Saturday, 14 May 2011

245th issue: Friday or saturday 3am - 5 am, Helsinki

When you experience Helsinki central sober and especially friday or saturday 3 am to 5 am, it sure is an experience. Gladly you don't understand what people are talking about, if you don't speak Finnish. And this really saves your beautiful ears.

I was cycling in central, coming from work. Then I saw a penis. Yes, a guy had chosen a very good place for pee - "behind" a tree. Well, behind a round thing is not very like being behind something. Ok, that dude was behind the tree for his friend, but for mee it was all his penis.

But then I was like "oh well, what ever". This is actually very normal: Finnish people pee in the streets a lot when they are drunk. Sometimes some Finns get arrested in Estonia, because they think it's ok to continue this habit there.

I have never ever been in a welfare country, where people would pee outside so much. And they pee everywhere: the more drunk the person is, the less he/she cares. I've seen people peeing in the street, just like that.

I bet all Finns pee in the swimming pool as well. So remember that when you go to swimming with a Finn next time...

244th issue: Portugal

It's been around. And it's been around a lot! Yesterday Paavo Arhinmäki wrote a very good article where he opened the whole "support package" for Portugal.

Arhinmäki writes:
(note! I used google translator, so it's not literally how it says and may contain mistakes, but again you'll get the point)

"The  arrangement called "Portugal rescue package" will help mainly the German, French and British banks. It shifts banks which have made high profits with loans responsibility to ordinary Europeans'shoulders, deepening problems in Portugal and moving the necessary solutions into the future.

The package will not leave much ability to cope for Portugal. Already small salaries and unemployment coverage, combined with tax increase prevent totally the virtuous circle and revive the economy."

(original version):

"Portugalin apupaketiksi kutsuttu järjestely auttaa lähinnä Saksan, Ranskan ja Britannian pankkeja. Se siirtää korkeilla koroilla jättivoittoja tehneiden pankkien vastuut sellaisinaan tavallisten eurooppalaisten harteille, syventää Portugalin ongelmia ja siirtää välttämättömät ratkaisut tulevaisuuteen.

Paketti ei jätä Portugalille juurikaan mahdollisuuksia selvitä. Jo valmiiksi pienten palkkojen ja työttömyysturvan leikkaaminen yhdistettynä veronkorotuksiin estävät totaalisesti mahdollisuuden synnyttää hyvää kierrettä ja elvyttää taloutta."

Yesterday I was in the supermarket and understood how I can help Portugal: there were blueberries from Spain and Portugal. I chose the ones from Portugal. Do the same!

By supporting Portuguese products, we can support Portugal. Please markets, bring Portuguese products more available! And if you are thinkig where to travel: go to Portugal!

Many people in Finland are not against Portugal, they are just against the system that is built to support totally wrong things, and is using our loyalty as citizen. Many rich people haven't got rich with clean cards...

Paavo writes as well:

"Crises provide the opportunity for big change. It is important that these changes are made for support ordinary people. Not for major capital shock doctrine."

* shock doktrine is period on capitalism, from last 34 years of it.

"Kriisit antavat mahdollisuuden isoihin muutoksiin. On tärkeää, että ne muutokset tehdään tavallisten ihmisten hyväksi, eikä suurpääoman shokkidoktriinin."

(the whole article available here. Only in Finnish) 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

240th issue: For smartphones

I was just watching BBC siene and saw this application (or gadget) used in one tv-show. Wikitude shows information about the surrounding where you are, so it's very useful for travelers. One "problem" is, that sometimes it shows places wrong or things that doesn't excist anymore, like WTC in NYC..

Maybe Wikitude is last years thing, but I didn't know about it. Maybe it's because I have a cheap Nokia. I want to get to use these useful gadgets! I have to get an iphone!

Check out Wikitude

Wikitude Augmented Reality: WTC - Its not there but its there from Wikitude on Vimeo.

239th issue: Surfing in Helsinki?

A couple of years ago there were some people surfing the waves of bigger boats! Without these boats, it's impossible to surf, even with the longest longboard. But bigger cruisers make decent waves!

So if you are brave and experienced surfer, come and try them out!

Here's article about it (in English)

Also my friend Pauliina sent me this link. It shows how it is to surf in Finland....

Finnsurf Trailer from PABLO FILMS on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

238th issue: Tuesday, 10th of May, 2011

This was the first thing I saw when I woke up and looked outside.
So I got inspired. Colors start to look good again as there's sunshine!

On my way to school. This is from Kalasatama.

Wotkins sausage etc. wholesale. And it smells like cooked sausage always!

The walls of Sörnäinen jail.

A chinese market in Kurvi (Sörnäinen)

Happy days, they had my favorite pasta, spelt pasta, for 1€ in Punnitse ja Säästä (eco market). Last day for use was yesterday, but I'm so trashy anyway, so I can eat anything. Important thing is that it must be yummy!

Let's have a pasta party!

237th issue: Finland - the country of contrasts

Linda, a friend of mine, posted this on Facebook and I saw it straight away as a gateaway to show why sometimes it's difficult to understand our behavior..

Wikipedia says that in year 2006 from our 5 300 000 people 1 062 committed a suicide. In year 2009 the number got lower: suicide rate was 1 034. Also between these years something has happened: people have strated to travel more. 

Especially after Madventures - a mad travel program - started to come from TV people got more inspired about the idea of traveling. But this is only my theory... Also I have been slightly against Madventures, because people have taken them too literally and think traveling is all about hanging in the rainforests with different Indian tribes, or that it's about eating monkey brains. But secretly I still keep the idea in my head that Tunna and Riku have probably saved lives.

Check out Madventures

Before there weren't that much travel programs for younger generations. There was this one program where a snob guy would travel around and smoke sigars. Viewers couldn't identify themselves at all in him.. Or maybe they didn't even want to, because this dude was awkward...

Check out who is Folke West

Madventures imitating Folke West:

Monday, 9 May 2011

236th issue: Ben & Jerry's and the Baltic sea

I wrote about Ben & Jerry's being one of the reasons girls are getting fat in Finland. But fat keeps us warm during the cold winter, so it's not bad to be fat.

Also Ben & Jerry's is the main head for a project held in 2011: it's to collect money for the Baltic sea. The main project is called Operaatio Merenenito and is organized by WWF.

For this summer I will be doing a short documentary about the Baltic sea to Ympäristökeskus, Environment Centre. Baltic sea is said to be the most dirtiest sea in the whole world. There are plenty of reasons why the Baltic sea is dying: one thing is that in St. Petersburg they dont have proper wastewater treatment plants, and there lives 5 million people. Also one reason is that the gateaway for Baltic sea is so small, that the water doesn't have possibility to move and mix with the Atlantic ocean. 

Finland has it's own part in this too, sometimes I've been thinking how clever it is to dump snow into the sea? Snow has all kind of shit (literally) mixed in it, and by dumping it to the sea lot's of things that shouldn't end up there exactly ends up there....

Thumbs up Ben & Jerry's! Thanks for a nice though! And the biggest thanks goes sure to WWF!

More about Project Baltic sea here

The Baltic sea. The green area is the most badly effected area. (pic from here)

246th issue: Why Helsinki For Urban Travelers???

When I was backpacking around the world, would it always take time to settle down in new place and find the things I really like. Sure travel companies offer different kinds of package tours for budged travelers, but I was alway thinking those were a rip off. And to be honest, I wasn't that interested about seeing those 12 apostoles in Australia. And if I wanted to see them, would I search for a group of people to go there with me, by a hired car. Not with a tour bus.

What I wanted to find from the new places were bars, that would play music I like, 2nd hand shops, art galleries that would focus in postmodern art - especially local postmodern art, vegetarian restaurants, and especially I wanted to meet interesting people from who I could learn tips and tricks for my future. And maybe they could learn something from me.

This is the reason I started HFUT. I want you to find easier places you like, but don't know where to find them. Especially because many travelers come to Helsinki for only a weekend, it's important that in these few days you have the opportunity to get closer to the Helsinki you want to see.

Also I mix here my opinions about politics. And when entering a country it is very good to know something about the countries politic situations. You can base your knowledge in my writings and when some Finn disagrees, you'll get more perspective which is always good! When trying to talk to someone and that someone just says "what a piece of crap", then you know that you are not going to have anything to talk with this negative person and go and talk to some other Finn.

235th issue: How about a grill party?

Sunday I went for a walk and saw people grill. I started to think why I'm not spending my day with my friends, grilling and drinking sparkling wine?

A very good idea spending a sunny day outside is to have a grill party. You can get small grills e.g. from Etola (found upstairs of Forum shopping mall) or disposable grills from bigger super markets.

Usually it's ok to grill in solid rock. This kind of places you find from Tervasaari (I have been grilling there), in Kallio there are several places and in Hietaniemen ranta (Hietsu beach). Someone might say, that "no, it's not like that, it's illeagal to grill in the city" but then if you want to be sure where to grill, ask the cops. I've been grilling around, and no one has said anything. Especially we have looked a place where others have been grilling too.

What to grill then? As I am vegetarian, I usually buy tofu and different veggies. I wrap them in foil with some herb and oil and yumme! Also there are different frozen stuff available, like vegetarian sausages (most of them include egg, so not suitable for vegans). If you are a meat eater I don't even have to write anything about sausages. Just go to the market and you'll understand what I mean....

Disposable grill, ready in 15min! (pic from

Cute mini-grill (pic from here)

234th issue: Kallio food markets and service

 There are several food markets in Kallio. Just next to Kallio is Sönräinen, where you'll find Lidl and K-market. Also there's Siwa. Then in Kallio, especially in Helsinginkatu there's S-market and Alepa. Alepa serves until 11 pm. Also there's another Siwa near by.

In 1 km there are 6 food markets + one S-market more near Valtteri flea market.

But I just want to write how awesome atmospheres some of the markets have. My favorite is that Alepa, because the people working there are super chill and aren't even trying to be official. They are totally continuing the Kallio atmosphere. I bough an ice cream which cost 60 cents. The cashier guy said "KUUSKYMPPII", meaning sixty. In other markets they would say "60 cents, thank you (+ do you have bonus card)". 

After he said KUUSKYMPPII I just started to laugh, it was hilarious! Thumbs up Kallio, keep it going like this! We don't need to be something we're not. And when we don't try, we can just feel good energy flowing!

KUUSKYMPPII hahhahahahah...

233rd issue: Multicultured - Finnish background as strength?

This is not that Helsinki based post, but it has something to do with being a multicultured Finnish.

Today I met my dad's friend who is Turkish but is married with a Finnish woman. They have half Turkish children too. Like I have told, I have Turkish background. I speak Turkish with a very strong accent. My family in Turkey are Atatürk kind of Turks, so they are preferring modernism but still they are muslim and pray regulary.

My dad's friend said to me that I should go and work in media in Turkey. Straight away I said "no, never ever I could do that, they would shoot me straight away!" He said "this is what many people think, but now they have cleant the streets in Istanbul and Taxim (=shopping district) is very safe" I just started to think all those cops who surround Taxim always, honestly there are always like 50 cops standing. Sure it's safe.

Since child I have heard stories from my grandmother how our neighbor, a very famous singer in Turkey, has problems with mafia. This scares me even more: in Finland we don't have mafia, or we do have some semi-mafia but it's harmless. I'm not used to have problems with people who have guns! My biggest problems reach only the level where enforcement authority send me letters...

My dad's friend based his thoughts about me working in Turkey for the idea that Turkey need my kind of people to be as an example for other people. Why then me, why not the ones who have grown in Germany? Because they are usually the ones who come from villages, not from big cities. And in Turkey the village life is like night and day when compared to the city life.

In Turkey people say I'm Turkish, but I have never felt like a Turk, because that culture is just way too much for me.

But what I didn't see before was that at the same time some Turks could learn from me, like what is to be Turkish, who has got very strong influence from other culture: who is not a muslim (I'm an Atheist), who has traveled around the world, who shows her boobs in television (yes, been there done that) and who has simply had Turkey in her side all the time, but not so strong. Like for me some Turkish habits are very normal, like when I'm in Turkey I kiss people, in Finland I wouldn't do this. Also I have been eating hummus since I was baby, and hummus become famous in Finland something like 10 years ago. Same with tabouleh, filled wineleafs, imam bayildi...

Also there has been all this Kurdish issue around for years and years, and how ataturkism is fading... But if they chew these same issues all the time, but what I mean, Turkey needs action, chewing the same issues won't bring anything. Turkey needs new examples.

My kind of people could show Turkish people example how to open doors for different things, not only follow the rules families have settled. Actually many of Turkish celebs have Kurdish background, or are coming from poor villages. Some of them have really lived in the same cottage with farm animals and some of them have never even gone to school. Some didn't even have shoes when they were children...

And now they have money and Jeep's and diamonds and they are getting drunk. But what did they give to people? Hope? Is life only weither to be poor or to be rich? People are just adoring their beauty and money, but actually many of these people don't have anything to give people, anything else than a dream about better life.

"Before I didn't have shoes, now I drive a Jeep with my diamond rings on!" American dream, yeah. But how realistic is this? How many people can even reach this?

I don't say I could give anything to Turkey, but after my dad's friend told me to go and work in media in Turkey, I started to think about these things. And I totally understand his point, but I'm still very scared. I'm so sensitive, like Finns are...

I have to add that today I posted a recipe for imam bayildi on Facebook, and my friend Laura wrote me "did you see from which year that recipe is. It was from 1990! Here you can see it (only in Finnish)

232nd issue: Monday, 9.5.2011

Obi Wan Kenobi


Lunch with dad (Mt Everest)

Taking pictures while driving. Greetings to Linda, I still have your sticker. Also Jaakko, I have yours still too.

Makeups and me

Sunday, 8 May 2011

231st issue: Suvilahti - Berlin in Helsinki




The trashcan was full, so what to do?

Toinen linja in Hakaniemi/Kallio
More about Suvilahti HERE

230th issue: Night clubs in Helsinki have troubles

I came accross interesting news about the problems Finnish clubs are having. I have been working several years in a bar and have see nthe madness how many drinks people buy. And I have also been the one who spends sometimes 200€/night for drinks. 200€ was roughly my 20 hrs salary! And in 20hrs you fly to Australia from Helsinki. So, it's a long time, compared to that I spend it on drinks in 8 hrs.

Why so much money? Because bars a re just so expensive. And that's one reason clubs are having problems. One cider is around 5.50-6€ and beer is 5-6€ (cheapest ones). Shots are something like 5-6€, gintonic 8€... Wine is something like 7€ (16cl).

From Alko you get a bottle of wine easy with that 7€, you get 70cl bottle of cheapest gin with 16,97€ (based on Isokaato). So, if you buy a gintonic you pay half price of a bottle, just for 4cl!

Ok, it has also tonic water and a slice of lemon, but those won't rise the price that much as they are ordered as wholesale. In Alko Scweppes tonic costs 1,55€ and you make three GT's from this. A lemon costst around 40 cents and you get 10 slices from it.

(here you can see the prices of some products. Only products with less than 22% alcohol)

Prices are stupid expensive, but it's only one problem why clubs are not managing so well. There's also this thing: people don't go to bars to anymore to meet people, social media has taken this role! Yes, social media again. People contact each other on Facebook and ask out. Then they go to park and maybe buy a bottle of wine to get the atmosphere relaxed.

Thanks social media, because of you we don't have to drink ourselves totally hammered to meet people. We would do this because we were shy. Now we can contact eachother online (well this is not new thing, but maybe more and more people dare to try this out). This suits our shyness as well!

Sorry clubs/bars, but salaries keep on staying low. Bars are going to sink biiig time...

PLUS: I forgot to put here the article from Helsingin Sanomat (only in Finnish)

HFUT is rising again!