Saturday, 6 August 2011

337th issue: After work/this morning

Sunday, 5 am.

336th issue: Kallio Block Party was a success

Whoa, I don't know anything better than a street party just next to my home! Everybody seemed to have fun, there were all kinds of music available and what I loved the most, was that there were lot's of families as well. I mean it's good to show this kind of urban culture to children as well.

Yeah, our favorite was which we called "the midged disco". There were lot's of children dancing and doing stuff. No stress when you're a child. Just let it goooo!

They can learn and keep it alive later on.

Also we found new shops, there's a very cute second hand shop. I will try to make bigger issue about smaller second hand shops in Kallio... Maybe in autumn. Now I'm just so busy that it doesn't make any sense. Good that I could relax today at KBP!

Hopefully next year there will be Kallio Block Party again!
Loooot's of people. Gotta love to see everybody in one place and with so good atmosphere surrounding us all.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

335th issue: Forests are full of...

My mother has told me same story about five million times: "When your grandpa was in the war, they ran out of food and your grandpa said "the forest is full of mushrooms, let's make food from them!" And that's how they probably survived from starving.

My granpa passed away in '95 but he was one of the coolest person I've ever known and I'm thankful he survived from the war, because I never had the opportunity to see my Turkish grandpa (he died in '59 in a car crash), so I saw my Finnish one - Toivo! (Toivo means Hope :))

Collecting mushrooms and berries from the forest has been always a hobby for my family. And all of us love mushrooms, so we collected always so much mushrooms that we could eat them for one year. Chernobyl explosion in '86 effected the shroomies in Finland and I'm not sure how radioactive I am, but as long as I'm not neon color, everything's ok and I keep eating mushies!

Mushrooms in Finland are also very delicious. And I love the moment when I find a perfect mushroom, with no worms in it. And how about those moment's when you just find ridicilous amount of chanterelles? WHOAA!

There are also good places to collect mushrooms in Helsinki! You just have to know in what kind of places certain kid of mushrooms grow. Helsingin Sanomat gives hint's of places where you can find shrooms:
- Espoo; Luukki, around Myllyjärvi, Nuuksio, Latokaski forests west side of Finnoo road and surroundings of Korpilampi.

- Helsinki: Mustavuori, Keskuspuisto ja Haltiala. 

- Vantaa Petikko, Storträsk and near Sipoo.

I think there are more places in Helsinki, like East-Helsinki in Vuosaari. No one wants to share their secret mushroom places and I'm sorry, I can't tell mine. You will have to find your own :) 

If you have an iphone, download a mushroom recognizer in it.

334th issue: URB 11 - festival

Urban Art Festival, later mentioned as URB, has started again. Actually I'm late on posting this, because it's been around since 29.7. Anyway, URB will last for three more days and there are plenty of things happening for these three days.

What bring URB to my mind was, when I red a news about Mariano Pensotti - an Argentinian who is an artist who makes installations. In this news Pensotti says that "at the best fiction has become reality in these installations".

What are these installations then? Basically there's a screen where appears different writings from moments happening around, but still it's all fiction. Or I think in some way reality becomes fiction, but Pensotti says that it's the other way. And probably he's right and I'm wrong. Or is this the kind of question: is your half filled glass half full or half empty?

Actually I found an aswer: reality is written again through fiction. The moment's are real, but when you fit them in a screen with three other person - it becomes fiction. But still real. ARGH! I just have to go and see it!

In Pensotti's installation there will be Finnish authors writing to the screen what they see.

Sometimes I think, I can see you 

Elielinaukiolla tue and fri (4.–5.8. ) 

What time?
8 pm - 10 pm

Also on Saturday!
Lasipalatsi square (6.8.) 

What time?
8 pm–10 pm.

URB video HERE
More info HERE

333rd issue: Now I understand

(I'm not sure if I have written about this, but I'll do it again, because this is what I'm thinking at the moment)

Lately I have started understand my mistakes when I "date" guys. First and the biggest mistake is, that I just don't know how to give attention to someone else. I don't know how to show that I like. What I do rather? I start running. I think showing attraction is something scary, because if you show your interest and the other person just ends up saying "you have misunderstood me". Just like I have said so many times.

I think I have failed too many times in my life and I don't want to cause myself any failures.

So I'm afraid of the red light, probably. Instead of showing that I care, I run run run. I care, yes, but I can't show it. I've never been kind of person who shows emotions. People might say that I'm honest and showing my emotions, and yeah, I can cry where ever I want, I laugh, I act stupid where ever I want. I'm not afraid of looking ugly. But saying to someone that "I like you - a lot" or sitting like a couple with someone. I just can't make it. I want to have my own space, I need my own space.

People who know me, don't even know what's up. Once my friends boyfriend said that "Esin doesn't want a relationship", and that's correct in a way, but I'm open minded. But I just can't show that I'm interested of someone. I can write my feelings, but I cant say them face to face.

This post didn't have much to do with Helsinki, but remember I'm a person from Helsinki and giving face to one of Helsinger, Helsinki person, Hell-cityer, Helsinkier,..... (there isn't still a word for person coming from Helsinki!!!).

PS. that topic is a lie, I still don't understand!

332ns issue: Neighborhood lovin', part 2

I wrote about physical lovin' what was happing in my neighbor. It all started when my friend was complaining me about his neighbors...

There is also different kind of lovin' happening in my neighborhoods. I have lived nearly two years in this apartment, and rarely I meet anyone else than the mna who lives next door to me. It's a bit strange, but I try to accept that basically we have the same living rythm.

Last december someone new moved downstairs. I noticed new name in his door but didn't meet him. His name is Heiskanen. Those times I was working again in a bar and coming home early in the morning, this time it was almost 4am. I was tired and walking the stairs up, when suddenly there was a man! A man who seemed like dead. No reaction at all.

Straight away I was trying to make him wake up, and while I was stesting his pulse, he opened his eyes. This man was just so drunk that he couldn't managed to go home, stayed half way through. I asked him "who are you, which apartment you are going", and while his eyes were going round and round he said "I'm Heiskanen". I knew where to take him...

Months past and I didn't see or hear anything about Heiskanen. On July I was coming home from clubbing and it was again nearly 4am. Who did I found sleeping from the stairs, infront of his apartment? Mr. Heiskanen. This time I knew him and shaked him "Heiskanen, AGAIN!" He opened his eyes and just started to smile, and went home.

Then, like a month ago I saw Heiskanen in the stairs - sober! And I asked him "Hey, you haven't been sleeping in the stairs. What's up???", he answered laughing "Yeah, let's see if it happens today!", I said "Ok, I will come and search for you then..."

Last friday I came home from work. Again it was nearly 4am. I was climbing up the stairs, and what did I see? Heiskanen! He was absolutely hammered, with no shoes on, just haning in our stairs. His door was open and friend inside. I don't know what he was doing, but he looked like a huge dange, because he wa so drunk. I said "Heiskanen,.....aaaaaaagain!", he said "c'mon, don't be like that", I grabbed him and pushed to his home and closed the door.

This is just another way of strating to know your neighbor...

So now you think what kind of dude am I talking about? Well, he's about 27-28-years old, have converse sneakers and tight pants, probably same length hair than I do. He seems like a positive person, though he is an hazard.....

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

331st issue: Student who prefers organic

In Finland organic products are expensive, and I believe it's the same in many country. Actually in Turkey they have lot's of local and organic stuff and you can get these from bazaars easy. And the price is not that expensive. In Finland the price is double, or triple - even four times as much as non-organic product.

What does organic mean for me? It means real tastes and more nutritious vegetables. So I rather spend money on healthy and nutritious food, than end up buying lot's of fast grown untasteful veggies. Like zucchini is now super cheap, something like 1.20€/kg. I love zucchini, so I was happy to see it for so cheap. Then I had a look in organic zucchini's and the price for them was something like 2.40€/kg. Which one did I choose? The organic one for sure.

Then I went home to cook my meal and I noticed fas tthe difference between organic and non-organic zucchinis: while non-organic zucchinis become watery after heating them up, these organic ones kept their shape. When I was eating I could really taste zucchni (I know, they don't taste much, but I could taste the difference). It wasn't like eating watery slimy cucumber-thing, it was zucchini.

It's not a student thing to eat organic. But I think less is more!

From my shoppings 80% are organic. Sometimes when I'm totally broke, I have to choose the cheapest products,.... or maybe rather I stay healthy and ask my mother to go food shopping with me ;)

330th issue: Messages

Today I got my iphone 4G working. While I was trying to understand this strange object, I found new things from Facebook: a forgotten message box. And this box had many messages from my readers! I'm very thankful for everybody for contacting me and seeing the effort to send me messages. It was my bad that I haven't been aware of this secret mailbox on FB!

From now on I will be checking this mailbox more often, because surely the messages I got, cheered me up a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm just writing to the walls and just random visitors end up in my blog. I' m just writing and sending my thoughts and ideas to cyber space.

If you feel contacting me, please send me message on FB here, or send me e-mail.

I love to help people, because when I was traveling I got help from so many people. Sharing is caring, as I always say. I do my best and answer the questions about Helsinki (or Finland) as good as I can. Helsinki is my playground, so I do know this city well. Also I know lot's of people, so I can always find answers from somewhere if my own head isn't enough.

Thank you again for reading me. It means so much for me. And sorry I don't have that comment box, I just have so bad experiences of them (e.g. Helsingin Sanomat - Helsinki Daily - has comment box after every news and people write always there nonsense and try to get into a fight. Faceless everything is so much easier.......)


329th issue: Autumn vibes


The days are getting shorter, nights colder. You can feel autumn coming. It's almost over, the summer is gone. Almost.

I was walking today in the street and every other person were commeting the weather, which sure did have autumn vibes in it. I can't believe it's over. It all went so fast. What did I do?

Some people say that it's so wrong that during the summer there are heaps of street parties and festivals, and during the winter... nothing. Summer offers plenty of free concerts (like almost every weekend there has been something in Alppipuisto - for free!) During the winter there are gigs and concerts, but still they suck sertain kind of people in them. Like the festivals in Alppipuisto sucked all kinds of people and it was a good opportunity to meet all kinds of friends, not only "the ones that hang always in that one bar"....

Personally I have decided to be very active for next 5 months. My plan is to workworkwork and in January I will go to Japan.

Finland is very difficult country to live in. Just think about the climate differences: during the winter it can be -30°C and the weather is so dry that you skin starts to peel, and then during the summer it can be +30°C and so humid that it feels like in some tropical country. Imagine what this all does to our skin. Also after all these climate changes there are those mental stuff that activate when it's dark and we don't get enough vitamine D.

So, I'm preparing.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

328th issue: A new restaurant...

I was happy to see that my japanese friends are going to open a restaurant soon near by! I don't know yet their list, and sure it's going to be a surprise. But I believe it's going to be gooood!

I've been always saying, a good sushi chef can only come from Japan. In Japan they understand, other sushi's are just bad copies. In Japan they respect food, they pay super attention for the ingridients. This is why you should prefer eating in Japanese owned Japanese restaurants.

But we will see, I will go and taste what restaurant Hoshito has to offer. I believe I wont be unsatisfied.

Mäkelänkatu 22. (in Vallila)
Trams 3B/T and 9.


Check out more here

HFUT is rising again!