Sunday, 19 June 2011

301st issue: Lapland in Helsinki?

By Hélène Edlund (pic from here)
New exhibition about Lapland has started in Ateneum art museum. There's going to be Lapland influenced artworks from beginning of 1800s to these days.
Lapland is known for it's beautiful scenery and nature but also a very interesting place for it's culture too. There are Samaen people and also shamanism has been one of the religions there.

The Magic of Lapland


More info here

Ateneum is free every months first wednesday from 5pm-8pm.

300th issue: Congratulations Paavo Arhinmäki!

The politician I voted in the elections was chosen as the culture and sport minister. Totally left side party got two ministers in the Finland's new ministry. This is better than zero! And I'm happy that Arhinmäki is there and he'll be the one to work in the things that I think is important: culture.

As well all kinds of sport is important. I was talking to my friend who had very rough childhood, he was a total disaster those times: drugs, fighting, stealing stuff... But then later on he figured out that with sports he could satisfy his needs to do these bad things, and he said that wish he would have figured out earlier that sport was something that was missing from his life. Before he would express his furstration by being a bad guy, now he has sports.

So, from my point of view Arhinmäki will be working in very good and important area. Hopefully Arhinmäki will focus on especially outcasted youngsters....

299th issue: Sun Roba - street party!

Roba is a shopping district in Punavuori. There's always life, during the daytime there are heaps of different shops such as a record shop (Stupido), second hand shops (UFF & Fida), design shops, book store and cafe's...

During the evening and night time there are many bars and clubs. At 4 am this place is a hazard: people who are super drunk and searching place to go for after party. Roba is a must to see!

There's going to be a street party in Roba on July. There's going to be music, stands selling stuff, food and they promise a good atmosphere. And I don't doubt this at all!

Event name?
Sun Roba


And it's all freeeee!

HFUT is rising again!