Saturday, 16 April 2011

153rd issue: Finnish grammar

Finnish grammar is known for it's being one of the most difficult grammars in the world. And I totally agree this. I have been studying Finnish for whole of my life, but yeah, t the same time I speak two languages fluent, so how can I ever manage to be successful in Finnish?

I study media and my school is very journalism influenced. I have been wondering how on earth I got in that school, because my Finnish sucks. It really does. I don't know which words are written together and which ones are separate. We have so many words that are written together, but in English the same words wouldn't be written like that. Usually in English two words are usually separated, like final reduction in English becomes loppukevennys in Finnish.

I'm going to apply to university to study African and Asian languages, and I m going to specialize in Japanese. If I get in. And this is a big IF, because the tests will have also Finnish language tests. And I don't really base my speaking in grammar, I base it in my own way!

And this is why I got surprised I got in the school I'm at the moment: my teachers are always saying "don't care about grammar, care about what you write", so they give us the artistic freedom. I think grammar kills artistic things, it kills the flow your writing might have. Or you have to be "super talented" to manage art and grammar at the same time. It's like putting mathematic and art together. Ok, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci managed, but c'mon!

I'm Esin.

So, now I'm really suffering, because I have to learn what is ablative and all these strange words that make Finnish "possible". I think Finnish language can't be compared to other languages, because our grammar just is so different. Some people might say "yes they should be compared", but as I don't want to become a teacher, I wan't to work in Japan, I think it's easier to just learn how to speak Japanese, not base everything in those ablatives and nominatives.. whatever. There's grammar - and there is grammar. And there's Finnish.

Ugh. Finnish is truly a really difficult language.

152nd issue: Spring-a-ling!

9:24 pm. 

151st issue: A documentary about 80's Finland

The documentary opens the doors for 80's Finnish music clubs and underground culture: men with makeups and cultural revolution.

Name: Timanttikoirien vuosi 1984
Directed by Pete Europa

Available only in Finnish. (Shame!)

150th issue: MoMa feat Matti Pellonpää

The documentary about Matti Pellonpää will be shown in New York's Museum of Modern Arts (MoMa).

This will happen beginning of June (8th to 13th of June). I truly recommend you to go and watch it if you are in New York!

Name: Boheemi elää - Matti pellonpää (English Bohemia lives - Matti Pellonpää (?))
Directred by Janne Kuusi

I wrote more about Matti Pellonpää here

Also lot's of other Finnish documentaries available at the same time in MoMa! Check out it here

149th issue: Gigs coming up in Helsinki : May to July

Steve Aoki

3rd of May @ YK

Tickets 20€ advance, 30€ from the door (if any left)


9th of May @ Nosturi

Tickets 28€


11th of May @ Tavastia

Tickets 25/27€


31st of May @ Tavastia

SOLD OUT (ps. I have a ticket :))


6th of June @ Tavastia

Tickets around 36€


11th of June @ Nosturi

Tickets 25€

Crystal Castles 

13th of June @ The Circus

Tickets 28€ advance, 35€ from the door (if any left)

The Damned

14th of July @ Tavastia

Tickets 29,30/31€


17th of July @ The Circus

Tickets 35€

 Check out tickets availability from Tiketti

Friday, 15 April 2011

148th issue: "When you grow up.."

I don't know how this is in other countries, but in Finland I have been loosing my nerves because of this: my dad started it "when you grow up, you'll understand". Then during my whole life I have met people who have been older than me and been tapping my head and saying "but you are so young..", "it will come when you are older", "I was the same when I was in your age".

I understand there are stereotypical things for different ages, such as around ages 28-30 men usually loose themselves for a while, because they have lived a long relationship which ended. So this is when they try to find a way of being alone again.

But what I'm trying to say is, that I hate when people reflect things to persons age. I think everything is about personality, lived things (includes emotions, death, illness, parents divorce). And then if someone who is a few years older than me comes and says "Oh, but you are so young" I always feel like eating that person alive. Especially if this person hasn't lived any of those things I have gone through in very young age.

Some of the older people have never traveled alone, I started traveling alone when I was 18. Some of the people have always lived in a relationship - meaning they are used to share everything and live in a symbiosis with other person, I have never had a serious relationship.

So, I don't like people telling me what's going to happen when I grow up, because they have often lived different kind of life than me. They have made different selections. Our life's can't be compared.

(pic from here)

147th issue: Afro-Finland

There's a three-part documentary about history of African people in Finland. Very interesting!

Unfortunately only in Finnish...

146th issue: Soon I have to vote...

Unsuitable ones: Muutos 2011 (change 2011?), true finns and pirate party whatever.

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