Thursday, 15 September 2011

372nd issue: The family culture

During my this trip to Turkey I realized something: how the meaning of family changes in each culture. I left yesterday my grandmothers house, because I couldn't take it anymore. I spent one night at airport and now I'm waiting for my flight.

Why did I leave? I couldn't stand anymore the control. How I was controlled all the time: I'm not allowed to go out alone, I'm not even allowed to talk to strangers. I'm not allowed to speak about my family problems to anyone. But do I care? No.

In Finland I have been living alone since I was 19 years old. Between now and this age I have traveled round the World sometimes alone, sometimes with a group. I am not used to be under control, I control myself, I don't need anyone to control me. No one should be controlled by others. The more people control you, the more they effect your head and put you round their fingers.

As long as you know what's right and what is wrong, you can live as independent as you want.

I got very badly stressed about this constant control and lack of freedom that I'm used to. Also I was forced to accept lies, which was the final point.

In Finland this is called insanity. If someone steals someone's freedom, it's almost a crime (in some cases it is a crime). If a 26 year-old is not left out alone, there's something wrong.

Now I have decided to burn my bridges to Turkey. I don't need this. I know so much better places, yesterday I was watching my photos from New Zealand and thinking how happy I was when I was there - alone and far, far away from my family. My mother is excellent, she understands me and my sister. Or she seems like understanding. She never forces us to anything and she pushes us to do what ever we feel like doing. She never forces us to believe in her ideology, she rather gives us perspective.

And by us I mean me an my sister.

If we start looking about this issue much wider, we can notice some cultural differences. My aunt yesterday told me that no matter what happened, it's my fmaily and I can't erase them from my life. I asked her "why not? if hey are making me unhappy, why should I have them in my life? when I have so good friends and people who I care about and who care about me, why should I ruin my life with people who make me feel like shit?"

Then I continued: "also in Finland family isn't as big issue as in Turkey, there are plenty of people who are not in any kind of contact in some of their family members. It's totally ok in Finland if you don't get along with your family member. Then you just don't get along."

Then she understood. Or seemed like understanding.

There are also negative sides about Finnish people not working enough their family relations: there are plenty of lonely elderly people. But otherwise I love the fact that you are free to get along with who ever you want. Sure at work you might have annoying people, but they pay you to get along....

371st issue: Block parties

Cocoa has made an excellent video from block parties held in Helsinki!

Punajuuri Blockparty from Cocoa on Vimeo.

370th issue: I heart Finnish people

I had to travel to my fathers country to realize this fact again: I LOVE FINNISH PEOPLE. Why's that? First of all even if many of Finnish people are shy and anti-social, at the same time they give you space. They give space for you to think and breathe. People say that it's not nice that people don't talk to each other in the bus, but I think it's pretty good thing. When I'm in the bus/train/etc. I like to watch what happens outside, I like to enjoy that I'm alone and think deep.

Here, in Turkey, there's not such space given. Elderly people complain here all the time to youger people, you have to keep all of your sences open all the time or you'll be hit by a car, if there's a cue - it's not cue, it's a bunch of people trying to get in at the same time. Also everything is a number here, people are ready for a fight all the time.

Too, I love how most of Finnish people re trustworth and they don't hide things. They are sometimes just too shy to talk about things, but they don't make up things (sure there are this kind of people too, but not as much as here). I love how you can trust Finnish people. Here you make up things to make others believe that your life is good and perfect. In Finland people say: "My life is miserable and I have no problems by saying it out loud".

I miss Finland, I miss Helsinki. I miss shy people.

If you like to have emotional space, travel to Finland. There you'll have as much time lone as you prefer. No one requires you to talk a word if you don't want.

369th issue: three counts zero

 I had  a super interesting problem few weeks ago: I had THREE men that I liked much. Each one of them had lot's of good sides, but also negative sides were there. I was hoping to mix these three men good sides and put them in one person. Then I realized I can't built a perfect man like this.

What were the good sides of these men? Well, first one had A PERFECT SKIN. Yeah, his skin was softer than a baby sheep. He also had a thoughtful and caring personality. Second one was fun, outgoing, social and handsome. Third one had magic in his touch. I felt something inside me everytime he touched me. Before I thought it was love, later I undersood that we had some kind of cosmic connection (:D) Also he had supergood music taste.

I bet I sound now like a narrow minded person, but I want to say that I didn't mention MONEY even once! 

Even there were such a nice sides, but what is normal is also that then suddenly the negative sides jump up and all those fun sides start to fade. Reality hits. All of us have negative sides, sure, but there are things that matter, such as : I didn't see future with none of these guys.

I believe there are men that have all these good sides that these three men had in total.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

367th issue: Kallio is THE place

I was just reading news about a strange object that some people had built to support WTC stickes. There was a box which six bicycles would move through the streets of Kallio.

In the news they write about  people, who were sitting in the bars terraces. They stood up (which they only make when they go to get a beer) and strated to point and clap hands for that odd moving object.

Here we se again: Kallio is THE place. If this kind of odd object would have traveled through Punavuori, Ullanlinna, Töölö (Especially Töölö), Kruunuhaka, people would have only staired it or play that they didn't even notice it.

People n Kallio are more relaxed and not so serious. And that's why I love, love, love Kallio! Let's keep it that way!

Here you can see a picture of that object.

HFUT is rising again!