Friday, 10 June 2011

295th issue: The Worlds most liveable city

All the newspapers in Finland write about it: Helsinki was ranked as the most liveable city in the whole World, by Monocle lifestyle magazine. I totally agree, Helsinki is sure easy city to live in, but it's just ridicilously expensive.

But if we don't think about capitalism, is Helsinki one of the prettiest cities I've seen! Especially at the moment when everything is green and flowers blooming. And people are happy.

I couldn't find the original news from Monocle's web page, so I can't link it here... this all might be only a Finnish joke...

Thursday, 9 June 2011

294th issue: SlutWalk arrives in Helsinki

Helsingin Sanomat wrote about SlutWalk, which started in Toronto this years april after a policeman said that female student's should dress up with proprietly to avoid getting raped. SlutWalk is kind of demonstration, which fast became global.

More about SlutWalk found here.

SlutWalk is going to be arranged in Helsinki in near future. What I think is, that some Finnish men are so idiots, that they actually may turn on about this walk... So I recommend if people are going to walk around in "slutty" clothing, don't shave. Ha.

293rd issue: A new chapel

Something new is going to come in this exact place... (pic by me)
I was very surprised when my friend told me that they are going to build a new chapel to Narinkka quare in Kamppi (very central Helsinki). There are churches everywhere, so why one more? Also Kamppi is as well very popular place for teenagers to hang around, so for who is this place built to? It's not going to be a place for ceremonies, it's going to be a place where people can quieten.

Then I saw how this new chapel is going to look like and I loved it! For me, personally, this whole chapel thing is not important, because I don't even pay "church tax" (=in Finland if you "belong to church" you pay tax for this as well), but it represents Finnish design with a very nice way.

The main material is going to be something very typical - wood. For it's shape this new chapel reminds slighly Kirnu, which was Finlands pavilion in Shanghai World Expo and was designed by JKMM Architects. This chapel is designed by K2S architects.

(pic from here)

(pic from here)

292nd issue: LOVE HELSINKI

This picture was taking something around 4 am from my friends balcony in Kallio. Not bad.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

291st issue: Bands from Helsinki

I found this website, which has over 3,500 bands, songwriters/singers from Helsinki or are now Helsinki based.

Interested on Finnish bands, but don't know where to discover them? Check out Rate Your Music.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My diary

I'm still impressing my furstration about things. Now I wrote about Why I don't like some couples. It's not only about Finnish people, it's global.I wanted to advertise it here because I've been writing about Finnish men and having a relationship with a Finn...

Check it ooooout

290th issue: Finnish designer: Daniel Palillo

When I first saw Daniel Palillo's clothing, my first though was "Japan." His designings are just straight from the streets of Harajuku. I don't say it's bad, I actually like it, because I love Tokyo and everything that brings my favorite place into my mind is good! Especially Palillos designings remind me of Tsumori Chisato.

But this is how his designings effected me personally. I can see many people disliking Palillo's designings, especially narrow minded people who rather buy their t-shirts from Jack & Jones. But we don't care about those suckers. Support your local artists as long as it's possible.

Palillo is from Helsinki and that's the reason I'm writing about him. And I want to focus in his designings for children. Palillos collection for children was released around beginning of 2011, but as I haven't been thinking before about buying present's for children, I haven't been interested about anything that has something to do with children. But as my friends just got a new baby boy... hahaaa.... guess what.......

(Pic from here)
Monster or not.

289th issue: Bassline festival

There's going to be a free festival in Helsinki this weekend (10.-12.6.) There will be plenty of artists and wide range of different music available. The main place for the festival is in Koffin puisto (Koffari) and it's going to be on saturday. On friday and sunday there will be music available in Modern art museum, Kiasma, and M bar Terrace, which is very close to Kiasma in Lasipalatsi.Also on saturday there will be design market in Lasipalatsi, so it's going to be good weekend in these hoods!

More info & map can be found here.

Sounds like music!

288th issue: A dream family in Finland...

I'm sure being sarcastic with that topic. Mikkonen family is one of the most hated families in Finland. Why? Well, let's not mix the children in this, but Mr. and Mrs. Mikkonan has got something wrong in their brains.

Especially Mrs. Mikkonen is known for her aggressive type of speaking and her dullness to other people. She thinks always that what she says is the only right thing and everything else is s*it. Just like in Yle Aamu tv (morning tv) in 2009. The subject was something like how children should grow up and they were discussing if children should be put in kindergarden. Mikkonen said that children shouldn't be put to kindergarden, they should grow at home where the parents are loving the children. Also she said that kindergarden is from Nazi's and works like their ideology too. Also she mentioned something about people who want to end fur industry, but want to put children in kindergarden.

(The whole article can be red here. Only in Finnish)

Sorry for the children who some day are going to see the real world, where unicorns don't fly or even excist.

Here's a hilarious music video from the Mikkonen family. They are looking _so_ happy. I wish I had a childhood like that.... But if Mrs. Mikkonen is happy, why she has gain so many kilos?

Monday, 6 June 2011

287th issue: Summer holiday starts

Saturday was the final day for schools. Now it's officially summer in Finland! But as you might know about our relationship with alcohol, you can guess how this ended again...

I don't judge anyone for being drung and celebrating and I think it's part of growing. Especially for teenagers the beginning of summer holidays mean that they can finally go and party outside as they can't get in bars.

As the weather was extremely nice everybody headed to Helsinki. Also one place is such a cliche for teenagers to go on this special day: Hietaniemi beach (Hietsu). Today there was a photo collection from Hietsu from saturday. You'll never see so many 15-17 year old in one place!

See the photographs here!

(this one is my favorite:)

(Pic from Ilta-Lehti)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

286th issue: Helsinki Wildlife: Something strange

Vartti wrote today about strange bird voices in Kannelmäki. It was so weird voice, that it couldn't be located: sometimes it sounded slightly like a magpie, sometimes like a seagull. Because it couldn't be located, it ended up in newspaper.

End of the week the sound was located: it was a parrot! That parrots owner let's her parrot to hang outside to get some fresh air.

So, actually there are parrots in Helsinki... Tropical!

The whole news here (only in Finnish)

HFUT is rising again!