Saturday, 9 July 2011

315th issue: A song about Helsinki

I have totally forgot to post this song! Ok, I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of rap, but big thumbs up for Gracias!

Friday, 8 July 2011

314th issue: Suvilahti

I took this with my new camera yesterday (7.7.11).

313th issue: My love

As I have been writing about Finnish guys, I will have to write my love towards one of them...

I have absolutely fed up being a windmill. Even though my name means morning breeze, it shouldn't breeze to my inner windmill anymore. I want to balance.

I was thinking that is there anyone who has ever made me feel something in my life. There are things that complete me, like photographing, cycling, creating things, thinking... But a person. A person is missing from my life. I love my family, sure. I love my friends, sure. But still...

I have been living pretty actionfull life. From bar to another I've been jumping. Meeting new guys, dating some. No feeling.

I have realized between this 1.5 years that feeling is the most important thing. It's not how clever the other person is, it's not about the looks. It's all about the feeling. I have had so fantastic guys, but no... I haven't felt anything. Sometimes I have become angry to myself for not feeling anything.

I remember that before it was easier to feel, I would fell in love something like once a year. Now, I don't anymore. I started to think why...

Slightly I strated to bring one guy back to my mind and realized that it's him that I miss. There's no one that would make me feel like he did. He made me feel something inside aswell. With other guys it has always stayed in my skin, but with this guy it feels deep inside me.

Wow, this is interesting.

My friends say "forget him, he will only hurt you", "Esin, you can have so much better guys, see how it has been going with him before..." I'm not blaming him that it didn't work before. I think we just had lack of communication and my behavior wasn't very good either. But that's because I wasn't ready that time.

But I'm in love. Love is a nice feeling, especially if it comes deep inside you. I don't say this guy would love me and I'm not going to stalk him. I'm too proud for doing that. Heh...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

312th issue: Finnish tourists

There has been around some writings about Finnish tourists being weird. Sure, as I have wrote we are absolutely unsure  about ourself and this causes many odd situations with us - a Finn.

Still there are some things that just are cliche between Finnish tourists, especially with men. I was surfing on Oyster's web page (Australian fashion magazine) and I coundn't avoid noticing that actually this cliche has become trendy! This thing that has always helped a Finn to recognize each other...

(pic from here)

Yep, it's socks in sandals. That's an absolutely cliche. But now it's trendy!! You know what they say "you dad was the original hipster".

311th issue: HFUT videos vol 2.

Yeah yeah YEAAAAH!

I did it, I bough a camera. And not just any kind of camera... Canon EOS 5D MK 2. Now I'll be able to make short visually enjoyable videos of Helsinki. First they will be only including music and places from Helsinki, but later on I might jump infront of the camera and show e.g. how to order a beer in Helsinki..

I'm in love with my camera. And I'm so happy I bough it, though it cost me a fortune, but I believe in satisfaction!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

310th issue: The power of media

Most of the time I hate media. I know the power of it and truly think that nowadays it's all about money. Sometimes media gets very nasty and brutal. Just like if you are a politician, someone famous in sports or a celebrity. As media is the one that shares everything, even things that are not true...

But we always might forget that there are rules in media too: there must be always that shocking drama happening that makes readers/viewers want to follow the object that shares these bits of media. Media dramatizes everything, just for money. And what is the result? Many deaths, suicides, depressed people who wanted to have their private life, but media didn't just let them keep any privacy, because of money...

The more shocking the news is, the more we want to read/see. The more we spend money.

Rest in Peace Mika Myllylä, I think it was media who killed you.

Nasty, nasty media.

Who was Mika Myllylä?

HFUT is rising again!