Saturday, 30 July 2011

327th issue: HEAVY METAL!!!

I have been busy. Busy on what? Workin! Working on what? Working as normal people, as a bartender, to get real money instead of monopoly money or student points.

Where I work is a heavy bar! YES! a heavy metal bar. Something so not me, but it's good to see that scene too. And I can say: it's bloody fun!

Yesterday before gig they were showing MANOWAR gig video from the screen. And people were insane: they were moshing around dancing, yelling, singing... wow. It all was like full on, no one was checking anyone out "ugh, that guy has wrong kind of Manowar shirt on", no, no. Everybody were just having fun. Ok, it was 80% men, but they were all so polite and nice. And sophisticated. Also these guys didn't seem like depressed or anxious. I can bet they were all musical in some way.

The only dresscode was probably : a Manowar t - shirt.

I strated to think about heavy metal scenery, and I like it like this. I don't like the one which is mixed slightly with gothic style. I like it this simply as these guys were. It wasn't like in some electronic music gig, where 5 guys play synth and one sings with a mickey mouse voice about how difficult life is.

And this is the cross point: I'm used to listen to songs about how difficult life is, how politics are crap and love love blah blah blah. What are heavy metal songs about? I strated to check out Manowar lyrics...

"Hear me calling
Can't you hear my death tone
Hear me calling
Can't you hear my death tone
Hear me ride
On into the night
Pull along side
If you're looking for a fight, yeah!
My social workers
Got me on a chain
Keeps me out of jail
So the paper prints his name, yes it does, and he likes it
Unemployment checks
Run out next week
It won't be very long
'Til I'm back on the streets again"

Manowar - Death tone

As you can see, all the song's are kind of stories, stories filled with metaphoras. They are not like "I'm depressed / I want to die / you broke my heart / It's not a lie / so follow me / when I lead / down from the cliff / falls my head" (I should start making songs :D)

If you want to experience heavy metal scene in Helsinki, there are a few bars to do that:

- Bar Bäkkäri (metal/gothic/glam)

- Dom (metal)

And smaller bars can be found in Iso Roba.

Ps. If you haven't seen Anvil documentry, you should watch it. It's very good!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

326th issue: Finland interests!

Check out this link from the Guardian!

325th issue: Päivi Räsänen again...

Today newspapers wrote about politician Päivi Räsänen (Christan democrats), who announced yesterday her opinion about the law going along mass murderers. For examlpe in Finland if someone kills 50 people, a killer gets sentence max 30 years in prison, but can get free after 12 years.

Päivi Räsäsnen was known for her negative opinions about gay marriages. I wrote about them here

So, what did Räsänen say yesterday?

"There should be a life long sentence for them who does particularly cruel crime. It shouldn't be shorten."

(free translation by me, whole news in Finnish found here)

NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Räsänen made a B-I-N-G-O... why? Because with this simple statement she got sympathy from people. Yes, from those people who were against her before. Are her negative opinions about gay people going to be forgotten now? She says something so clear as heaven nd people start to like her. I think there weren't anyone who would have disagreed her, no way. But anyone could had said this - anyone who has a little bit of moral and heart.

Fuck you Räsänen, don't try to collect all fishes from the net. I hate politics, I hate how it effects people and how it can even rule people.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

324th issue: Today

Today I was filming my documentary in Uutela, Vuosaari (East Helsinki)

If the sea is looking like this from the upper level, how does it look from the bottom. That is the question....

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

323rd issue: Happening alerit in Helsinki for next two weeks!

I was glad to notice that so many things are going to happen around. Let's forget about negativity and think about how nice it is to have people surrounding you!


Park flea market. It's all free and a very nice happening! I will be there for sure because it's just round the block from my home.

Penger park

More info here (also in English)

Also same day there will be Neon Indian (US) in club YK! More info here.

Small festival in Alppipuisto (Alppipuiston kansanjuhla). This festival is absolutely free and open for everyone. First dy is more electronic music based, and second is strongly influenced by garage music. There will be plenty of nice people around and a good atmosphere is promiced!

Alppipuisto, Vallila (next to Kallio)

How to get?
Trams 3B/T. Hop off at Linnanmäki. (Viipurinkatu 31, 00520 Helsinki)


SlutWalk in Helsinki! Starts at 2 pm from infront of Modern Art Museum Kiasma

More info here

Same day

Kallio Block Party - a street party in Kallio!

Kallio library park/Fleminginkatu/Franzenin aukio

How to get?
Tram 3B and 9. Also 1A if it's running.

More info here

322nd issue: Dating

My friend asked me today a question: "Esin, how do I say to a girl in a nice way that I'm not interested of her?" My answer was: "Well, guys usually stop contacting me or answering my calls/text messages. They start ignoring me".

Then I started to think the question deeper, and asked "how long have you been dating, and are you SURE that you are not interested of her?" My friend said: "We have met two times and she's just too excited about this thing, and I'm getting anxious" HA! Gotcha!

So many guys have told me "Esin, I'm getting anxious about your behavior". Last time I heard this was last friday. But finally someone said it straight to my face, but at the same time I got angry. Why did I get angry? Well, first of all I don't want to make anyone anxious, second is that I'm anxious all the time but I don't blame other people about it. Also I think it's evil to blame other person because of your anguish.

In my life, many of the guys who have said that I make them anxious, have years later started contacting me. Why? Because I have stop contacting them - totally. Now they have had the opportunity to get to know me from the side, and they have understood that what they missed. But my excitement has made their anguish side rise, and that's the reason it hasn't been possible before.

I can tell that especially chicks (and probably guys too), who have been singles for a longer term, have hard times on balancing their emotions. And when they have made their hearts "cold" - and suddenly they give theirself opportunity to like someone - it appears full on.

People need just to try to understand each other. Sadly too often people just start thinking "On no, that person is making me anxious", or they say "I'm anxious because of you, stop contacting me!"

But from my point of view, if the other person doesn't suffer from any kinds of mental problems, this person who has got anxious shouldn't blame the other person - he/she should understand. And I think excitement usually dies in two weeks anyway.

Anxious people, chill out!

Monday, 25 July 2011

321st issue: today

Ferry go round. Coming back from Suomenlinna.

320th issue: Jornalism in Finland, again and again....

Many people in Finland are shocked: Markus Määttänen - a journalist of Aamulehti - wrote from different kind of perspective why A. B. Breivik did his acts in Norway. If I squeeze everything, it went like this "A. B. Breivik haven't got laid for a while and because of sexual furstration he did his acts." (Here you can read from Jezebel the story in English)

Markus Määttänen has caused a very negative wave towards Aamulehti with his words. And if I was Määttänen, I would be scared to walk outside at the moment. This thing is serious.

If I can tell my opinion, it's that I don't think Breivik had problems on getting laid. He had that golf-player look. He didn't look like a killer at all, you know how mass murderers often look - a little bit untidy. C'mon, Breivik had a Lacoste shirt!

So, today I was filming my documentary in Kauppatori, central Helsinki. And as I was standing and filming long shots, one guy called Jamppa came to talk to me. He made straight away it clear that he has problems with health. He said he's not crazy, but that he's not normal. But as we talked I started to understood that he was extremely emotional and thoughtful.

He told me that he writes poems and wants to be a sailor, but that his father wont let him. He said he enjoys watching boats departing from Kauppatori, and that he is there every day watching them leaving. Also he told that he loves winter more than summer, but that winters he can't meet any new people.

We would talk about arts and what the water is. We had deep conversation with him, because he took everything all the time to the deep levels. I could understand that he spends a lot's of time alone - like me - but we were still so different persons. I said I spend lot's of time in bars and he said he hates the bar culture.

As the conversation continued, he started to tell me that he doesn't have any friends. He has only one cat. Also he said that he wants a girlfriend. I told him that a relationship doesn't save anything, but he said that he really wants one. He wanted one, because he never had one and it's very difficult for him to find any girl that would become his girlfriend.

He also told me that last winter was very difficult for him and he is afraid of this upcoming winter, because he won't meet anyone during that time, so he is totally alone.

Then I changed the subject to Norway's happenings. Jamppa told me his opinion: he said that from his point of view Breivik was a lonely man. He probably didn't have any girlfriend and was furstrated in life. So in a way he could emphathize him. I had to tell him straight away that Breivik's act was strictly political, it didn't have anything to do with if Breivik was lonely or not.

Then he looked surprised. People might think that lonely and emotionally outcasted people do mad things - like Breivik. But no, If we open our eyes, we might see the truth: this happens every day in some countries, especially in Middle East! This is political, it doesn't require anymore a depressed and outcasted person. It can be anyone. And from my point of view Breivik wasn't even thinking about sex in any way. He was thinking about his right-sided ideology being right. And he thought it required killing to prove them. He didn't understand that killing is something that isn't accepted normally.

A killer is a Killer.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

319th issue: Photo exhibition

There's going on at the moment an exhibition of Hannes Heikura. Who is this man? He's one of my favorite photographers in Finland. Heikura's photography just touches the moment. And they are always visually so beautiful as well. One picture I remember, and which actually won in 2008 the year's photograph competition was a picture of sailing boat crossin the Gulf of Finland. And the truth is just there, infront of your eyes. People can describe things, but this photograph tells it all.

(pic from here)
Yes, this picture shows the condition of our sea in year 2007. Heikura's style is indeed showing that less is more.

Heikura won the years photograph contest in year 1997 with this picture of Mika Myllyllä, who passed away just a few weeks ago... (pic from here)

Dark Zone


Helsingin taidemuseo (Tennispalatsi, 2nd floor)


There's also a photo exhibition of Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Seppo named "Golden Forest"

HFUT is rising again!