Saturday, 23 April 2011

175th issue: True Finns: Jussi Halla-aho vol 2.

After reading more and more about Jussi Halla-aho, I have understood something...

Fist short inroduce to Halla-aho:

- Born in '71 in Tampere
- education: p.hD (slavist)

Ok, so let's continue to the fact: Halla-aho has said roughly that he is against immigrants and multicultural appereance, and against in many, many other things than what normally people are grown up to preciate.

Is it the beast in us who want's secretly be against everything? is there something deeper going inside our heads that should be solved in therapy, maybe?

I don't say that everyone should think the same way, but I think that there just are some things that is appearing in every mammal: caring.

So, in a way he (Halla-aho) is a true nationalist, but he doesn't want to be told as rasist. In one writing he wrote that "anti-rasists" are worse rasists than people who are against immigrants, gay, religion, or any different kind of people.

I want to say that I am truely a rasist against people who are against immigrants, gay or any other kind of people. And I am narrow minded when talking about this thing, because none should be against people who look different or are coming from different race.

Imagine if horses would be against zebras?

Ok, now I can get into my point: I think Halla-aho is doing this as purpose! He is using reversed phsycology! what does that mean? Many people might wake up saying "hey, I don't want to think like that, I don't want to think different looking people are less human than us!"

Some people think like Halla-aho, because they have no experience on living in different cultures. They still see that it's awkward to see a Chinese person sitting in a bus, or Somalians walking with their colourful clothing.

These kind of people have no experience on travelling, meeting new cultures in different countries, surviving in different culture, growing up as multicultural, or they don't even have interst about learning any new languages. They have grown up as holding the same side as their friends and they have never actually become independent, becase they have been too afraid of that. 

So thru discussions about Halla-aho's opinions, these people start learning what is "right" and what is "wrong", like what is humanity and what is against humanity. Before this these kind of people have been living without thinking things deeper, just repeating what their friends told them when they were 15 years old.

Humanity is to accept different culture, to be against humanity is like being against our own mirror image. So it's totally nonsense from my point of view. Ok, I sound like I'm against narrow minded people and I might sound like narrow minded person, but I just can't accept people who base their hate against different people with these all naive reasons: "they live with our tax money", "they dress up stupid",.... 

I agree that it's sad if Finnish culure gets driven over by other cultures, but Japan lived this same in the beginning of 1900's. During the Meiji-period Japan started to open more doors for Western countries and cultures: now (e.g) art got strong influenses from Western countries, but held the Japanese style in it. So, this is how modernism started in Japan.

And if we look far to history, nothing is rarely "inveted" in Japan, the ideas have come quite often from somewhere else. Japanese people have just learn how to develope these things. Just like painting came to Japan from China, but later on Japanese people made this style their own, by adding there their own style in it.  And this is just one example, many countries have same kind of stories about how everything got started!

And hey, why USA developed so fast? because many cultures hit their heads together! Ok, USA is bad example, because they totally killed the minority cultures, like Indian culture. And this is actually the minus side of developing also in Finland, there are only around 6,000 (by Wikipedia) Samaean people left in Finland, and their culture is totally dying...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

174th issue: Helsinki city wildlife: The owl family

I wrote about the owl family in Helsinki central, and today I saw one of the owls! My camera is not so good for photographing for distant things, but there you can see it!!

More about the owl family HERE

173rd issue: A message for Mr. Halla-aho

172nd issue: Who are the new True Finns: Jussi Halla-Aho

First I have to tell that "aho" means "stupid" in Japanese.

Now you now where I'm taking this issue.. Yes, I'm going to tell what Finland talks about - again. Jussi Halla-Aho got lot's of votes and he is going to be a face seen in the parliament.

I want to tell what he wrote in his blog 20th of December, 2006:

(free transfer by me, but you'll get the point)

"Rapes will increase anyway. Therefore more and more women will be raped in the future, I really hope that the people who choose their victim for rape just randomly, should choose the ones who are green-left world savers and their voters. Rather them, than anyone else. Nothing else works for them than really experiencing the multicultural side"


"Raiskaukset tulevat joka tapauksessa lisääntymään. Koska näin ollen yhä useampi nainen tulee joka tapauksessa raiskatuksi, toivon hartaasti, että uhrinsa sattumanvaraisesti valitsevien saalistajien kynsiin jäisivät oikeat naisihmiset. Vihervasemmistolaiset maailmanparantajat ja heidän äänestäjänsä. Mieluummin he kuin joku muu. Heihin ei tehoa mikään muu kuin se, että monikulttuuri osuu omaan nilkkaan."

Hi, my name is Esin. I come from multicultural background - my other parent is Finnish and other Turkish. I speak both of the languages and I look like mixed race.  Instead of getting racist comments, I have got lot's of positive things said about my background. Some people say how I see things differently and thinking it must be because I have learnt also how to manage in Turkey - which has totally opposite culture than Finland.

So, I propose: I'm personally going to go and rape Mr. Halla-aho. Because I'm multicultural person and I rape people.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

170th issue: True Finns vol 2

Ahh, my favorite topic. I just couldn't avoid spotting the news about Vuosaari: a gang of boys beat up a bus driver! (Vuosaari is in East-Helsinki)

054AVuosaari A8732547426530579854591681473188103 20867,0
054BVuosaari B9945252027630369705382081461179003 58567,1
054CVuosaari C9254638017926752763181140245137012 58576,1
054DVuosaari D12575537712730951913134110322173102 76679,7
054EVuosaari E121738571194349661764171272426133003 51976,5
054FVuosaari F13554662523930489111474141025311713013 68870,6
(red marks are the votes for True Finns)

Again I'm saying that I'm not surprised why in something happens in place where True Finns got lot's of votes... What does this tell about the people living there?

Farm animals are taking over Finland. It's a jungle sometimes..

HFUT is rising again!