Friday, 20 May 2011

271st issue: Finnair focuses on food

I'm known for my attitude against Finnair, because I have had a few issues with them.................

But as I will have to try to be sometimes a bit more objective, and as many people use Finnair for flying to Asia from all over Europe by stopping in Helsinki airport, I will have to tell some good news for these people. Ok, so first I will have to tell, that this is not actually for everybody. It would be excellent if it would, but you know when you are going to a plane and you walk through business class and you see those comfortable looking slippers, champagne glasses, seats that can turn in to bed...

On top of all these nice business class extras, Finnair offers a three different menu selections! There's Wellness and Energy menu (food with peace for mind and soul / I bet this doesn't have that creamy cheese cake?), Food Lover's Treat menu (home made-style food)  and Chef's Gourmet (basically gourmet).

I'm jealous. I fly often with Finnair to Japan, and I would love to have Wellness and Energy menu. But this would rise my ticket over 1 000€, so maybe I stick with my vegan meal......

270th issue: Costo hats

My class mate, Petteri, had today a hat which I got jealous about. Then he told me it was costo. Ahaa...

My favorite!
I've heard many times about Costo hats, I've seen them, but I've been always thinking they are kind of hats for sporty people, like snowboarders freetime hats. And actually Petteri is a snow monster, but still, his hat was super cool!

Basically Costo is a company three men run. All the hat's are handmade and try to be as ecological as it's possible, they boost this by e.g buying leftover materials from facories. Here you can read more about Costo's philosophy.

Hat's are made from wool, leather but also silk, fleece and a bit of viscose in some. 

But still, what I got interested was the whole idea of my friend's hat! It's simple, but works perfect.

My other friend said that Costo is so 2009, but I always prefer everything after the trend has calmed down. At least I didn't get interested about Costo because everybody has one, I got interested because I really liked it's cut!

Probably the most seen model.
A bit of leather?

I can see some fashionista wearing this with a black Versace suit.

Where to get Costo hat's?
Order online: here
Also WWF edition available here

Also available from many shops in Helsinki!

(all pics from

269th issue: Band with an excellent name!

They are from Australia...

Contact High from Architecture in Helsinki on Vimeo.

268th issue: Photo's

Sunrise, 5 am

My friend's cat, Pele
Cool nails.

Three random photo's!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

267th issue: ice hockey fanatics vs people who judge them

First I want to mention that something has went wrong: because people judged the idiotic behavior of ice hockey fanatics, did many ice hockey celebrators get angry. Why? Because they didn't understand that people who judged this idiotic behavior (washing the streets of central Helsinki with pee, teasing immigrants, buning Sweden's flags, saying bad things about Swedish people.. etc), not the celebration.

What I want to say is, that people haven't understood the difference between idiotism and normal celebration. People have thought that people were judging all the celebrators and this is not true.

But this again is very Finnish. People think that people are agains them personally, but sure, go a head and celebrate. And I think all the celebrators who didn't burn flags, say that all Swedes are fags or acted like wild animals, are not even going near the line where idiotism and sophistication meets.

I just wanted to make this clear, because now people are yelling around "People who don't understand about ice hockey are generalaizing us!!" No, we weren't generalaizing, we started to talk about what is human behavior and what is not. Sure everybody didn't behave like primitive human.

Ha, and because of all this, Finnish singer/songwriter/artist/everything Mr. Ylppö decided to organize a same kind of party as there was for Finnish ice hockey team. The meeting place is exactly the same, Havis Amanda and Kauppatori area. Why he does this? Because if Aki Kaurismäki wins in Cannes film festival, is there anything better?! Isn't that or something worth of celebrating? It's much more rare to win in movie competition, when thinking about what movies are nowadays and how Aki does his.

266th issue: Théhuone - The best tea shop in town

(pic from here)
If you are a tea lover this shop is for you! Théhuone is a smalla shop, which has all kinds of teas to boost your body balance and harmony. They are specialized in Japanese tea, so a wide selection of green tea is available along everything else. Forget Lipton and other pocket tea's, choose théhuone's organic loose leaf teas. Nomnomnom...

I think tea is a good gift because it's really helping people both physically and emotionally.

Eerikinkatu 10

Opening hours?
Mon-Fri 10am - 7pm
Sat 10am - 6pm

More info here

242nd issue: Marimekko HEART Japan, vol 2

My cousin told me today that Marimekko has produced cotton bags, which are especially made for supporting Japan. The bag includes one of the most known print from Marimekko: a poppy flower. The pattern is designed originally by Maija Isola.

As Maija is not here with us anymore, did Kristina Isola co-create it's colors. Marimekko expales in it's web-page that the colors describes Japan and Finland, because it has red and blue poppy flowers.   

So if you are planning about getting a poppy flower bag from Marimekko, get this one!

See the bag here

265th issue: Sepi Kumpulainen - a singer from Helsinki

Sepi Kumpulainen is known for being "Kaleva streets singing janitor". Kalevankatu is just in Kamppi, central Helsinki, and this is also where Sepi was working - or maybe he is working there still...

His songs are very simple, but still they stuck in you mind. One song is about how much fun it is to be drunk (Kännissä on kivaa olla), or how healthy is root meat (juuresliha on terveellistä syötävää). Sepi is a legend!

Some of his songs sound very depressing, but then he is singing totally nonsense:

 This one is about a small fly:

This one is one of the most known song from Sepi. It's about how great man he is. This song is dedicated to all ice hockey fanatics who use word "flower hat uncle" about people who don't support the act of fanatics after Finland won the World cup:

264th issue: Fashion stock sale

Fashion stock sale is knocking the door again. This yearly sale will include both Finnish and international designers. Now you can find them all in just under one roof with special prices! If I had money, would I be running there. I will have to skip this happening, because I would just become sad.....!


Vanha Ylioppilastalo

What available?
Samuji, TitiMadam, Chloe, Lumi on 14, Miu Miu, Minna Parikka, CTRL....... you name it!

More info here

263rd issue: A man is A man if....

Today Urheilulehti - a sports magazine - wrote about some dude called Petteri Sihvonen. First they tell that he's a master of science, but straight after this he shows that he is a total jerk...

In the interview he says:
 (translated with Google)

"Now the opportunists are on the move, double standardists and flower hat uncles. It's terrifying to follow this grotesque spectacle."

"Nyt ovat liikkeellä opportunistit, kaksinaismoralistit ja kukkahattusedät. On kammottavaa seurata tätä irvokasta näytelmää."
He is also working as an analysis of ice hockey for Urheilulehti, but if a human is so limited in what comes to collecting thoughts, I think this is not an analysis, this is again just something about repeating things that especially many Finnish men feel like makes them feel more like a man.

It seems like after this whole ice hockey scenery it's been all about being MEN. Ice hockey is kept like a MEN's sport, though women do it too. And when they beated up Sweden, these all unsure Finnish men became MORE MEN. Now they are confident again. For a while.

And I know that people in Sweden don't think much Finnish people: when they joke, they make mostly jokes about Norweigian people. And Norweigian people make jokes of Swedish people (and Finnish people. And Danish people). But Sweden is a huge issue for many Finnish men. Especially Swedish men are a huge issue for Finnish men. But I have always thought that Swedish men are much more handsome and stylish. So basically all this is jealousy.

There are plenty of handsome and stylish Finnish men too, but they are not unsure and try to be MEN. But then these other guys, who are like Sihvonen, who use words "flower hat uncle" about people who aren't hiding themselves behind being superMEN - who aren't unsure about themselves - could just look at the mirror and excepth the fact that they don't have to be a MAN, they can just be a man.

What a cocky pose (pic from here)

Sihvonen, read a book or something.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

262ns issue: Aki Kaurismäki in Cannes

My favorite finnish film directors, Aki Kaurismäki's, new movie was well-liked in Cannes film festival. But I'm not going to write about it, my eyes got spotted in something else...

Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki daily - later mentioned as HS) wrote "Kaurismäki isn't satisfied in Finland's situation at the moment. He keeps it far-right". HS wrote this without quatation mark, so I don't know did Kaurismäki really say it, or have they deduced it from something.

But however it is: you are my hero, Kaurismäki!

We are in the same boat...

I have wrote about Aki's brother, Mika, here

Article from HS here 

261st issue: Dining out?

The restaurant day - Ravintolapäivä - is a day when everyone can own a restaurant for a day. You can create your restaurant with the menu you want to serve in this special day. The restaurant can be at your home, in the street or just use your imagination...

This is the first time something like this organizes in Finland, so hopefully it works out and becomes a yearly happening! Sure first I was a bit curious how ever this can work, because in Finland health authority are so sharp about everything, but hey, in Thailand everybody eats from the street kitchens!


All around Helsinki and other cities

Here the total list of the restaurants of this day (opens as PDF)

260th issue: Postmodern art = trash?

When True Finns were a huge topic, also a kind of line which Timo Soini said was flying around "Postmodern art is not art and it shouldn't be supported". Well, I don't know what Timo Soini says about postmodern design, but if he has negative vibes about it, I have a story for him...

And now, I was just watching the history of design, and especially postmodern design after the second World war. This was handling also Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. After the war it was all about using plastic. A new generation grew up and started to use this material, because they got fed up with very complicated shapes and they found these furniture also very conservative. Brown and natural colors changed to bright, bright colors and corners changed to rounds.

The best part of this was, that it was always affordable and useful. Polyester/plastic chairs were extremely fast to make as well. Qualities weren't that good, but it wasn't the issue, it was all about making many chairs for people to sit on.

Later on people understood how bad plastic is for environment and the boom of plastic ended between designers.

If this designers boom wouldn't have started ever, wouldn't there be all the kind of cheap plastic chairs, which you might remember from your holiday in Mallorca or Tenerife? Or Phuket. Now plastic chairs can be made in 60 seconds. Some plastic chairs are made from recycled materials as well, and I think there shouldn't be produced new plastic anymore, all the waste plastic should be reproduced.

The first plastic chair by Charles and Ray Earnes (pic from here)

A chair from your holiday in Phuket (pic from here)
But as Soini doesn't care much about the nature (or so I have understood), let's not focus in the nature friendliness...

So, if Soini is thinking that postmodern design is as useless as postmodern art is, should he remember that sometimes postmodern design makes things become more affordable for people, who are not rich and popular.

But also might be that Timo Soini loves postmodern design and has a huge collection at his home, who knows!

258th issue: Korean design

I have totally missed a very nice exhibition which is running at the moment in Design museum. It's about Korean traditional design facing the modern design.

After I visited Korea in 2007, I became a big fan of this country. Especially Seoul which was exactly like this exhibition: it was a very interesting mixture of traditional art and postmodern art. I got so highly inspired after my visit. So, this exhibition is also a must for me. Hopefully for you too!

Korean design - between tradition and modernity

Design museo,
Korkeavuoren katu 23


Summer opening hours: 11am - 6pm

PS. At the same time there's running exhibition about Marimekko!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

257th issue: After party..

One day after the great celebration for Finnish ice hockey team (later mentioned as Leijonat) and........

Last weekend I wrote about people in Finland and how they pee outside. Well, imagine, something around 60 000 people took part in the great celebration of Leijonat. Probably 50 000 people were drunk (I can't say what was the exact number, but I was in the central just before celebration started and it was like wild animal circus...)

So, today I went to the gym. Earlier this day my friend told me that people climbed up to the "castle of President" and peed to the roof. Ok, that's bad. Well, when I was parking my bike infront of Stockmann I noticed these yellow lines surrounding me. Then the smell came to my nose. Holy moly, the whole place was on PEE!

And I think this phenomenon won't get better becuase lately they have started taking charge for using toilets. And public toilets just are disgusting.

So, now central Helsinki is one huge public toilet!

256th issue: helpDesignhelp


There's going to be a auction named "helpDesignhelp". It's for collecting money for the victims in Japan's tsunami disaster.

Japanese and Finnish design has walked hand in hand for a long time, and sure Finland want's to support Japan this way as well!

Excellent idea!

7.6.2011 (Tuesday)

1 pm-5 pm: check in
5 pm - 7 pm: auction

Valkoinen sali, Aleksanterin katu 16-18

More information found here

255th issue: Racism strikes again

After Finland won the ice hockey World Cup jumped up negative vibes: racism woke up again. Yesterday I could read from facebook from my friends status' how badly some Finns were treating people from other cultures, even children. A friend of mine, Sami, updated a status where he told his experience from metro: "A guy with Finnish ice hockey team shirt took a Finland hat off from a boy who had other cultures background, and Finnish man said "you don't have right to wear this!"

Similar situations were lived all around Helsinki. This is sad sad sad.

Now people are writing address for Finlands ice hockey team (later mentioned as Leijonat). In the address they want ice hockey team to judge racism. Already 7 967 people have signed it - just in one day.

Here you can sign it.

Today Helsingin Sanomat wrote about the issue and team leader of Leijonat have replied as saying :

(again free translation by me)
"Our strength is that each one of us have bring effort and all have had the opportunity to be themselves. Everyone in the team are like in home, and this is our strength in this tournament."

"Meidän vahvuus on se, että jokainen on tuonut oman panoksensa ja kaikki ovat pystyneet olemaan omia itsejään. Jokainen on joukkueessa kuin kotonaan, ja se on ollut meidän voima tässä turnauksessa"

The whole news here (only in Finnish)

From my point of view there should be bigger campagn organized and especially by Leijonat, because they seem to effect Finnish people, more than our President or even police.

254st issue: Helsinki wildlife: bats

When summer comes, start these cute little creatures show again. I don't know what they do during the winter, but I guess they have a looooong nap.

I found out that there are 9 different species of bats.The best places to spot these flying dudes are in East Helsinki (e.g. Herttoniemi). Also good places are Seurasaari and Kivinokka (according to Helsinki environment council).

Nyctalus Noctula (picture from here)

Here you can see the ares in Helsinki, where you can spot bats (opens as PDF)

253rd issue: Sauna = Finland

I haven't written anything about the most cliche thing about Finland: sauna. Sure in Helsinki people love sauna too, bigger apartments have their own sauna's, while smaller block of flats have share sauna's in the bottom floor or in the top floor. Merihaka has the coolest sauna, it's in the 16th floor and you can have a nice view to the sea from the rooftop balcony.

Also all the swimmin hall's have saunas as well as gym's. Now there are these modern saunas available as well - infra sauna's. Too, there are public saunas for everybody's use, like in Kallio there's one old and also it has got a "cult" imago.

There are also saunas available for private uses, like if you rent a place, meaning cottage or so for company's party or wedding party etc. you name it.

Here you can see list of places you can rent

How about the sauna culture then? Weeelll, you have to get naked. I've herad many especially foreigners saying "noo, I don't want to be naked", but what's wrong with nakedness? When you are going to sauna, you are going to relax. It's not a place where you are competing against others who has the biggest penis. Or if you have forgot to shave, who cares, it's sauna. Some people give birth in sauna and sure women don't looks like models when they are giving a birth.

I think the penis issue is the biggest between men. I was watching on of my 500 channels a few nights ago, and probably 20% of them show porn during the night. So, I couldn't avoid seeing this jumbo sized penis one guy had. And I couldn't avoid thinking how that man could kill someone with that penis, by just hitting with it to someones head when he has an erection.


Ok, so why men have penis issue? Because they are comparing their penis' to those porn movies. Who really has that gigantic penis, c'mon. And Finnish men's average penis size is 13.52 cm, and they have fourth smallest penis in Europe, according to Bild (the whole list found here). I mean..if you were afraid of going to sauna with Finnish men and you're a man..

So, just get naked when you go to sauna.

And if you are a female and thinking about that you are fat or hairy or your boobs are different size... We don't care. We are so used to be naked, so it's slightly pervert to go and look someone in sauna with a blink in the eye. It's not something you just do, or would do. When you go to sauna, it's like "family" thing, you are all in the same boat even if you wouldn't be even relatives in any way.

You can also rent a sauna.

Monday, 16 May 2011

252nd issue: Finnish designers in Argoshall

Stockmann is known for it's higher class products. I have written before about Stockmann being a good place to get testers in cosmetics becase the service is fantastic!

Stockmann has also a small exhibition hall in the 5th floor - Argoshall. There they have different kinds of theme "exhibitions" where they sell the products as well. This time there's going to be something that might interest you, if you are curious about young Finnish designers: Argoshall and Aalto University organize every year "New Fashion" exhibition.

New Fashion includes works from 24 different designers. Also the lighning and the venue will be designed by Aalto University students.


Stockmann, 5th floor

How much?
FREE of charge

251st issue: New collection from Iittala by Klaus Haapaniemi

Klaus Haapaniemi has designed new Korento collection for Iittala. I love how Haapaniemi always uses colors so cleverly, they are half of the atmosphere. Also what is nicer than having a plate which is a story at the same time. Just let your imagination fly.

If I had a summer cottage, would Korento collection be there already.
Where to get Korento?
There are several places where Iittala is available. Also there's Arabia factory outlet, where they sell Iittala as well.

How to get?
Take tram number 6 to Arabia (Hämeentie 135)

250th issue: SORRY SWEDEN!

Iltalehti wrote today, about Finnish fanatics who went to the border of Sweden after the game. They went there only to behave like wild animals. Drunk Finns burned Sweden flags, strated fights and one person got hit by a car as well.

(the whole article here. Only in Finnish)

This is so stupid. Sorry Sweden.

Also I couldn't avoid seeing from Facebook, that some people have done X mark with two penis to Sweden flag. This is because some of the animals always say that Swedish people are gay, because many Finnish men are gay phobics...

Swedish people, I know you are much more sopisticated and I want to just say that this is deeply embarrassing to Finland. After this you have all the rights to dislike us, it's true: WE FINNS ARE UNSOPHISTICATED WILD ANIMALS!

First True Finns, then this... what else will boost our national idiotism?

249th issue: Helsinki wildlife: Ice hockey fanatics

Ice hockey fanatics (Latin: fanaticus idiotus) are wild animals, who you can see in the central Helsinki every 16 years. So we are talking about very rare creatures now!

You'll recognize them from their shape: usually they are round because they eat lot's of sausage and other unhealthy food. Also they'll be swimming in Esplanade park's Manta fountain with only boxers on. Also they drink lot's of beer and probably yell "PERRRRRRRKELE"

You'll hear these creatures far away: they'll be yelling "NY RILLATAAN", "NY DOKATAA", and singing songs: "SUOMI ON UUSI MAAILMANMESTARI", "IHANAA LEIJONAT IHANAA" and "DEN GLIDER IN". This creature spiece is rare in Helsinki central, but if you travel just to Vantaa, you'll see these people walking in the wild a lot. Usually these creatures travel to central by train, but also they might have a car wher ethey play harcore trance or Finnish bands such as Dingo, Eppu Normaali or Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu. But now they'll be playing song where Finnish ice hockey presenter, Antero Mertaranta, is presenting ice hockey game and there is a trance beat behind (it's that "Ihanaa Leijonat ihanaa" -song).

Here's a picture of typical Fanaticus Idiotus:

(picture from Helsingin Sanomat)

248th issue: Angelica Kult on Spotify

I wrote before about Angelica Kult, which is a band where my sister sings. Now you can listen to them on Spotify as well. I recommend you to listen it, they have different kind of sound that other Finnish bands...

check it out here!

247th issue: Helsinki celebrates

My friend Laura posted this on facebook. It's total insanity!

And today it's going to continue..

Sunday, 15 May 2011

246th issue: Finally 90% of Finland is happy

I'm not into ice hockey, but I couldn't avoid the fact that Finland won ice hockey World cup. Last time this happened in 1995 and since that, people have been talking about that year. 95 is just the year everybody remembers, if you ask "what happened in year 1998?" no one can answer ou, but if you ask the same question by changing 8 to 5, you'll get one answer: "Finland won the ice hockey world cup..."

I'm at my home in Kallio and I can hear cars beeping, people yelling and singing outide. Also just after Finland had won, I heard one ambulance driving past. Someone got heart attack probably...

So, winning the championship is a big thing for Finnish people. Something like 72% of all Finnish citizens voted in the elections, but I can bet that 90% of Finnish watched this game...

Interesting part of this is that finally Finnish people are happy, like with a full heart. Ok, spring made people happy, but ice hockey means more than spring. Actually I was hoping that next elections would be organized as an ice hockey game. The team (meaning party) wins, get's in the parliament..

True Finns vs. Social Democrats
Greens vs. Christian democrats
Left party vs. National coalition party
Centre party vs. Muutos 2011


From now on Finnish people remember two different years: the year 1995 and the year 2011.

HFUT is rising again!