Friday, 26 August 2011

256th issue: I could be in love

Yeah, sometimes life surprises. Actually my life surprises me a thousand times a day. Last time it happened 10 minutes ago. I'm not joking. I can't tell it right now, but the result can be seen later...

So what's up in my lovelife?
Well, I wrote about a month (?) ago that I'm in love and blah blah blah. After he never answered to my feelings, I got fed up. The last moments were in Flow festival when I saw him. I didn't feel anything towards him anymore. The feeling was dead. Gone.

It's strange when feelings just die. The magic disappears.


I was in Flow on sunday. Everything was fine, I still didn't have hangover. Wow. Then there was a guy part of my friends group, but I didn't know him. Anyway our eyes caught each other. It last for something like 0.25 seconds and then we both continued what we were doing. But I felt something straight away when our eyes caught each other. I haven't been feeling like this for a long time!

Honestly, for over one year I havent been looking for guys. Ok, I have been ending up in some guys homes, but I never was really interested about going there. That other guy (with who I was in love) was just on my mind and I was thinking that he just is the only one for me. Or that he is the only on that makes me FEEL something.

Flow ended, life continued. After maybe one day my friend added photos from Flow. One picture was picture of me and this guy with who our eyes caught each other Facebook liked that picture. Then we started to comment in our friends status together. Then he started to Facebook poke me.

Then I sent him an email. He answered. We sent each other emails almost the whole night. Next day he asked me to be his FB friend. I become his friend. Then I put in my status something like "Tomorrow Berlin, accommodation needed". After a few minutes this guy told me that I could go and stay at his apartment in Berlin. Yes.

Then we met and everything went well. I could be in love.

I went to Berlin and stood at his place (he was in Finland).

This all happened in... 5 days. Our eyes just caught each other and I got keys to his home. Have you ever heard this kind of story? Wow. Why have I been hanging behind a guy who only gives me crap, when there are this kind of guys in the wild?

So, I could be in love, but I'm trying not to. I trust in the fact that time will show everything.

355th issue: Something very strange

Today I saw this in Kallio. Hmm...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

353rd issue: Pictures from the restaurant day in Helsinki

Very good pictures from the Restaurant day, which was kept 21.8. You can almost touch the atmosphere.

See them here.

352nd issue: family support

As I have wrote, I have multicultural background: my dad is Turkish and mother Finnish.

Growing up in Finland between 80's to 90's wasn't the easiest as a multicultural, because people didn't always understand what does it means. Basically I was always stamped as Turkish, even though I was Finnish as much as Turkish...

Anyway, I lived fantastic childhood which included lot's of traveling and overdose of love from everybody. It was actually very sad when this all faded away and my parents divorced and difficult times started, but now I can say that I'm happy that I lived those emotions so young (I was a teenager). I never had the opportunity to become a real teenager, because I was carrying my parents difficult times inside my heart.

Now that I'm adult I have decided to focus only in my own life and leave my parents do what ever they want. And I think it's so good like this. Sure there's always some electricity in the air when I say something about my dad to my mom or other way. But I try to avoid those conversations.

I love my parents, but they can be so difficult sometimes. But hey, I'm difficult always!

In my family my mom is the sharp one, the practical one, with who I can have long and deep conversations about everything. My dad is the emotion. So it's totally opposite from usual husband and wife relations. My dad is the one who says all the time "I love you" or he kisses and shows that he loves. My mother never kisses us :D actually she never even says "I love you", she rather shows it. I never say to my family members that I love them, it's very difficult. It feels awkward, because I think it's just something that IS. You don't have to repeat it, because basically it is this way.

Because my mother is whatshe is, she's also the best one for me to judge. Some people get angry when their parents judge them, but I think my mother just gives me the best judgements. She never want's to influence or corrupt my mind, she just always puts me to think deeper everything. Sometimes I want to take the shortcut, put then my mother brings some new perspectives to my mind and sure sometimes I get angry because she never let's me to take the shortcut, but after awhile I understand that it was actually good to think everything again...and again...and again..

I'm finishing documentary which was my summer project. I've been showing it all the time to my mother and first she never understood it. I was getting angry and anxious, and started to think that am I studying the right subject? Still I didn't give it up, I tried harder.

Now, when my project is almost ready, I'm glad that my mother didn't understand my idea first. It made me try harder. I'm glad she didn't say "oh, what ever you do is perfect, because you are my daughter" (that's what my grandmother would say :D), because then I would have dropped from very high when I would have got negative critique.

So yeah, I might get negative critique now as well, my documentary might be amateur piece of crap, but I did my best. And I spent lot's of time thinking...

My dad is the one who has taught me how to see things and enjoy what you see. He has taught me how a scenery can be enjoyable. It's been a lifelong lession which is always active when we are in Istanbul.

350th issue: Helsinki Design Week, part 1.

(Kjell, I will do different one for you :))

Helsinki Design Weeks is a warm up for upcoming year, when Helsinki is the design capital of the World. Next year is going to be huge, and I truly hope that there are really poeple working well for the upcoming year. Better than what Helsinki Design Week web pages are working, which are a fucking horrible failure. Less is more, this web page is just a hazardous amount of information, which leaves you in a huge questionmark. And a headache.

So, I was asked to try to make more clear introduce of what's going to happen during this week. I do my best, though it's slightly hard for me too, because I don't see any logic in the web page...

Also one thing is stupidity: all things cost. I think goverment should support this kind of happenings...


The Old Customs House (Katajanokanlaituri 5)

What's up?
Pechakucha Night @ 7:30 pm

"Creative people talk about creative things"
More info from FB found here
Tickets available here


Note! It's in English.


Open House Helsinki

"OpenHouseHelsinki allows visitors into places which normally are not available to the public. OpenHouseHelsinki organizes guided walks in fascinating interior spaces, interesting parts of the city as well as old and new architectural points of interest. The walks are guided by designers and specialists.

The walks are free of cost. No tickets or enrollment are required. For safety reasons some of the walks have restricted number of participants. The participants are taken in the order of arrival or drawn out in a lottery."

More info here (in English)



The New Music House

Well, it's just infront of the Parliament House, next to Kiasma.

How much?
27-35€ (get the tickets here)
Music and fashion will be bring together. Here's the press release (I just translated it straight with Google...):

"Fashion and music create the two parallel tracks of the new trends. The gathering of fashion designers and musicians for the evening into the same space we promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, and the results will surely surprise. Finnish fashion will make an international breakthrough. It succeeds in vogue, such as music from his own personality in mind. We and the public interest to hear and see how personal and creative musicians and fashion factors interact with each other: if one plus one equals two, or something more? "describes the Helsinki Design Week, Kari Korkman evening concept of the Music Centre main hall on the catwalk." (txt from here)

The Music house is a new building that has shared opinions. One thing is, that often people feel that this kind of buildings support "high culture", meaning that only people who have money can go and enjoy the music that is played inside it, but the building is built with our tax money... 

If you want to get to know The Music House, there are three free tours organized 17.9., at 10 am, 11:30 am and 1:00 pm. The main architect will be there.

351st issue: Politics: Ex True Finns are now The Finns?

Yeah, sadly True Finns has changed their name in English to The Finns. This name is totally misleading. From my point of view they should leave totally the word that refers to Finnish people. 

Here you can sign for petition against this nationalistic party to use internationally name "The Finns".

Ex True Finns got 19,1% from all the votes in elections. I have wrote about problems ex True Finns have caused and their ideology here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Heh, a few times...

I'm a Finn, but I didn't vote for ex True Finns.

Monday, 22 August 2011

347th issue: Air Berlin - My flight from Berlin to Helsinki

I made this video, because this was the first time I had someone being over social to me during the flight. No matter how much I have been traveling, honestly this was my first time of meeting a very drunk and social person. I though this kind of things happens only in tourist flights (like the ones for Tenerife etc.) but c'mon, I was coming from Berlin! Maybe it's a bit wrong to publish this material, but I told him that he is annoying me, and after he continued, I grabbed my camera and started to film. But if I can tell something: he was all the time very positive, meaning he didn't get any aggressive. But 2 hours of him... UGH!

I have translated this as what I heard him saying to me. I didn't understand much...

(ps. also I noticed I failed to add "have" when I tell him "we have difference between our ages..")

349th issue: Finnish singer-songmaker

You think Finnish is beautiful language? I've heard many people saying that it is. I can't say anything, because my ears are used to hear it. But when I hear a beautiful song singed in Finnish, I couldn't agree more people who say it's a beautiful language.

So, here's one song from Kari Tapiiri, so beautiful and the words are great!

Maailmanpyörä by Kari Tapiiri

348th issue: Helsinki could get there too...

When traveling, probably most of the people do is that they start to compare countries between when they travel. Especially they compare their home country to the one they're visiting. So, this weekend I spent in Berlin and I fell in love with it. Like almost everybody does.

Why did I fell in love with it then?
I love how people seem so relaxed there, people might have problems, sure, but everybody were still chill. I could notice that people in Berlin weren't afraid of things. They are free, emotionally.

Then I strated to think that we could have this same kind of atmosphere in Helsinki too, if only some things would change. What are these things then? Or what IS this thing then? NEGATIVITY!

There's all the time so much negativity around. This negativity includes jealousy, fear and unsureness. If we could clean these things from us - meaning people who live in Helsinki - this would be so much chiller place to live. If only people would start noticing each other in a positive way. I might sound naive, but also I can tell that this works in Berlin, why wouldn't it work in Helsinki?

Actually, everybody could learn from Berlin. I mean World wide. There are problems in Berlin (and Germany), but I want to look to the positive things, that could help us all to become better people.

Congratulations Germany, you have created a wonderful city. Keep it that way, don't ruin it!

Ps. Actually I started to think seriusly about moving to Berlin!


Hi you all!

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post anything. I've been extremely busy: this weekend I was in Berlin filming a documentary. Today my school starts and tomorrow I have a job interview. Also I have to finish my other documentary. Oh, and after 1.5weeks I'm going to Istanbul to see my grandmother (yessss!). Actually I'm going to make a documentary of her aswell while I'm there.

Lot's of things happening, huh!

On friday (28.8.11) it's the Night of The Arts (Taiteiden yö) in Helsinki. If you are in Helsinki, just prefer walk around the central (Töölönlahti especially). There are heaps of things happening! Check more information from here.Remember to take a bottle of red wine with you :)

Also on saturday I will be filming documentary and on friday I have a DJ gig, meaning I will be the DJ! hihiiiiiiii :)


Ps. I have so much thing to write about but I just don't have time. Lot's of things has happened....hahahah......

HFUT is rising again!