Saturday, 3 September 2011

361st issue: Ticket inspectors

Recently there has been lot's of ticket inspectors around! You better be aware of them. They take no excuses. My friend who is 44 years-old and working full-time and is a law-abiding person, forgot that her ticket wasn't valid anymore. And ofcourse the ticket inspectors came. She tried to explain that she forgot the date, but got that 80€ fine. Nice.

There's no mercy with these nazi's.

(pic from here)
Be aware!

360th issue: Best brunch in Helsinki?

To be honest, I have never tried any of the brunches in Helsinki. It's just because I'm not kind of person who likes to eat her tummy too full. I prefer always something light and healthy. So, for me a good brunch would be all organic, filled with fruits, nuts, vegan omlets and smoothies.

Still, if you are kind of a person who likes to eat eat eat, there is one place where you get value for your money: Pacifico!

In Pacifico you pay 9.95/11.95€ for brunch which is now held also on saturdays. It's pretty popular, so you better reserve your place advance!

When is the brunch?

11am - 3pm

Helsinginkatu 15, 2nd floor

How to get?
By metro to Sörnäinen, take Helsinginkatu exit (probably the best one)
Or by trams 3B/T, 7A and 9

Here you can book a table.

359th issue: Dance yourself clean

Yesterday I was at Llamas bar in Iso Roba (Punavuori). There I saw my friend Nini who is one of the ballerinas from group Wannabe Ballerinas.

Where did these ballerinas come from then? Suddenly Wannabe Ballerinas were everywhere, people love them. I haven't - yet - seen them performing, but I've seen their name everywhere and all the time. They dance ballet to Finnish pop music. I don't mean pop pop, I mean they dance for bands like PMMP (click the name to hear one of their song). Also seems like they dance for other kinds of music as this next video shows:

Here's a small video which someone has put on YouTube. It's from Flow festival where Wannabe Ballerinas were performing.

  Keep it going, chicas!

Friday, 2 September 2011

259th issue: From failure to..

All the stress made me so tired. But I learnt something...

After suffering from financial problems for many months, I strated working in a bar I used to work before. I love my work, it's one of the bestest things in my life at the moment. The atmosphere, the people... I love everything there.

Then, I was working on documentries, and I am working on documentaries. I don't get money from them and I don't even get any enjoyment from them anymore. I feel like a machine that goes from place to another and presses button. Long days filming and cancelled meetings. When I try to put something on my calendar, it always screws up.

When I work in a bar, I get money, I get to hang with people I like, I meet people and when I have a shift, I have a shift. It can't be cancelled.

I was offering my photography and filming skills to others, for free. I bought a camera that cost 2000 €, I have my computer that cost 1700 €. I'm spending my time and money, my own money to help other people. I get questions "have you yet..??" "have you yet??" and people don't seem to understand that I'm doing everything for free, so I do things when I have spare time.

So, I have decided not to do anything for free anymore.

Also I understood that projects like I did aren't for me. I need to do projects on my own, for myself, as myself. I don't need any big company behind me. I will be independent film maker. I wil make documentaries as a hobby, my income will be my bar work.


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

358th issue: FAIL!

Esin has failed. My summer project was supposed to be a one day story of the Baltic sea in Helsinki. My script was very clear, too clear when I look it now. After many hours, after heaps of my own money and after going insane I finished my work. Our producer didn't like it. He said it's not at all what my script said. My pictures were nice, he said, but the work didn't work.

I created something crap.

My first script was about how we use the Baltic sea, what we get from it: fishes meaning food, enjoyment, traveling... But when I was filming it I realized that how naive I've been: it's not healthy to eat those fishes in Helsinki. The more I red, the more I got disgusted.

I decided to change my focus to how we use the Baltic sea - we use, use, use... It's important for us for traveling, enjoyment, ...

But that wasn't what my original script said.

I wanted to cry after failing, but at the same time I knew it all the time that it's not going to be a success. But a total failure... What annoys me is that tomorrow I will have to deal with bigger bosses about my failure and talk about it. Talk about why I failed, why I did a documentary which didn't go along the script at all, why I wanted to do everything alone, why I though I can do what ever I want... and after all this I might up just saying: I'm quitting this school and going to work in a bar FULL TIME!

Oh well, life goes on and Gang of Four is playing at my work this saturday. Wohoo! :)

I will put my crappy video here after having that difficult conversation about my crappyness with teachers.

357th issue: Turkish Movie Days in Helsinki!

I just noticed this which interest me a lot. It's all free!

(pic from here)

Monday, 29 August 2011

356th issue: The New Music Centre

Today the New Music Centre is ready and opening. What's this building? It was built for Sibelius Music Academy, but it's for "everybody's" use. I mean Everyone who has the €€€.

(More info here)

Building this house just central Helsinki has cost something like 140 000 000€ (according to this news from 2010). That amount of money sounds funny, after Euro is living it's crisis. I bet this amount could have half if they would have chosen another place for it.

I still don't understand why Sibelius Academy has to be in central Helsinki, when there's space in East Helsinki, just next to the sea. Or in Sipoo. Or in some other city or even town. What's more inspiring than huge windows that show the sea? Now they see straight the train tracks, Kiasma modern art museum and the Parliament House. Good and inspiring surrounding for Finnish musicians. Jean Sibelius got his inspirations from our nature. In year 2011 the student's of Sibelius Academy get their inspirations from traintracks.


I was just watching an interview from YLE (Finland's broadcasting company) and they were talking about Centre's organs, which were something extremely amazing. The interviewer said "cleaning this organs must be a nightmare for the cleaner", and the man who she was interviewing said "Yeah, a total nightmare". But the whole building is built with tax money, meaning that cleaners tax money!

Me, who studies in Metropolia polytechnic, and our school is struggling all the time with money problems, I'm glad that musicians got this great building. Who needs media anyway? Wait a second, media helps music to get more popular.. Hmm... Oh well.

I don't get it. I love music, but does it require this kind of building to appear... We will see.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Busy, again...

Yeah... since few days I've been jumping around..

three more days will be straight from hell, then I'm getting rid of one documentary...which I didn't manege to do the way I wanted. And today I'm surrounded by 50+ people but I just don't have the energy so socialize, so I'm hanging behind and drinking. And actually hanging on Facebook because there no one sees my tiredness.

Well, today we have LeBonk club still, where we're going to play music. Then home and monday I need to activate my artistic side of brains. Can someone just activate artistic side of brains ... just like that?

HFUT is rising again!