Saturday, 4 June 2011

285th issue: BOYCOTT TÖÖLÖ!

Today is the day when schools end. Today is the day Helsinki is filled with young teenagers. Today was the day I started to hate Töölö.

Töölö is known for snob people, who are just living in Helsinki central to live in Helsinki central. They could live in Espoo in a huge house, but they want to live in central. Their choise. When you live in the central, you just have to get along with people. You have to get along with cyclists, people with skateboards, people with rollerblades... People who are under wheels have their eyes open and especially if you dare to cycle in the central, you have to be very good on driving a bike.

I'm very good with my bike, I always stay aware of people, I have my eyes open. I never complain if people walk in cycling roads, if they are in my way I just tell them that I'm coming and now they need to be aware.

Today me, Laura and Marc were cycling in Töölö. In that part there isn't a street for cycling and you will have to drive with busses or you can prefer safer route: walking road. Especially after 10pm I think it's ok to drive in walking road because there isn't that many people around, but as it's slightly dark bus drivers might not see the cyclists.

Today there was only this crazy bit*ch and her ugly dog and son in the street where we were cycling. She was well dressed, I could say a snob. She yelled after us "THIS IS NOT A FUCKING CYCLING STREET!" and I stopped my bike, which I do always if someone yells after me. This way we can have a small chat face to face, instead of nasty yelling. Also this way I make teh person responsible of what she/he says and see if they can talk calm and look at eyes and give me a good reason why I can't cycle in this street. Their opinion.

But this bitch was insane. This around 40 year old woman came to me and started to yell at my face. She sure wasn't looking even into my eyes, I tried to get an eyecontact with her, but no way. I told her that she can now talk, that she doesn't have to yell, because I'm 20cm away from her. But no, she was swearing and saying that we should go and drive our bicycles somewhere else. I told her that I don't want to compete against busses, but she just kept yelling. Then I ask what's the problem and she said "I HAVE THIS DOG AND IT CAN GET HURT!"

Excuse me?

I told her that her dog is peeing in the streets, what about that? Sure she said "no it doesn't pee in the streets!" Of course it pees in the street, all the dogs do. If not always,  sometimes. Then I said ok, I will continue now, but this bitch grabbed from my bike. This is when my friend Laura came and said "let it go NOW!" but that bitch kept her hold. I just wanted her to attack me, because then I could sue her and get lot's of money out from her, because I was acting calm and she was just insane. I bet her son was embarrassed, and if he wasn't embarrassed, he will be after a few years.

I know women in this age: she's been married for 20 years, her husband is fucking other women and this woman is feeling lonely and furstrated. This way she can only release her furstration. But I say: go and see a psychologist and move away from the city.

Sharing is caring, bitches can drown in hell. I HATE TÖÖLÖ. I hate people in Töölö.

Friday, 3 June 2011

When I'm not around

I will be writing to my other blog when I'm busy or don't know what to write about Helsinki. Also I open in this blog more my personal life.

You can see it here.


284th issue: The land of the thousand lakes

Finland is known for it's lakes. Thanks for the Ice age and Finland's geographic appereance. If you are arriving Finland with airplane, you'll be able to spot these lakes from air. I was arriving back to Finland and the sun was just setting. The seatbelt sign was on, so I didn't dare to take many pictures and the one I took didn't work out so well, but there you can see how lakes are really everywhere!

In '89 New York Times wrote short about Finlands lakes. In the article they say "Finland has one lake for every 26 people". Sure this number has rised a bit, maybe it's now one lake for every 30 people. Read the whole article here.

In Helsinki there aren't that many lakes. The sea is more known for Helsinki. But if you want to go for a lake just go to Espoo and there are heaps of lakes. One good place is Nuuksio, which is also a very good area to go and relax in the forest. I know many people from Helsinki escape to Nuuksio for a weekend to get close to the nature and relax. These people are especially freelancers, and I understand the reason: when you're a freelancer, your job is everywhere. Except in the forest.

More info about Nuuksio here.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

283rd issue: Hilarious video

Click cc to get the English subtitles. Listen carefully when the guy pronounces English. It's the way English is red in Finnish. Hoho!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

282nd issue: Fishing in Helsinki?

Fishing for fun is.. fun. Catch and release is my style, but my friend told me that anyway the fish die for disease after releasing them, because they get wounds.

Yesterday we were coming from Caribou's gig and cycling the route to Kallio, which goes through Tokoi in Hakaniemi. The Gulf of Finland reaches Tokoi, but it's not a place to go for swimming. It's place for something else: fishing. I don't know if it's secret fishing that these men yesterday were doing, but they were catching fishes anyway. One guy got pretty big fish, it was probably 20 cm!

I don't know how these men dare to eat these fish, as they are very polluted and even Tschernobyl is still effecting the Baltic sea. Some people just don't care, because anyway we get effected by every kinds of pollution all the time...

Where's Tokoinranta?
Check out here

281st issue: Karhu shoes

Karhu means bear in Finnish. Bear is also our national animal. Murr..

Ricky wearing Karhu Fulcrum Star (pic from here)
Karhu is also a famous Finnish sporting goods company, which produces shoes, baseboll accessories, for skiing... Originally Karhu is from Punkaharju, which is in Easter part of Finland. The whole story started exactly 95 years ago. Karhu was more about sports for the first 60 years and even in the Olympics you could see them used. One famous name is Ricky Bruch, a Swedish athlete, who used Karhu's dunring his career in the Olympics. Ricky passed away 30th of May, 2011. RIP.

Time has go by and still Karhu's imago in Helsinki is huge...

Especially Karhu's old school sneakers are famous and people almost worship these shoes. Sure not everyone, but the ones who understand something about good shoes. These vintage sneakers are something people ages 26-35 remember their fathers wearing when they were children. You know what they say: "Your father was the original hipster"

Karhu has been reproducing 70s and 80s shoes and they are sold in Finland, but you'll be able to find them from other countries too, like from Italy. If you have been stick to those Nike, Adidas or Converse shoes, try next time Karhu sneakers!

Karhu Harlem Air (pic from here)

There's going to be Karhu 95yrs vintage exhibition from 1.-22.6.11

All grey showroom,
Pursimiehenkatu 5
(Part of Helsinki Design District)

Where to get Karhu Originals?
You might be able to find them from your country too, but nothings better than saying "I got these from their home country, Finland" Some places to check out is : , Finnish Design Shop and from normal sports shops like Intersport and maybe even Stadium have them.

Follow Karhu on the road!
Here you can follow Karhu's blog!

Happy 95th anniversary Karhu!

Ps. check out also the coolest t-shirt!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

280th issue: Gardening in Helsinki?

When I was a small kid, we had a garden at our place, but also we rented a place to get even more space for gardening. My both parents love gardening and every year they have something growing at least tomatoes, herbs and flowers for sure.

But I spent my childhood in Vantaa, which is not Helsinki. In Helsinki there are also gardening areas for rent, like in Herttoniemi (or Kulosaari I'm not sure which one it is). But there's also some other ways to grow your own veggies in the city...

Helsingin Uutiset wrote about gardening organization Dodo, which started in year 2009. Their plan is excellent especially for people who don't have garden: they offer small gardening area, where you can grow your own veggies and herbs during the summer. Dodo's gardening area can be found from Kalasatama.

The main idea is that you buy a sack full of soil for 18€. The price includes the soil, rent for the space and water. Then you just buy your own seeds and start farming.

I think the idea is good as well, because food is just so ridicilously expensive. And the food price is going to rise 5% this year (based on MTT - Finnish Agrifood research center).

Also lot's of veggies come from Spain, where they have at the moment some problems with the killer bacteria that has caused deaths in Germany. And during the winter all the cucumbers come from Spain to Finland. Sure some are produced in Finland, but everyone can't afford these, because Finnish cucumber is one or two times expensier than Spanish ones (check out more information about killer bacteria here)

Then I noticed that these "killer cucumbers" were organic. Hmmph.. First I was trying to take this post about supporting organic goods and how local farming is good thing, but I will have to forget things being organic and focus on local farming, which Dodo is specialized for.

Also in year 2012 when Helsinki is the design capital of the World there's going to be a gardening park in Pasila! Coolio!

Next year I'll start gardening!!

HFUT is rising again!