Saturday, 7 May 2011

229th issue: Bad habits

There are some annoying bad habits which I face often. And I think these bad habits are especially Helsinki based, because in the countryside people do really come and talk to you. I was visiting my relatives in Joensuu and got confused how strangers in the street would come and talk to me. Like really have a chat!

One bad habit which I face often is when we speak Turkish with my father. There are certain kind of people who stare at us when we talk. They are usually around 50 year old women. We don't speak it loud, but they still hear that we speak a strange language. I understand they are interested, but they always have this angry kind of look at their face, because they are embarrassed about staring at us, but at the same time they want to see what kind of people are speaking this strange language. And especially when I speak Turkish, I do say Finnish words in between because I don't remember all the words in Turkish always.. But why are you staring?! Leave people communicate! If I would ask "why do you stare" they would say like angry bear "MMMR" and walk away... They have problems.

So this staring issue is very annoying, and you'll be noticing this as well if you pay attention.

Then, another annoyin thing is how people dont CARE. Yesterday I was in the central and looking at magazines. Next to me there was a girl and in front of her two magazines dropped in to the ground. What did she do? Looked at the magazines and walked away. In this kind of situation many Finnish think "it wasn't me, I m not going to lift it  up"

I wrote about this before, when Finnish people are ignorant when it comes to telling someone when she/he drop something. And yesterday I saw twice this kind of situation. What's up Finnish people?! Why didn't that girl lift up those magazines.. Ok it wasn't her fault and we are not searching for guilty one, but you become guilty when acting so selfish.

Friday, 6 May 2011

228th issue: Language issue

My blog is written with a bad English. And I don't even try to write everything correct. Some people may get annoyed of my English, but let me tell you why I don't even try...

When you travel, it is important to be understood. If you only concentrate in grammar, the whole point might get lost.

I have done most of my travels alone. This way I have always had to be the one who needs to socialize, I haven't been able to hide behind anyone. Also this way I have met lot's of people from France, Chile, Japan... and together we have always spoke English, and always understood each other, though none of us have based our talking to grammar, because we are not in a nazi death camp, we are trying to get to know each other.

Some people especially in Finland have said about my English and all the mistakes I make all the time. They can keep commenting, but my point is not to write correct English, my point is to show Helsinki from my point of view. And my point of view is sure not following the prescribed old fashioned lines...

227th issue: Little France in Helsinki

Today my mother called me and said that we should go with her to French market which is held close to Kamppi. We went there and it was awesome! There was everything from French cheese to French soap to baquette...all the basic French stuff, which everyone must love!

The best part was, that the whole market is from France as well. They are called "Team Fantastique" and they tour around Europe.

It's there until 15.5.2011, serving times 12pm to 7 pm. You should really visit it! I wish there was always a French market in Helsinki, wow, that atmosphere was so nice that I must go to France anytime soon!

More about French market here (only in Finnish)

Thanks for coming to Helsinki, fantastique!

226th issue: Single men in Helsinki

The more I have been writing about impossible relationships between Finnish male, have guys been contacting me, because they want to find a reason why is it so difficul to really make a relationship. As I have wrote, the biggest problem is a trauma Finnish men have. First they are attached to their mother, then comes a woman who they fall in love and later on this woman has probably broke their heart. After this the men have become more sensitive and traumatized.

Today my friend sent me a text message, after I wrote him that he should really work for girls harder. I, as a female, have been running after guys and the more I have ran, the more they have ran away from me. I don't remember if I have already written this, but literally once a guy ran away from me. HE RAN! Physically! Imagine!

I kept still trying and all the guys kept running. Mentally or physically. This year I decided to give up running after guys and decided that guys can run after me, I ain't no giving attention to them anymore: they have broke my heart enough many times, though I have never deserved it.

And suddenly all the guys are all over me. Now I can only pick up which one I want, and it's sure that I take the one who does the most things to attrack me. I'm just enjoying attention, because before I was the one who was giving the attention and these guys sucked all my energy. Now I'm sucking my energy back.

But my point is, that all these miserable guys in Finland, who don't feel like finding a girl, I say that give attention to girls. But not like sending text messages 5 times a day and calling every day. Stay chill, but still show that you like that girl. But don't push her.

My personality is not the best example in this, because it is the one which has scared all the guys away. But the truth is that I have to talk. I have to say how I feel, otherwise things stay inside my head and I go insane. I'm not locked emotionally, as many of the guys have been.

This is also the mistake many Finnish guys make: they could talk and tell how they feel...but nah...noo...too much hassle. Then after 3 years they come crying "boohoo, I was in love with you", dork, why did it take you 3 years to understand it. I got gray hair because of you. I ain't no taking you back, because I'm only 26 years old and I've got gray hair. Next time you would make me bold.

So, if guys keep on being this stupid: they run away from girls, they don't talk about their emotions or they keep on calling 24/7, it's always a mistake. I know it's hard to find a balance, but that's the fun part of living: to learn to understand others and find a different balance with everyone separately. Don't be so god damn egocentric "No, I'm not" YES YOU ARE!

"Once I ran to you, now I'll run from you"

PS: like I haven't traumatized after a guy has ran away from me! I have never killed anyway, and a person has ran away from me like I was a disease!

224th issue: Art museums in Helsinki

I found this website where they have listed all bigger art museums:

Check out Helsinki art

223rd issue: I'm a bum

Yes, that's right. I decided to start using my charm for finding sponsorships. I don't have any advertisments here, but I could have some, some useful for travelers coming to Helsinki. First what came to my mind was, that I need a HD recording camera.

I want to start making those mini documentaries about Helsinki for Urban Travelers. So, I sent a few emails. It would be a perfect way to advertise at the same time products, because my blog has lot's of visitors and all the time I'm mentioning here shops and places where to visit, so if I would get some sponsors, I could show everything better and more specialized. Also I want to advertise stuff I like, what I find useful, especially what would make you getting a better taste of Helsinki. Or memories of Helsinki. Some of the things I just have to write now from pretty distant, because I don't have experience on everything.

Let's see, if I can get sponsors. If not, I will have to wait until next year......

222nd issue: Train corporation VR

VR has been a huge issue in Finland. They have had so many problems: trains have been freezing, technical problems, problems with their workers and at the end lately people have start beating up conductors.

Today I was thinking, why there isn't a new train company coming to Finland, they would make a great business. Just like in Japan, there's Japan Railways, but at the same time there is e.g  Keio line. I know people would prefer other company, if there only was.

Today I had my first problem with VR, as I don't use often trains. I only use them when I'm going to my mother and today was the day I was heading to my mothers. Ok, so I had 5€ bill in my hand and I wanted to charge my travel card, because this way my trip costs only 0.85€ (as I'm  student). Otherways it's something a bit over 2€.

So I went to a charging machine at the station and I click "5€, pay cash..." Then I was putting my 5€ bill, but I didn't find a place for it. Soon I noticed IT DOESN'T TAKE BILLS?! Only coins and card. Seriously?

Then I went to a Kiosk, but it had so huge line, that I didn't see a reason to wait 5minutes, as when people are in the station, they are usually in a hurry. And so I missed my train. Since when bills haven't been money?!

VR, you make peoples life hell.

221st issue: Helsinki wildlife: badger

Yesterday (5.5.2011) newspaper Vartti wrote about badger who was found from Kallio.

In Helsinki you can spot badgers from eastern part, like form Herttoniemi and Laajasalo, but it's rare to see them so close to central as Kallio is. Vartti wrote that badger has probably swam from islands near by. Though lately the weather has been pretty windy and the waves have been pretty huge (compared to badger) so if this badger has swam to Kallio, has he/she survived well.

Lately lot's of "wild" animals have been found near central Helsinki. I think this is because people act like wild animals when they are drunk, so these animals have felt comfortable to settle here with people.

Welcome to Kallio, badger!

Badger in Helsinki (only in Finnish)

Badger (pic from here)

220th issue: Helsinki urban traveling

Yesterday I was talking on the phone with my friend, Olli. He said that I'm an urban traveler, because I travel all the time by bike. As normal, I took this first like an insult, because everytime someone tells me something about me (meanng what I am), I start saying "no, that's not true" (very bad habit). I do this because I never want anyone know the real me, I want to keep myself to myself. I like to be isolated in some way.

Well, Olli was right, I'm an urban traveler in Helsinki. I travel by bike as long as it's possible. Also there are a few other ways to be an urban traveler in Helsinki: one is longboarding. In last few years longboarding has become very popular between people in Helsinki. Also skateboarding is in high culture here, but longboarding is better for reaching longer distances. Especially there arevery nice roads for longboardin, my favorite is in Töölönlahti.

I have also a longboard. Actually I have two longboards but my sister took the other one from me. Also I was talking about bicycles with my edit teacher and he said "first I was thinking about buying a bicycle, then I bough a longboard!"

So, if you have a longboard, take it with you to Helsinki. It's a very nice way to travel between central even to Kumpula and Arabia. Or anywhere in Helsinki!

My best friend, Sarah, is a hardcore longboarder and has even taken part in girls longboarding competition! Here longboarding doesn't look at sex at all, everyone does it!

This one is from Ullanlinna:


Again news about East Helsinki, and not that nice ones - again.

Yesterday (5.5.2011) Vartti wrote about racist action that happened in metro. A woman attacked other woman because she was speaking English. The attacking woman yelled "I hate Americans" and tried to hit this Canadian woman with a newspaper and behaved aggressive. Canadian woman had with her nearly 2 year old child.

Seriously? Seriously.

Whole news found here (only in Finnish)

And yes, again I'm going to throw here that True Finns card......

Thursday, 5 May 2011

218th issue: Helsinki hairstylin'

I had a black hair for a long time. My natural color is not blonde, it's kind of ash brown. Very Turkish color. I noticed that black hair style I had before is pretty popular here (especially in Helsinki), so I decided to turn into a red head. Or actually it was an accident, but very good accident. And black is Life is so easy when you have a black hair: you can wear everything, your hair looks always so "healthy" etc etc... life is just wonderful and easy when you have a black hair (haha).

Black wasn't bad at all, but me and my friend Laura have our own opinion of black and white hair: men are scared of those girls. Honestly, we are sure about this!


Not scary.
I'm scary always.

217th issue: Helsinki - the owl city

All the other owl cities, you're nothing compared to Helsinki. We have it all: forests filled with rabbits, but just next to the busiest street in Helsinki.

So here we are, all the wild animals getting along with Helsingers. Hey, actually, there isn't any word for people from Helsinki in English. In Finnish its: helsinkiläinen. In English? Helsinger, Helsinkier, Helperson, Helsipeople. Hmm. What?

Again I'm showing my amazing Illustrator skills.. eh.

216th issue: My style today

Heh, I was talking today with my friend, Olli, about taking pictures and especially taking pictures of ourselves to see how we look. I probably said something "Before I would take pictures of myself to see how I look..."

Then.. I was looking on my iphoto library and suddenly I remembered: last time I took a picture of myself to see how I look was TODAY. You see, my sofa is covering my mirror, so I don't see myself totally, so iphoto is good for this...

Jeans: Acne, Shirt: 2nd hand Levis (2€!), shoes: Tiger of Sweden
Also today my mother told me that I talk sometimes too much about myself. Lately my favorite word has been "narcissm", because I have been trying to find good sides of being a narcisst. Obviously I have become one myself. Hoho.


215th issue: Nails done in Helsinki?

(This is a girly post)

Oh yes, there are plenty of beauty salons in Helsinki. I can't personally ever afford to visit them, but many of my friends have got their nails done in especially Kallio, which is as well the place to go for getting nails done. There are many, many nail stores in Kallio, almost next to each other. Prices are around 40-60€ and these stores are owned especially by Thai girls, who are also very gifted in this work. Again, I don't have personal experiences, but I've seen my friends nails and adored them.

Most of the shops are along Hämeentie, between Hakaniemi and Sörnäinen. If you walk along that, you'll see many nail shops, especially closer to Sörnäinen. Then there are few in Porthanin katu.

Again, because I'm focused in urban travelers, I don't even want to mention those 7356749653987€ places (but if you have a black amex, go to upstairs of Stockmann or to Punavuori).

214th issue: I'm cool in my town, how can I be cool at yours? (vol 1)

You know, there are things that you hear people saying, and after they say it you start thinking "oh, actually he/she's a pretty cool person. It's just like saying to anyone who has been in Melbourne "I love St Kilda". That's just total agreement with the listener (usually) and after this the listener knows you are into hippyish stuff and especially that you are a chill person.

There are similar things in Helsinki as well. I know one thing that is a total agreement with almost everyone and after you say this, the listener usually accepts you. Here it is:

"I hate Lauri Tähkä"

Lauri Tähkä is a very horrible singer from Western Finland, Vaasa. Everything is wrong with this singer: his words, his sound/voice and all the atmosphere that he creates. Gladly Tähkä announced, that he is quiting. And so he did. WOOHOO!

I think Lauri Tähkä was a total collection of rube side of Finnish people. He also sings with a western Finnish dialect, which doesn't sound very...nice. I don't say something is wrong with this dialect, but...Lauri Tähkä...please....

Why should you dislike Lauri Tähkä? Because lot's of people in Helsinki does... After you dislike him, you become cool!

More about Lauri Tähkä here

213th issue: Helsinki market hall: Hietaniemi

Today (5.5.2011) a very positive news came up: Hietaniemi market hall will be focusing from this summer only for local and organic goods, coming from smaller farmers. Before Hietsu market hall would sell only antique stuff, but it wasn't that succesfull idea.

When you come to Helsinki, market halls are something guides always advice you to visit. They do really have their own kind of atmosphere. Yesterday I wrote about flea markets and I wrote about Hietaniemi flea market. This mentioned market hall is just in the same spot as the flea market, so at the same time you can go 2nd hand shopping and buy local and organic goods from Hietaniemi market hall.

This is the best news about Helsinki for a loooong time!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

212th issue: Bicycle cops

Helsinki is training at the moment polices, who will be focusing on everything happening between cyclists.

The main idea is to keep cyclists away from walking areas. But here comes my favorite: they will be keeping people away from bicycle paths. This truly annoys me, because everytime I'm in central Helsinki, someone is always(!!) walking in cycling path. And there are not that many cycling paths available, so when there really are these for use, people don't care about where they walk.

As I have written, I don't want to commit a suicide while driving a bicycle, I will continue cycling through Hämeentie wlaking path and get as many fines as I can (if these cops will be giving them). Or as much as I'm getting tax back, with 463€ I can take those fines, ok!

Here you can see cycling paths in Helsinki

211th issue: Mistakes many Finnish men make

Lately I have got new perspective again. I don't know is it because it's spring and it's giving me inspirations and energy, or is it because I decided to focus in my future - not on trying to understand some guy who just sucks all the energy out from me.

Communication is important and as many of Finnish men are shy, they rather prefer keeping their mouth closed and holding their personality inside them. They are self-contained.

(Again I'm not saying all of the Finnish men are like this, but for some reason I suck this kind of people...)

I think what many of Finnish men don't seem to understand is, that every female like that they are being noticed. Often what I have marked, is that men in Finland want to be the ones who have "oh so many problems in life", "so much to think at the moment"....

I know every date is not ment to click, but I believe that many Finnish men should stop focusing on their own belly and how many problems they have in their life, because we all have problems and no one can say "my problems are bigger than you and this is the reason I m not going to call you again"

And everytime that I have been dumped (in last 3 years 3 times) I've been always dumped before I have had chanse to show really who I am. These guys havent given me a chanse. I can't say I have been always nice to all the men I have dated and actually when I was 18 year old, would I always dump guys like this. But now all these guys I have been (trying) to date in 3 years have been same age as me or a few years older.

I can't say that I have been the best person to date, but usually I'm not unsure person, because I don't base my being for "to be or not to be", because I just am! All these unsure men have sucked my energy, they really have, because I have tried to understand them and the more I have tried the more they push me away, rather than they could want to meet me and talk face to face. They just leave me hanging...

What I mean is, that many people wouldn't be unsure, if they could just manage to be a bit more open!

I want to add one more thing I came up with: a finnish journalist Kirsi Piha wrote in 2006 about the salary differences between male and female. In Finland it has been a huge issue, because male get usually better salary automatically. Piha was writing, that if everything would be more open (meaning people would be more open) and stuffs would be more public, would this salary issue end.

There are plenty of things that would be different, if people only would open their mouth and minds!

210th issue: Helsinki born designer: Eero Aarnio

If you loved the design in Clockwork orange, are Eero Aarnio's designings for you!

Some of Aarnio's works are a bit too naive from my point of view, but some of them are just what I would like to have at my home. They truly make you feel like you have eaten a bunch of psilocibyn mushrooms, but the best part is, that Aarnio's designings make you feel like this without taking any drugs.

If Antti Lovag, Isamu Noguchi, Eero Saarinen are your idols, you'll love Aarnio!

Bossanova (pic from here)

Double bubble lamp and pastil chair (pic from here)

Bubble chair from '66 (pic fro here)

Eerno Aarnio web-page
Design Eero Aarnio
Design Finland

Eero Aarnio showroom
Erottajankatu 19

209th issue: Helsinki 2nd hand shopping: Main shops

Valtteri flea market (also known as Valtsu)

Every saturday and sunday

Aleksis Kiven katu 17

How to get?
Tram 3B/T and 9 (nine gets you the closest)

Hietaniemi flea market (also known as Hietsun kirppis)

During the summer very popular!

Weekends from 8am-15pm
Weekdays 16->

How to get?
Tram 6, or by foot just walk along Bulevardi.

2nd hand shops:


Fida is good, because it's cheap and you can find very good stuff from there. They also have -50% days, when everything is just stupid cheap!

1. Sörnäinen kurvi, Hämeentie 31. Downstairs there's a supermarket and Fida is just above it, in 2nd floor.
(you'll get there best by metro, hop off at Sörnäinen)

2. Hakaniemi, Hämeentie 5.
(Best you get here with metro. Hop off at Hakaniemi)

3. Central Helsinki/Isoroba, Iso Roobertinkatu 24.
(You'll get here by foot or trams 3B/T and 9)

FIDA web-page

Recycle centre

Here you find also stuff cheap as! Forget capitalism, choose recycle centre!

1. Hietalahti, Lönnrotinkatu 45
(very close to the Hietaniemi flea market)

2. Kalasatama, Hermannin rantatie 2
(more furniture and electronics)

Also there are a few more in Helsinki, check out more info HERE

Also there are Swedish 2nd hand shops, UFF. Anyway these shops are expensive and there has been a little bit of negative atmosphere about their morality around, so I don't recommend you to visit them.

There are smaller flea markets especially in Kallio, I will make bigger issue of them later on...2

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

208th issue: Media in Finland

In Finland media is taken pretty seriously. Everything media brings out, people usually believe. This is mostly because we - Finnish people - are loyal. We only talk when we have something to say etc etc, all the cliche's.

And in Finland media is using this as their strength. Someone working for media can easy come up with some rumor and usually people believe it straight away. Or someone brings up one thing, but actually it's just one scale of the issue.

I think media has responsibility. And I think often media is avoiding this responsibility, just because of capitalism. They first think where they get the money, and then what will all this rubbish cause. Anyway we don't have that wide scale of different news papers in Finland, so I think especially bigger newspapers should be super responsibility and always think abou tthe causes as well.

Sure I am now playing to my own sack: I found casting a slur on Teuvo Hakkarainen (or any of True Finns politicians) is ok, but when I saw a map made about True Finns and it saying True Finns being more to left, I got angry.

Ok, there is communism, and then there is communism. There is North-Korea which is following communism and then there are countries which are using communism as a part of their leading, but not as hardcore as China (was), Cuba or NK is. Sure communism includes a strong nationalism, but I think the Left party and True Finns don't have anything to do with each other. In a way other one is using the Old Testament and the other one some kind of Postmodern Testament. I just used Testaments as example, nothing to do with religions really. 

I remember a pharse, which many hey-I-try-to-sound-clever-person would use: "yeah, communism is a good ideology, but it doesn't work." I think it works, it just doesn't have to be taken so hardcore. Smoothly you know... Smooooooooooth.

But why I started to write about this, is because now because of Helsinki daily-map of politics, many people think straight away that True Finns and the Left party has something to do with each other. 

More about being Left sided here
See the map here (only in Finnish)

207th issue: 10:10

           (pic from here)
I came accross with this website I didn't know! It's very good idea: the basic idea is to start minimizing carbon footprint every year 10%.

If you got interested, but are still unsure, there is one documentary done about this subject. It's made by John Webster and is about his family starts minimizing their carbon footprint, but still trying to live normal life. "Recepies for disaster" will be shown for free as well this month.




Check out more here

206th issue: Helsinki African film festival

This year Helsinki African film festival (later HAFF) will take place on 12.-15.5.2011. Films will be rolling in Kiasma and Andorra. HAFF was kept for the first time last year, so this scenery is pretty new.

This year the subject is "Womens Voices", including both movies and documentaries in selected subject.

Check out more about HAFF here

Ps. at the same time there's ARS11 going on in museum of modern art, Kiasma, about modern art from Africa. HAFF will be nice boost along the exhibition.

Check out Kiasma

205th issue: salaries of the new politicians

After I heard news saying that new goverment renewal will delay I started to think one thing: as I am - as a citizen - paying politicians salaries, and as dudes like Hakkarainen are talking rubbish to cameras, how much money I am giving for nothing?

One politicians salary is 6 335€/ a month.

In Finland, avrelage salary of normal worker (meaning educated in some way) is 3000€. I have never earned that amount in one month.

Senior engineer : 4 805€/month
Detective chief inspector: 4 741€/month (state) (though this is based in experience, the basic salary is 2486,42€/a month based in
Teacher (chemistry, mathematic, physics) 3 804€/month (commune)
Journalist 3 075€/month (private)
Chef 2 040€/month (private)
Cleaner 1 631€/month (real estate company)
(cleaner for church gets 1 907€/month)

I collected here some jobs, that people really have to work very hard, ok, engineers just seem to need mostly brain, but like imagining workig as detective: this job is very 1. dangerous, 2. you need to be super reliable, 3. working hours are mad, 4. you have to be brave, (5. you have to do everything based on law...) and only 4 741€/a month. Then there's Teuvo Hakkarainen, who says racist words for cameras and is a very bad example for other generations. And he earns 6 335€!

Also that cleaners get so low salary, when they are 1. keeping places clean, 2. breathing all the time poisonous products, 3. working as a cleaner is very physical, 5. not much people respect their hard work. And still there are (again) Hakkarainen, whose mouth should be washed. 

I think there are a few pig holes there!

Salaries from here

204th issue: my style vol ...vol.....hmm..

I started to post pictures of my style few weeks ago, but then I just had some other things to do. So now I continue where I stayed that time.


I went to school by bike. Yes, whith those shoes. Why? Because I saw girls driving fixi bikes with higher heels than those, so I was thinking "if they can do it, why cant I"

Also I realized that everything I'm wearing is from Japan, except my shoes and that black shirt. Dress from forever21, neclase from Paris Kids, leather jacket 2nd hand, leggings *tutuana, scarf Chloe and hat just from random shop form Asakusa actually. 

203th issue: The true deceiver by Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson is known for Moomins, but she has done a novel for adults too (I don't say Moomins wouldn't be for adults!)

Now "The True Deceiver" got awarded in "Best Translated Book Awards 2011". There were 9 other books chased this award. So as you can quess, it's been translated in English too.  

Check out review from The Guardian HERE

Tove Jansson was born and died in Helsinki, so she is truly a Helsinki based writer.

More about Tove Jansson HERE

Tove Jansson (pic from here)

202nd issue: Surprising a Finn

It seems like we Finnish people are always so serious. But as I have written, we are not serious, we are just sensitive and unsure.

I was just in the market. It was my turn to pay and there was the cashier - a 20 year-old, syish girl. As a cashier, she is used to say "Hello, 27€, do you have bonus card?"  That's her role, she's a human machine.  And that's how she faces everyone. Or maybe she asks someone for ID, if that one is looking young and buying age limited stuff.

So it was my turn at the market, I bough an apple and a package of tea. When it was my turn she sneezed, then she looked at me and I said "bless you!" She started to smile and I saw she really got surprised as well, because I didin't go through this social situation with her normally. Then I paid and she was just smiling and said "Thank you!"

That made me so much happier, than surviving through this situatin by "Hello, 3.10€, do you have the bonus card?"

And I don't have bonus card, so I was happy I didn't have to say "no", she wasn't a cashier for me, I noticed her personally...

These kind of situations are very memoriable especially when it happens in Finland. People don't usually notice you personally, so this is one way how you can brake the ice with us!

201st issue: Hitchhiking

Everytime I open Travel Channel which program is coming? Luxury Travel With Ravisomething. Always!

He visits nice hotels and always has his own guides and stuff like that. Some of the hotels are really nice, but what I just can't understand is to get your own guide. It's totally nonsense from my point of view, because I don't know anything much more fun than getting totally lost and ending up in nice places like this.

Guides drive you around and tell everything straight from a tape. Boooooriiiing!

When I was in New Zealand would I hitchhike. Often with a friend, but a few times alone. Once we were hitchhiking and a man picked us and blessed his whole day for us showing Nelson and almost all the way to Golden Bay to us! Also he told personal stories and his memories at the same time, when places got also realistic soul. Nothing like: "Secret warriors came here and killed everyone!" He would tell "when I was at your age, would I come here with my friends camping..." And now for example the area is ruined by people..

Ok, I don't recommend hitchhiking in Finland, except when there's a music festival somewhere. This time there are lot's of people driving where the music festivals are (usually Turku, Seinäjoki and Joensuu), so hitchhiking this time is  pretty safe. Otherwise I don't truly recommend it, because we have so many people who are insane, but outpatient. Especially during the summers mental hospitals leave free people who are not "that" insane, but really they are, but this way they save costst.

So if you want to get off from Helsinki for a weekend, check out when the music festivals are and if they get along with your schedule! I don't promise people will guide you, but usually people do stop on the way for swimming in the lake and so on, so this way you'll see that Finland which we are famous for... (Seinäjoki) (Turku) (Joensuu)

200th issue: 2 months 7,000 visitors!


Internet is a miracle!

Monday, 2 May 2011

199th issue: Old schooling rap/new wave/synth /electronic

198th issue: MAY-DAY

What I wrote about aho? It means "stupid" in Japanese

How many flags?

197th issue: One more Teuvo Hakkarainen remix

If in one week this many videos come out because of Teuvo Hakkarainen, imagine how many  there's gonna be in 4 years!

196th issue: Romanians

Last year Finland took and sent most of the Romanian "bottle collectors" and beggars back to their homeland. Some of the people were saying they should stay in Finland, but as there started to be more robbing around, many though they should leave. Especially Romanians were settled down in Helsinki, in Kalasatama area whih is also known for punks and homeless people. It's actually very interesting area and I should write about it later on..

I don't know how many percent of the robbery was made because of Romanians. And as I have traveled around the world and seeing this begging culture, was I very used to them. Especially in Turkey there are lot's of gypsies begging for money everywhere and my grandma has always teached us to care about them. Almost daily she gives money to beggars.

But most of the Romanians were sent back to Romania. And yesterday I noticed that they are truly missing, when there were lot's of bottles aeverywhere. As I have wrote, you get money for recycling bottles. This includes around 20sent per bottle and 15 sent for cans.

But now the streets were dirty and fillrd with can and bottles. No one realized before, that Romanians actually helped us: they kept the streets clean. Not everyone was robbing people. They did the job none of us wouldnt dare!

195th issue: Overdose of rasicm

Everybody knew it's not a good sign that True Finns got so many votes..

And today (2.5.2011) Helsinki daily wrote there's a Nazi party trying to get organized. For this they need 5,000 supporters, and if 550 000 people voted for True Finns, I think they'll get this amount in no time...

Why I think this nazi party would manage? Because lately the suporters of True Finns got angry to Timo Soini, for telling the politicians of True Finns to start thinking what they say in public. This happened especially after Teuvo Hakkarainen said bad things about african origin people and muslims.

Supporters of Ture Finns said that Timo Soini is "traitor". As Timo Soini turned up as being "traitor" I think True Finns supporters will get even more aggressive about the ideology of True Finns and will make it hardcore by starting support this nazi party. The result...I don't even want to think about it....

Before Finnish people were afraid Russia and that it would attack Finland. Now Finland is turning against itself. And I think this wont end up nice...


HFUT is rising again!