Saturday, 30 April 2011

194th issue: Finnish punk documentary

New punk documentary coming up! Featuring newer punk scenery in Finland.

193rd issue: I SCREAM ICE CREAM!

When I was living in New Zealand in 2007, I had my birthday there too. Mike, who was the manager of the house I lived, asked me what should he buy, and I said "ice cream - licorice ice cream". Mike looked at me and said "I don't think there's licorice ice cream", I said "yes there is, in Finland there is and it's my absolute favorite!"

Jättis lemon-licorice (pic from here)
Mike came back and said "I asked and they didn't have it, and there is no licorice ice cream in New Zealand"
Ingmna licorice cone(pic from here)
Boo! At least he bring vanilla ice cream and licorice as candies.

In Finland you can get a wide range of different licorice ice creams: chocolate-licorice, lemon-licorice, licorice-vanilla, raspberry-licorice, fruit-licorice.

Some of the ie cream have more licorice in them, like Rainbow licorice ice cream has the thickest licorice bits in it. My favorite is probably......ALL of the ice creams with licorice! I absolutely love it. Nam!
Probably the cheapest (pic from here)

Pingviini fruit-licorice (pic from here)
Kingis raspberry-licorice (pic from here)

192nd issue: Different music genres in Finland

There are a bunch of documentaries about Finnish music genres available in Yle. They are only in Finnish, but at the same time you can see how everything was done in Finland.

There are documentaries about: hippies, progressive rock, punk, rockabilly, heavymetal in YLE web page:

191st issue: Teuvo Hakkarainen - inspiring people

There are lot's of especially songs coming out from Teuvo Hakkarainen's words of "nigger man" and muslim "UUGUGHHGHG" (with what he meant praying...)

Teuvo Hakkarainen - Bileet minareetin tolpan nokassa (maximum vuvuzela remix inna dem vappu stylee) by NRGM

What I like is, that Finnish people have started to making jokes of Hakkarainen and his ideology. People know this is serous problem, but how people handle it with joke, is good! We don't burn cars and brake windows, people rather make songs. Heh.

190th issue: Why is foreign media so interest about True Finns?

True Finns leader Timo Soini says foreign media has sort of focused in "wrong things about True Finns"... (30.4.11/YLE1)

Dude, are you serious?

How did Ture Finns become famous? By spitting out negative atmosphere about getting more cosmopolitan and keeping hold in what EU requires us to do, like help Portugal.

Swedish media is worried about Swedish language's future in Finland, Japanese media is worried about Euro (because it's important for Yen too), and other media's are worried about nationalism and just the future of Finland as a part of EU.

But hey, foreign media, keep on doing this. Be worried about Finland, because we are in very horrible situation here: 550 000 people voted for True Finns. We have (only) just a bit over 5 million people in Finland. And True Finns are against modernism. And being modern is how we keep on developing! (from my point of view)

Also True Finns are not so truthful party: Teuvo Hakkarainen is against EU, but at the same time year 2009 he took 461 750€ help from EU to his family company, Haka-Woods.

Heh, seriously?

Friday, 29 April 2011

189th issue: 90s music



You had to hear this side of Finland too.

188th issue: Free swimming pool

Like I wrote, the Baltic sea is very polluted and I wont recommend you to swim in it. But people still do swim there, and if you don't care about poisoning your skin, just go ahead and jump in.

Then there's one place, which is fun for swimming in the night time. Especially it's also fun, because you can count minutes before cops come. Usually they come in 2 minutes, and all they say is "Don't do it again" Actually I think there are some people watching all the time from window when people jump in that "pool" and calling the cops straight away.

Ok, now you are getting suspicious what is this place? Urho Kekkonen monument! Oh yeah, the greatest free swimming pool!

JUMP IN! Night tie it has very nice lightning!  (pic from here)

Who is Urho Kekkonen?

Where it is?

187th issue: Compliments

Who wouldn't love compliments. Oh yeah, Finnish people. When you give us credits we always feel bad and say "noooooo, nooooooooo"

Then there's something I have got so many compliments within one week: my earring. This earring has also nice memory, a friend of mine bough it to me the first night we met. How sweet! No guy has ever bough me anything, but Juha just nailed it!

The earring itself is made by Finnish designers Youth vs. Future. I might actually get more of these later on!

Leaving the house with the gretaest earring ever!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

186th issue: Helsinki pride parade

I noticed from Facebook, that it's Helsinki pride parade is going to be organized this year again. I was in Mardi Grass in Sydney and it was so much fun. In Helsinki pride parade is much smaller, but still the atmosphere is just about the same: filled with smiles and love!

Last year some narrow minded people attack Helsinki pride parade with cs gas and smoke flaire. Some like 80 people got injured or influenced by the smoke. Later 3 people were arrested because of the attack. Around 5 000 people took part in pride parade last year.

Anyway, pride parade will be this year 2nd of July and will start from Senaatintori. I hope this year there are lot's of cops taking care that last years happenings wont take place again...

185th issue: Winter vs. Summer = "I have got fat"

Hey, c'mon, of course you get fat if you sit in the sofa every evening eating a big bar of chocolate, if you eat only bread and full fat cheese, if you don't move, if your portions are that big that your tummy starts hurting after eating. Also if you eat kebab or pizza after a night out every time. Especially if you do like this at 4am.

Then summer comes and all the magazines like Cosmopolitan, MeNaiset, Olivia..etc.. write "HOW TO GET IN SUMMER CONDITION 2011!"

HEH! at this point you have got 10 extra kilos during the winter, do you reall think you get skinny in 1 month? Not even if you wouldn't eat anything. You have that 10 extra kilos now, what can you do? Learn. Next year try to a little have a look on what you eat. When you have this crazy hunger, dont eat first a bag of candies and then lasagne. Eat a salad with a little bit of cheese and nuts to get proteine. Instead of  eating meat, try to replace sometimes it with tofu.

Also move: walk stairs, go for a walk everytime you feel tired, walk everywhere instead of public transportation...

And think next time when you are buying that Ben and Jerrys, are you going to complain next year and gettig depressed because of your weight... Same is about eating cheeze every day: it's salty and very fattening.

Why I wrote about this? because 2 weeks ago so many of my friends wrote on facebook "Shit, I have got fat, now I'm going to start running to get in a bikini shape"

Before I weight 58 kilos, now I weight 53kg. I still eat candies and chocolate, but only once a week. I have noticed candies make me angry, I get some sort of hangovers from them as well. So is it nice: your ass is getting wider and your mind is getting mixed?

184th issue: Who are the new politician from True Finns: Teuvo Hakkarainen

*Note: this is a free translation by me!*

It's on ly in Finnish but in this insert Teuvo is tasting the first day in the Parliament. First he is asked, is this like the first day at school,

Teuvo answers: "Everything is new and weird. I have to learn so many things..."

Then he says "I'm used to do things that I know how to do. Now I have to do what I know.." (Meaning he has to try to do things he knows in the Parliament, as a politician....)

Teuvo was working in a sawmill factory, which his family own. So the interviewer asks, f Teuvo is going to miss sawmill and Teuvo says:

"I miss it already."

Dude, you are now in the Parliament....

Then Hakkarainen gets serious..

"It's this immigrationthing that has to be done changes. We don't want here robbers running around. We need to get rapid conversion in our law straight away. "

And now it comes:

"I know one guy from Viitasaari, who's son is working as a border patrol. He told that a nigger man comes and says (in Finnish) "asylum" and he doesn't know how to say anything else, and straight away he is accepted as an immigrant (in Finland). "

He continues:

"Well, I don't know, but like this it is. And all the muslims are hanging around here and yelling around. They are yelling at 5am "UUGGHH""

Hmm...... who voted for this jerk?

He is basing everything on what he has heard. He uses very bad and unsophisticated Finnish,

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

183rd issue: Vegan goods in markets

I always prefer vegan if it's available. I don't like to eat animal fat, it feels awkward. Sometimes I do eat, but still it feels wrong.

How does vegan survive in Finland? Pretty well, sure it's slightly expensier to be a vegan here, but at the same time it sure is healthier. And veganism is interesting too, because it forces you to be more creative. At least you always know what goes down from your mouth.

I listed some Finnish product candies here

Licorice/salty licorice:

Turkin pippurit/ Turkish pepper (Fazer)
Lakrisal (Leaf)
Panda Licorice (Pepe, natural, original, xxxl, lakumix, lakupala)
Fazer lakritsipaloja


Brumberg (dark chocolate and rice chocolate)
Wiener nougat (Fazer)
Marianne (Fazer)

If you want to buy pick and mix, check out if they have "liivate" in them, this means gelatin. Also E-codes: E120, E901 and E904 are animal products.   

Wider list about candies, food products and other stuff available HERE (only in Finnish).

182nd issue: Black Lips in Helsinki!


Black Lips and Dum Dum Girls will perform in Helsinki in 12th of July!

Tickets on sale Thursday.


181st issue: Helsinki wildlife: seals

Sometimes especially baby seals jump up from the sea surrounding Helsinki. Last time this happened end of March 2011, when a baby seal came to greet people in Lauttasaari.

To see seals in Helsinki is pretty rare, because the sea is basically so dirty, as you know, the Baltic sea is not in very good condition... Also this last found baby seal was slightly in a bad condition and it was taken to Korkeasaari animal zoo to fed. Hopefully everything has gone well with this lovely piece of nature!

One bad thing for baby seals  - and adult seals - are the fishnets. I think this problem is global, but I still thoug us Finnish people love the nature. No, no, we are selfish. It's all about us, who cares about seals, when our oversized bellies are hungry?

Chillign at the sun (pic from here)

180th issue: If you are feeling sinister in Helsinki

There's one place you'll end up certanly in an argument with someone:


Hämeentie (Hämeen road) has been a big questionmark between cyclists and people who don't drive bikes. The walkaway is about 4m wide and as a street Hämeentie is one of the busiest, because busses to Vantaa and Northern Helsinki drive that (+ all the cars and taxis).

There's a bicycle road at Sörnäisten rantatie, but it just makes the way much longer for cyclists plus it's always so windy that it's not very pleasurable to drive through it. The other way is for cyclists to battle against busses in Hämeentie, but those bus drivers are insane, they don't care about the cyclists. Often someone who is brave enough to try to battle against the busses gets hit by bus.

So, Hämeentie has walkaway both sides, other is that 4m wide and other is around 2.5m. Also often cars have parked on walkaways, but no cyclists allowed...

But there are people who use it for cycling, and I totally keep their side. I don't use it anymore, because theres ALWAYS some fucking "important" person yelling after you "DON'T CYCLE HERE!"

Before I would stop and go to those people and tell them to tell that to my face when they always started peeing under their pants, because these people love to yell after you, but if they have to face you, they can't find any words...

So if you are feeling sinister, go up and see....Hämeentie with a bicycle!

Here's a map from the worst part of Hämeentie. And guess twice who lives middle of it?

Näytä suurempi kartta

Monday, 25 April 2011

179th issue: Drink and drive, 2011

I have to tell everyone, that I had my first drunk drive accident this year!

A friend of mine was driving and I was sitting behind and we were talking about his ass while driving quite fast. Then suddenly he yelled "AAAAAA!" and I dropped.

The funny part: my friend kept driving and talking about his ass, he didn't even notice I wasn't there anymore...

While I was laughing at the street. Gladly nothing happened, I didn't even get a brooze!

I was born doing ukemi's!

More about drunk driving HERE

178th issue: Vegan+Helsinki=?

Finland is getting there.. We are getting more and more vegan restaurants or at least restaurants have got wider selection of different vegan foods. Still we are missing those awesome cafe's like they had in New Zealand, which are famous for using organic products and have wide selection of vegan goods. One of my favourites was called Midnight Espresso, 178 Cuba Street, Wellington. It was cheap and everything was soo fine there: from the atmosphere to the vegan cakes which were the best I have ever tasted!

More reviews about Midnight Espresso here

But we are totally missing that kind of place in Helsinki. Still we do have some restaurants that are suitable for vegan/vegetarian:


New bamboo center: suitable for both (but it's also for meat eaters), vegetarian/vegan (Annankatu, Kamppi)

Zucchini: vegetarian, but they probably have something vegan too. I haven't tried this place because it's serving only lunch time (Fabianinkatu 4)


Vegemesta : vegetarian, vegan available(Vaasankatu 6)

Silvoplee: vegetarian and vegan (Toinen linja  3)

Bistro Artesana : vegan and mostly organic (Kulmavuorenkatu 2)


Jadgar : Ethiopian restaurant, also available for vegetarians, maybe even vegans. (Kauppakartanonkatu 10, Itäksekus)


All the sushi restaurants have selections for vegetarians. If you are vegan, make sure they haven't used fish sauce in their soy mixture.

There are also healthy smoothies available in Ruohonjuuri eco shop, they are pretty expensive, but if you just got your salary....

Indian restaurants use usually ghee, cream and cheese in their food, so here Indian restaurants are not that vegan friendly.

Chinese restaurants have potential for vegan dishes, just make the waitress clear that you are a vegan. They do use often fish/oyster sauce in their dishes...


But as you see, we don't havethat many fully vegan restaurant. And in normal cafe's it's almost impossible to find a vegan sandwich as they put cheese on everything. If you ask for vegan sandwich, you'll get lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

We are missing Midnight Espresso type cafe, where you can have delicious coffees, vegan cake and sandwiches (though they have meat on their list too, but at least it's organic!)

177th issue: Strömsö

Strömsö is a Swedish speaking Finns tv-program. It's one of these kind of programs, which has reached famous also between so called "fully" Finnish people.

What's the idea of Strömsö? Well, Strömsö is a house in beautiful surrounding, meaning a wooden house, which is surrounded by trees, it has beautiful garden and the lightning is always just beautiful in the house. Also during the show the presenters of Strömsö do different handicraft, one makes a shoe shelf from French wine boxes, one does something else from recycled material, or by mixing something new and old and the result is always somehing that makes you say "Wooooow, that is amaaaazinggg!!"

Also there are these chefs, one of the chefs is like this golden boy, who every mother in law would love and other guy is this slightly "bad boy", but still he is so fashionable - and amazingly beautiful. And when they cook, all the ingridients are just so beautifully perfect.

Also the music is selected to boost the atmosphere: it's ambient and triphop and nujazz, to give the viewer that light and airy feeling.

So, there's one thing sure: everything is perfect in Strömsö. It's like heaven, or it's actually better place than heaven.

Actually Strömsö has become as concept. One Facebook group started which was called "it didn't go like in Strömsö", where people were posting pictures of failed things, like cinnamonrolls that didn't rise. Also the next step was that soon many people started to use this line to to describe things that didn't end up so well, by saying "whoops, now it didn't go like in Strömsö."

Nothing goes wrong in Strömsö.

If I die, I hopefully go to Strömsö.

Here's more info about Strömsö island

176th issue: Are Finns religious?

We grow up singing religious songs about how no bird cries in God's hand. Also we celebrate Christmas with a full heart, but more likely to finally be the time family has time to spend together.

When thinking about Easter holiday, it sure is based in religion. For me these religious holidays are excellent: if I'm working these days means double salary. If I am not working these days mean just holiday. But I was raised atheist, so I am just surfing the waves of religious people.

And to be honest, most of Finns think the same. People don't celebrate Jesus' birth, death or resurrection that much, people celebrate double salary and holidays. Holidays mean drinking, and especially if it's holiday like Easter, when the weather is also getting warmer, people prefer drinking and hanging outside with friends.

Some of us started drinking on thursday, and ended it on monday. Did Jesus mean this?

No, but we - Finns - have just survived through winter again. We survived the darkness, we survived the cold, we survived the slippery streets. Should we feel like sitting at home, or going to church and think about Jesus, when we have just battled against going insane or making a suicide?

Why does Easter holiday have to be religious holiday? Why don't we have holidays just for surviving the winter?

Sorry Jesus, you had bad timing on your resurrection, not that many people celebrate you, we celebrate ourselves.

But thank you Jesus, it's over - I mean Easter. I couldn't drink anymore, my liver is singing Paranoid.

HFUT is rising again!