminded. My character would be very good for the book, because I have grown up in multicultural family and that was very new thing in the 80s. I can reflect 80s and 90s to precent and ell that now we - Finns - are much much more open minded.

Also that book would open my strange problems on finding true love, living poorly but still successing in life. Meeting people, cycling aroudn Helsinki and getting inspired about things and write those in my blog.

Oh, I think I should really write this book. I need a publisher.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

4785849th issue: Music in Kallio

Kallio is a bohemian part of Helsinki blahblahblah. I live here, and I love living here. Now I love living here even more. Why?


Name of the happening?
Kuudes Aisti


Tickets will be on sale after 3rd of April.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

503rd issue: Flow Festival

The biggest and coolest music festival in Helsinki must be Flow Festival. Last year there was so many people, that it was almost impossible to move. I preferred listening to electronic music in one place and danced my feet broken. Musical satisfaction has lasted until this day and now I have started to wait for Flow again.

So I had to make a Flow post, and as there are many confirmed artists already, it's easy to make this post.

What I'm waiting?
- Pinch
- Nicolas Jaar
- Four Tet & Caribou DJ set

What else's there?
- Bon Iver and his beard
- The Black Keys
- Ane Brun
- Black Twig (A good Finnish band!)
- The War on Drugs

More artists will be confirmed... The Raveonettes should come. I still think I will be enjoying the electronic music side of Flow... And of course the lightning, which is always awesome! 

When is Flow? 

More information here

502nd issue: A new observation deck

There has been opened a new observation deck in Jätkäsaari (= in English: Dude Island :D). It has free entrance, thought you'll have to  go through, an electronic sales shop...

As Helsinki is pretty flat - we don't have sky scrapers or other that kind of buildings - this observation deck works fine.

There's also MiG-21 fighter on the deck. It's from the 80's, so it's not in the use anymore. And what happened on friday?

Well, let me start telling that in Finland men have to go to army. They can also choose a military service or go to jail. Most of my friends have done military service, and I have to rise my hat for them: work for free for one year. But also I saw this tv-serie of Swedish speaking Finns army in Dragsvik and it slightly changed my mind about army. But this all might be because Swedish speaking Finns are more sophisticated...

What I'm trying to tell is that on friday someone painted a graffiti on that MiG-21. Lol. Actually, during one year there has become a new bloom for graffitis in Helsinki. I just hope there would be more nice ones, but I undertsand that it's impossible to do a nice one in just a couple of minutes before cops come and you'll get a 7458937698450 euros fine...

See the picture here

Tyynenmerenkatu 11
00220 Helsinki

Friday, 24 February 2012

501st issue: Where's this?

In Kaisaniemi metro station they have these cool lights. Sometimes I was thinking that they are slightly looking ugly, but actually they are pretty cool. As the station itself is pretty ugly, so these fit there like a fist in the eye.

I want more neon lights in Helsinki!

500th issue: danger! danger!

What's up Helsinki?

Well, lately there has been danger around us. No, no terrorists, no war, no food H1N1. No, nothing like those. There has been a danger above us.

On Tuesday woman died after ice and snow dropped to her head from the roof. This happened in Töölö, which is located in central Helsinki. Also I heard people telling that there were many near-miss cases. Jesus, this city is dangerous!

There are people cleaning roofs from the snow and ice, but I would prefer just walking in the car lane's.

Be aware!

Men working at the roof. Brave dudes.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

WDC: stamps

(pic from here)
When I was a child my father used to collect stamps. He had all the weirdest ones from African countries to all those countries which I thoug had only wild animals walking around. He gave me some of his stamps too that I could start collecting stamps. So I started. One funny thing is, that North Korea had Finnish ski jumper Matti Nykänen stamp in the 80's! I can bet that my father has that stamp too..

Now design is much different than in the seventies or eighties.

 Where I'm trying to get this issue is, that there is a stamp collection for Helsinki Design Capital. There was an open competition for everyone to design stamps. One of the winner stamps is made by Elias Ollila, who is only 5 years old. And it's very refreshing design, brings memories from childhood.

All the stamps have Helsinki vibe in them. See all the stamps here. If you are visiting Helsinki, you can purchase the whole collection from e.g. Posti (post office). Is now your time to start collecting stamps?

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Iholla advertisment

Story of six women living in Helsinki or near by. Staring on March 13th.

Watch the advertisment here.

I'm honoured to be in advertisment which is so well done and the music - M83 - HUH!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Zola Jesus in Helsinki

Now there's some very good gig coming, which I'm totally looking forward to. Zola Jesus is performing in Club Tavastia in April.

Her trippy sounds and interesting voice will take listeners to a great journey. I believe that Zola Jesus' gig is the kind of gigs that after you feel just totally empty. Ahh..

Zola Jesus @ Tavastia
Sun 1/4/12
Tickets 20/22€
Bookings here

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Childhood's sundays

When I was a child, would sundays be the days that the whole family would be at home. Usually in the evening we would go to sauna too. Even if we weren't a religious family, would we spend sundays peacefully.

Sudays were also the days my mother would cook something else than chicken and rice, or meat in cream sauce. Those are the dishes I remember from my childhood. My mother is going to kill me now.

"ESIN WTF, I WAS COOKING EVERYTHING FANTASTIC and all you can remember is chicken!"

Sometimes my mom would bake on sundays. The best was when she did pancake for breakfast. Finnish pancake, so much better than American sponge pancake! My mom is from the countryside, just next to Russian border, so she told me several times how they were making pancake from fresh milk. That way no eggs were needed.

In Helsinki fresh milk is not even an excisting word. You can get it somewhere, but mostly it's just processed milk. Bohhohhoo.

Well, as I prefer soymilk, nowadays my pancake is made from that. Or water if I'm broke. And instead of egg I put baking powder. Also I like to add my pancake cardemom and vanilla sugar. On top of it I use agave syrup. So I pimp my pancake.

I recommend you to make Finnish oven baked pancake. Recipe in English here.

Public Sauna in Kallio

Kotiharju public sauna can be found from Kallio. It's been around since 1928. Females and male saunas are separated.

I'm not a sauna person, but lately I've been starting to go to sauna at the gym I go to. But Kotiharju sauna is a bit different than the sauna I go. As it is in Kallio, you will meet pretty differen't kinds of people there, than in the gym (where ponytail girls are punishing themselves after eating a bag of candies last night). I think it could have the vibes of Aki Kaurismäki movies, but I might be wrong.

Kotiharju public sauna
Harjutorinkatu 1, 00500

How to get? 
Metro to Sörnäinen is the easiest.

Mon closed
Tue-Fri 2 pm to 8 pm
Sat 1 pm to 7 pm
Sun closed

See more here. (In their web-page you can even see real-time sauna temperature. Hihi.)

Hello World

I'm taking the World over!

Monday, 6 February 2012

My window

Do you even feel like opening your television, after the view from your window is this beautiful?

Arabia and WDC

Arabia has launched a cup collection for Helsinki Design Capital 2012. The mug is designed by Kaj Frack in 1952, and the print is designed by Miira Zukale, especially for this happening.

I got one cup from organizers of WDC as we had their happening at my work. Straight away I fell in love with the prints and as I love Arabia, I become so happy that I could sleep this mug next to me every night from now on.

If you are coming to Finland, get your own cup! I think these are going to be very valuable after something like 20 years. Rarity.

Don't these mugs make you happy or what? A very nice souvenir too!

(PS. this post is old and these mugs are pretty much not available anymore in shops. You can get them still from Rakuten Global Market)

Finland has new President!

So it was end of Tarja Halonen's (Social Democrats) journey as Finland's President. Sauli Niinistö (the National Coalition Party)won the elections and was chosen as Finland's 12th President. Congratulations Niinistö (I call him Nipsu).

To be honest, the National Coalition Party is not my party at all. I don't go along with their ideology, but that's basically because I was grown up as in very Left winded family. Actually my parent's didn't ever go to vote, because they were against the whole system (or I think this is the reason).

Nipsu had to battle against Pekka Haavisto (The Green Party) during the second round. Mr. Haavisto ws my favorite, not from the beginning but during his campagn I understood how good dude he was. He wanted Finland to be one, as now there are too strong differences between people.

Well, Finland wasn't ready for his yet, but I believe that after 6 years Pekka is going to win the battle. Anyway, Haavisto got over one million votes, as Nipsu got 1800 votes. So the difference wasn't *that* huge...

And I can proudly say that in Helsinki 49.8 percent of the voters voted for Pekka Haavisto! And I can be very proud of people living in Kallio, as here most pf the people voted for Haavisto!

Thank you Pekka Haavisto for bringing people together and keep it going! You have a very good heart. You have become an icon.

Also during these elections Nipsu got super religious people behind him, as Pekka Haavisto is gay. Viva la narrowmindness!

Today I heard something...

After a few minutes it all confirmed.....

I'm on the cover of Lufthansa's inflight magazine! The photo was taken by Valtteri Hirvonen, a friend of mine. The place can be found in the central of Helsinki, it's a movie theatre called Bio Rex.

So, if you are flying with Lufthansa, I'll be traveling with you... But honestly I'm very honoured to be on the cover and especially because it's about Helsinki Design Capital!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Help save the Finnish wolves!

See more information here.

Presidential elections in Finland

We're going second round in the Presidential elections. I'm happy to announce that the person I voted for is going for second round. Yes, I voted for Pekka Haavisto (The Green Party).

Last sunday was super exciting: Haavisto started from third place, before him were Sauli Niinistö (with 40%, from National Coalition party) and Paavo Väyrynen (something around 15,8%, from Centre Party). What happened during the counting, suddenly Haavisto rised up. After 2 hours he was in the second place, with 18,8%.

Before this I was thinking, who am I going to vote in the second round, if there's Niinistö and Väyrynen. Would I give my vote for National Coalition Party or Centre Party? Never.

There are plenty of people who are judging Haavisto, because he is gay. I was just talking with my mother, that it would be excellent to have a gay president because he could be an example for other countries where being gay is not ok - some places it's even a crime to be gay. Sometimes it seems like there are people in Finland who can't live with the fact that sometimes a man can love a man, or a female can love a female.

I don't still understand why this is so difficult to understand?

I was raised up to respect other people. I was definately raised up to accept different kind of people. I went through a hard school on this issue, because I was bullied at school because I was different. As my dad is not originally Finnish, and I as I'm half Turkish, I got lot's of shit because of this. Also I was raised up in two cultures: Finnish culture which is shy and not so impulsive and Turkish culture which is totally opposite.

So I know what is narrowmindness, I know how it feels when you are not accepted by people arround you. So this is the reason I support different kind of people. This World needs people, who are what they feel like being, who are not afraid to show their real me.

Also Haavisto is extremely clever man and he has a big understanding of other cultures. People are saying that Niinistö has a strong understanding on foreign policy, but that's just something that his supporters are constantly repeating. Yeah, he does have understanding on this, but what else? What else does he have to offer? Haavisto has also a strong understanding on foreign policy, World vide.

I give my full support to Haavisto. Finland needs a President like him <3

You can visit Pekka Haavisto's homepage here.
Even my mom gave her vote for Haavisto. I asked my mom "when was the last time you voted?", she answered "35 yers ago", "who did you vote that time", "Communists of course!" Good work Haavisto!

HFUT is rising again!