Saturday, 28 May 2011

279th issue: Urban Helsinki in nut case

My blog is more about notes I have made about Helsinki. Through HFUT I'm sharing my experiences and thoughts about Helsinki for everyone. So basiclaly my blog is very subjective. Now I found this web page, which is more objective about urban Helsinki. You can spot places from there and from my blog you can read my experiences.

I'm advertising Best of Helsinki, because I'm not compiting against bigger web-sites about Helsinki. I'm being myself as a person, I'm giving a face for urban person in Helsinki. Then there are companies, which have many workers, but still all the workers work under the same name. So actually you don't get that hold thight. What I mean is, that a story isn't a story if there's no actual character in it. Or do you want your character to be Nestle? Or Qantas? Or

A person can't fight against companies, one person can bring different kind of perspective up pretty easy and fast, when companies are often slower doing this. Companies have all these bureaucracy rules and after several meetings they can start think really about bringing up new things. And this takes usually about one year. Sure smaller companies work faster, but still it's not the same.

Any kind of blog with the keepers name stamped on it is important, though many of us bloggers don't make money out from this. But still we can share something that companies wouldn't, because they think it wouldn't pay off. I think the most important thing is not making money. Sharing thoughts is something more valuable than bling bling!

But I also had a point. It was this good website I found!

Check out Best of Helsinki, it's very usefull!

278th issue: Urban dictionary

If you hear some Finnish word that sounds odd there's a good web page to help you out. Urbaani Sanakirja has these words that are used in street slang, but which you won't learn in your Finnish class. Mostly used between teenagers, but yeah - everybody do use some of these words in some way sometimes.

The web page is only in Finnish, so it requires you to know some Finnish. Some of the words are hilarious, like "mennä reisille" (free translate: it went tights) means that thing that you or someone did, didn't go well at all.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

276th issue: Helsinki Wildlife: Be aware of the crow!

Crow is known for being the bird of darkness or "the trash birds". Still, they are very veautiful birds for their shape and size. And they are hilarious too, if you watch what them romping around.

Anyway, today Ilta-Sanomat wrote about attack happened in Kumpula, Helsinki. A woman left her home in the morning, when suddenly something attacked her behind. It had sharp nails, so this woman though it was neighbors kitten. Soon she noticed two crow. They tried to attack her again, but now she put a bag over her head.

So if you come to Helsinki, be aware of the angry crows!

The whole news available here (Only in Finnish)

(pic from here)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

275th issue: Flow festival and Open source stage

Flow festival offers an opportunity for people to vote for an artist to come and play in the festival. This is sponsored by Heineken, so I can bet it's not about money... So, one of my friend came up with an idea: he want's Turkish singer Erkin Koray to come and play in Flow festival.

What a fantastic idea! When my dad was young hippie, he was a fan of Koray, so what would be better for me than going to Erkin Koray's gig with my dad. So pleace vote for Erkin Koray and I will go to a music festval with my dad for the first time. And he would be the happiest man!

You can vote Erkin Koray to come and play in Flow Festival HERE

10 000 !

One zero zero zero zero... that's the total amount of people who have visited my blog in 2,5 months! Some fashion blogs suck this much people in one day, but I'm just writing about Finland and Helsinki (and a bit about my life in Helsinki...).. This shows that Helsinki interests people world wide.

I'm glad to see so many people seeking information about this great city, Finnish culture and also interested about reading my thoughts about everything. Some people think my writings are crap, some say I bring new perspective, but the most important thing is that people read my writings. The world needs new perspectives, we are so badly ruled by politics. The World needs voice of normal people!

And that's social media that makes all this possible. GRAZIE!

274th issue: A movie about Finnish youngsters in Helsinki

A movie called "Täältä tullaan elämä"  (free translate: Here we come life) is about three boys named Jussi, Pete and Hakkarainen. They are from East Helsinki, Kontula hoods which was before known as being rougher area.

These three boys all are in the same class, observation class. They come from broken families and and have lot's of furstration inside them. Result for this they are trying to be extremely cool dudes. They hate the society and the rules adults have set to them. Punks.

The movie itself is filmed like a documentary, and it supports the story well. Even though the voice is not that sharp, it doesn't require it, because these guys are fighting against exact things.

One reason for seeing this movie is that you'll see how Helsinki was like in the of end of 70's and the beginning of 80's.

24.5.2011 - Yle Teema at 9:55 pm

More info here (where I also took my sources. Only in Finnish)

Monday, 23 May 2011

273rd issue: Self guided city tour - iphone application

Before people would carry lot's of travel books with them. Everybody who has been backpacking remembers having a Lonely Planet book, brand new or recycled. And everybody who has been carrying this book remembers how annoying it was always to fit it in the backpack and finally dumped it in some hostel. But just in a few years have smart phones started to beat books up, simply because they are faster + light.

I have been writing about useful iPhone applications for traveling. has applications for various cities. One for Helsinki as well! This iPhone application helps you to discover cities extremely easy. Let's say you are in Ullanlinna: the application shows straight away places to go in Ullanlinna and how long your self guided tour will take. There are maps and photo's helping you to find the places.

If I couldn't explain myself well, here you can try how it really works!

Are you going on a trip soon or in the future? Now you can win three city walk iPhone applications to cities of your choice, courtesy of Correctly answer all ten questions about Helsinki below and e-mail them to for your chance to win. It's that simple. 

Good luck!

Helsinki Fun Facts Quiz

1. Finland's capital spans over an agglomeration of islands, precisely more than:
A. 200
B. 300
C. 400

2. The animal symbol of the city of Helsinki is the:
A. Squirrel
B. Polar Bear
C. Reindeer

3. There are only a few words in English which originated from the Finnish language. What is one of the few, if Finland has over two million of them:
A. Women
B. Saunas
C. Lakes

4. What is the oldest city in Finland, known to had been founded in the 13th century?
A. Tampere
B. Helsinki
C. Turku

5. What is Finland's national instrument, found also to be the oldest one?
A. Kantele
B. Hardingfele
C. Pilai

6. Finland has two official languages. One is Finnish, what is the other?
A. German
B. Swedish
C. Norwegian

7. Every year, Helsinki has an average of 121 days of:
A. Rain
B. Snow
C. Fog

8. Helsinki's plant symbol is the:
A. Willow
B. Pine
C. Maple

9. Finland is the only country in the world which broadcasts news in:
A. Sanskrit
B. Latin
C. Esperanto

10. The Finnish flag is white with a blue cross, white representing winter snow and blue representing:
A. Skies
B. Royalty
C. Lakes


Ps. has even Edith Piaf tour for Paris!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

272nd issue: Helsinki Design Week 2011

Kickstart to Helsinki Design Capital will start, when Helsinki Design Weekend (later mentioned as HDW) is held again on September. This happening includes heaps of Finnish designers and blah blah blah (all the same things I've been repeating before about Argos hall and so on). But this time there's a new and nice venue for HDW: The Old Customs Warehouse.

So, it's going to be a place where old and new meets and hopefully it all works well together. What I mean about mixing things that are totally from different generations can work, or all those modern things may look like trash. Think about a very old church and next to it building designed by Tadao Ando. Will it work or will it make new design look like .... nothing?

Or it may work perfect, depends on how good team they have making the venue look like HDW! And anyway, there are going to be parties as well held in the venue and for parties these kind of buildings are eeeeeexceleeeeeeent!

When is HDW?

Random old church (pic from here)

Modern design by Tadao Ando (pic from here)


I'm having a vacation at my grandmothers house. Took a holiday from Finland and!

HFUT is rising again!