Friday, 1 July 2011

308th issue: Flea market in the park

There has been some flea markets organized in the parks. In these flea markets anyone can go and sell their stuff. This is a brand new phenomena in Finland and especially in Helsinki, as most of the flea markets are organized here!

Yesterday (20.6.11) there was organized one just round the corner of my home, in Kallio. It was a success, even it was thursday! Lot's of people gathered their stuff and came to sell what they don't need anymore and also meet friends.

One guy said in Channel Four (Nelonen) interview that "I think this is right. The politics in Helsinki is coming from further up from my point of view. This happening is really conducting the city culture. I think it doesn't matter how much the Music house* is liked, it's not only the culture. This kind of underground happening is." (note! this is a free translation by me, the original news found here)

Hopefully it will be organized again!!

* = (the one that they are building where VR Makasiinit were before)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

307th issue: HFUT recommends

I've been listening to Brian Jonestown Massacre non stop for a few days. If you are on your way to Helsinki this summer and thinking what to upload in your ipod, here's a tip:

306th issue: HFUT got bored

After I have lived in Finland enough, after I know what this land causes to my mind and soul, I have decided to find a way to get out from Finland. First step is to find a trainee job from abroad, and especially from Japan.

I'm studying media and my subjects are television and radio. If you know any potential places for me to do my trainee in Japan...wink wink!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I noticed that Flow has sold out for 3 days and Saturday to Sunday tickets. I get in on Friday because my friend has a gig that day there, but I'm missing Saturday and Sunday. This means I have a problem...

Boohoo, I'm crying elephant tears... Helsinki for Urban Travalers has to get in Flow!


More about Flow here.

304th issue: VR Makasiinit - you left us crying

VR makasiinit (VR warehouse(?)) were just middle of Helsinki. This charismatic place was a good place for underground gigs, on Saturdays and Sundays there where flea market, eko shop Ruohonjuuri had their shop there and otherwise it was excellent place for e.g photographing. So it was a total urban place, again a small bit of Berlin in Helsinki.

After Finland became more and more bourgeois, did some very clever people up with an idea about dismantle VR Makasiinit and build there a music house, even Finlandia house and Opera are just round the corner...

There were demonstrations, because people wanted to keep this place, but as  we who wanted to keep this place alive didn't have money or voice, they decided to build that music house. Soon VR Makasiinit burned "accidentally" and they had a good reason to dismantle it all. This happened 5th of May, 2006.

Still the decision-makers decided to keep a small part of Makasiinit as a memory...

Today (28.6.2011) Helsingin Sanomat wrote that decision-makers have a plan to dismantle this small bit of it as well. The whole article is found here (only in Finnish).

Ok, built a five star restaurant there, where us - normal citizens - can't afford to go. I'm so fed up with this country at the moment...

Burning (pic from here)

302nd issue: back in town!

I came back from Egypt where I was spending my mid-summer. The political situations in Egypt were interesting and I hope everything will turn good and Mubarak will be punished.

The weather in Helsinki is nice and warm. My apartment is like a freezer, I think it's much more warmer outside than in my apartment. I have to search for my wool socks...

I try to be active again and stay in what's happening in Helsinki! I need an ipad to be able to post from parks where I'll be spending most of my time.... hmm....

Greetings from Egypt!

HFUT is rising again!