Saturday, 9 April 2011

132nd issue: My style vol 4.

Scarf: Monki,
Sunglasses Mercibeaucoup. (from Japan),
Dress: Gina Tricot,
Stockings from Japan and shoes Sixtyseven.  
I look like I'm going on a funeral, but actually I'm going on a Real Fun, because it's spring and the sun is shining!
And Hästens, if you want to sponsor me a new bed, I would be very happy ;)

131st issue: Taking a boat to ..

Our neighbor countries are just across the sea, except Russia which is just next to us. Or Sweden is next to us, but from Helsinki it takes many hours to the border. Anyway, if you have plenty of time in Finland, and have done already everything, I advice you to take a day trip to Tallinn, Estonia, or 2 days trip to Stockholm, Sweden.

The boat tickets are cheaper to Tallinn, and the journey takes only 1.5hrs, when if you go to Sweden it's one night there and one night back. Also the tickets are semi-expensive, because you get your own cabin. But if you are 4 ppl, it is not that bad. But also there are often available discount tickets, like 50€/4ppl's cabin, so if you have friends in Finland, you can ask if they have spare ones. Usually someone has one. Sometimes I have had three and haven't used them, because...

I hate going on these boats. They are filled with drunken ice hockey players, elderly people and drunk teenagers. Also often news write about rape happened on board or that someone has "dropped" to the sea. And it's not suicide it's just because people go on these boats to get absolutely hammered. 

Also you have only around 8hrs to be in Stockholm, so what can one do in 8hrs? Not enough! But if you want to have a fast visit there and just see how Stockholm is, this is good. 

In Tallinn you will have more time, even 12hrs is possible (if you are planning a day trip, you can also stay over night there). There's one thing: Estonians don't like that much Finnish turists, because Finnish people go to Tallinn always very drunk. They drink that 1.5hrs on boat, then they arrive in Tallinn (drunk), then they behave like animals (pee around, men disturb the Estonian girls) and leave the city. 

But as you are not from Finland, you'll be ok. But if you see some people behaving disrespectful there, it is probably a Finn.

Boats depart from central Helsinki and Ruoholahti. The ones that go to Sweden are Silja Line and Viking Line. The ones that go to Tallinn are e.g. Tallink.

This is not funny, it's sad. Sorry Estonians!

130th issue: A place full of surprises

Vaasan aukio which is mainly known as Piritori aka Amfetamin square. It's no surprise why this place has such a nickname: it's usually filled up with drug users, homeless, alcoholics, punks/hippies/students. It's just filled up with all the different kind of people, so what I mean not that many salary men hang around there.

It can be dangerous place, but mostly it's safe, though things happen around you all the time. Yesterday we were there at around 5pm with all the cameras and stuff, because we were filming material for our documentary and we were getting a bit more attention with those than normal person does. And also yesterday was friday.

One around 50 year old punk came to us and wanted to show how he is kicking the election advertisements. None of them got broken, so he took speed (not the drug) and jumped an air kick to Finnish Communist Parties advertisement. Now it got broken. Then he left with his Jim Morrison shirt. After 2 minutes one man walked and didn't see the advertisement in the ground and almost slipped on it. He looked at it and said

 "Huh, Finnish Communist Party tried to kill me!"

Hahah, so what I men is that this area is not that serious, but at the same time it can get a bit dangerous, so be aware. But also this is something you have to see, to not to think that Helsinki is that neat and clean and modern.

Piritori in news

In 2005 motorcycle gangs MC Bandidos and Rogues Gang were shooting with guns there. No one got injured that bad, but anyway, what the fuck? Piritori is not Texas, it's Kallio!

How to get?
Metro to Sörnäinen, take Vassanaukio exit.

Else what?
This is the entrance of Helsinginkatu, which is full of bars. If you go one street up, theres Vaasankatu where is one very nice bar called Heinähattu - Heinis. Lot's of punks, and other that atmosphered people hang there.

Also all of the Kallio bars are alive, most from 10am to 2am. And there are always people drinking.

Friday, 8 April 2011

129th issue: Making a documentary

I'm busy until Tuesday morning: we are making a documentary about homeless people, or actually that is the main subject, but we are specializing in one other thing. 

Later on I will show it here :)

Today I have to wear flats. Converse from Japan, Jeans those discount Acne's, shirt form Japan and headband from Japan.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

128th issue: Rules when dating a Finn

Dating a female:

Asking out

1. Don't ever ask a Finnish female out too fast: if you have known her for fifteen minutes, don't even think she'll go out with you. Or sure, you ca try, but often Finnish female refuse. Sure some might answer "Yes", but it's rare and you have to be like...super good looking to manage this way. And it's not enough if you think you are good looking.

2. If you have known the Finnish female for one day or more, and it seems that she really likes to be with you, she might be a bit attracted on you. So this is when you can very kindly ask her out. If you are asking her out quite aggressive, she will refuse. And it's actually better if you know straight away a place where to go with her, especially if the place has something to do with her interests.

On a date

In a way you have to stay very distant but at the same time show the girl that you are really on a date. A couple of times I've been confused because I've been out with a guy and I though we were out as just friends and then after the guy has got angry to me for not understanding why we were out.

So how can you make her feel like you are on a date, but that you are not aggressively showing it? You give her attention. And when you talk to her, you look at her eyes, but not like staring, just like that you can face her eyes. Also it's nice to listen to her and ask questions. Be interested.

When Finnish girls are relaxed they can be hilarious and usually they are quite giggly, so after you just manage her feel comfortable with you, you can have good time!

After a date

You say "good bye" "good bye".  You can also ask what she is doing this weekend. If she says "I'm busy" and especially if she says "I'm busy with my friends", this means she's not maybe interested on you. In this case you should throw the ball to her and tell her to call you when she has time, and that you have time to catch up.

If she is smiling and staring at you, this is when you did it. Congratulations! Now, the ball is at your hands, hold it tight (if you are interested on this girl). Now you can almost say anything "wanna meet this weekend?", "let's go for beers tomorrow" (or be more romantic and ask her to drink a bottle of Magyar wine at a park). You can also ask her to your place to do something stupid, like play ping pong. If you really have ping pong. Man, I m jealous if you really do have it!!


So, I mean that Finnish girls are easy to hang out with, if they are not unsure. So first thing is to make them feel comfortable with you.

Dating a Finnish man:

Hopeless. Nothings ever enough: they call you bimbo to their friends and they think you are stupid = this means you will have to prove yourself to them, which is wrong because this way you just can't be yourself. They don't talk much and don't look at your eyes at all - they stay distant, but distant in a wrong way. Distant like you start feeling they want to get rid of you straight away. They don't respect themselves so they don't respect you.

After when you try to understand why did you even go out with them and think did you do something wrong, they will leave you just thinking, what went wrong. I know many people who know how to continue after this kind of act, but I personally, want to know if I have made a mistake to fix it, because I'm not rude to anyone without a reason!


They are too full on you, almost having a relationship with you straight away. This kind of dudes are scary.

127th issue: My door, my home. Leave me alone!

Why did I get fed up with politics and elections? Because they are everywhere! When I leave my home, first thing I see is a stand holding advertisements of the different parties. Then I hop on a tram, which is covered with the same stuff. Then I arrive in Helsinki central, and all the politicians or the ones who want to become one, are there sharing advertisements, cinnamon rolls, coffee, tea, candies.

Then I come home and what waits at my door?


126th issue: Something that many people has memories of

As in every country, there are certain things that certain age group remembers. From my age group to 10 years older's, people remember this: Magyar wine!

Magyar is Hungarian and the cheapest (or when I was 18 years old) wine sold in Alko. It tastes horrible, but makes you drunk. Also great hangovers!  

There are punk songs about Magyar, there are people with Magyar tattoos.. Magyar is a legend! I wonder does the Magyar wine yard owner know how popular his drink is in Finland. 

Also Magyar has nicknames too, the most used is Magis, Maggis or Makkis.

So if you are going to get puistokännit (literally park drunk) - drunk at the park, grab a 5.99 bottle of Magyar with you. If you have bigger group of people, buy a goon, or box, of Magis! 

Pics from here

This is Jarmo Kejonen's tattoo. I can show it here with special permission!

125th issue: Searching for a one night stand?

I have to say it again: we Finnish people are shy and we need alcohol to become sure about ourself. The only problem is, that when we have a couple of beers, we become more talkative, so we want to boost this taking two more beers. And after this we take shots to keep our self talkative. Then we take one more shot. And beer. And gin tonic. And shot. And Virtanen (battery+vodka) to stay up late.

And baaaaaaaaaziiiiingaaa! We loose our memory. This is usually at 3:30 when the bars show their light mark that now the bar is closing. And this is also the time many men use as their possibility to get girls.

They search for a girl who is drunk and take it home with them. You know the rest. Sounds slightly like criminal act, but this is so usual, that rarely anyone makes any act further to police.

I hear stories, I have stories, where memory has gone and a person has just woken up...somewhere.

And this is so usual in especially Helsinki!

So, you can get your one night stand this way, which I personally don't prefer and is against my moral. this is how people really do it... And without my own stupidity, wouldn't I have any right to judge people who do like this, but as I said - I've been there.

124th issue: Neighborhood lovin'

My friend was complaining to me, that his neighbor guy is having a very active sex life. As well the older houses don't have so thick walls, so my friend is listening the girl screaming "AAH AAH AAH" several times a day.

This bring to my mind what happened in my neighbor a month ago: suddenly I started to hear voices of living from my neighbor and I was happy that some other people make noise too. But then it started to be constant: all night long the girl was screaming.

This continued for 2 weeks, until one night I hard the girl crying. BINGO! I knew this is the end!

And so it was. No more sleepless nights!

Hahha, how classy!

123rd issue: every people's right!

What else do you think is every peoples right in especially welfare state? A RESTROOM! We are thousands of years away from stone age. I got confused, when suddenly all the toilets are locked: you need to pay 1€ or have a membership card, or you must have some other kind of code to enter the toilet. You are not allowed to use the restroom without paying. You can try to sneak in, but c'mon, should going to toilet should be so difficult.

I don't want to always compare Finland to Japan, but honestly, this system is much better organized in Japan. There are restrooms everywhere - even in the streets - and they are always super clean. Some of the restrooms are there like entering a 5 star hotel, with all the sofas and film star mirrors.

I understand they take money for using toilet, because it spends water and toilet paper, but hey 1€! If I start paying 1€ for each toilet visit I do while visiting central Helsinki, I will end up spending 5€ just for using toilet! I think more realistic price would be 20 cents.

At least restroom business is good. Slightly inspired by capitalism.


or else...

122nd issue: my style vol 2.

Casual look. H&M fake leather pants, Gina tricot shirt, Jeffrey Campbell's Pixie shoes from Japan. Also cheap ring from Japan.

Black clothing supports depressing weather. YES YES YES!!

121st issue: Start a business in Finland

"Long lasting effect!", "Number one brand in Japan!", "Superb results!"

And you make lot's of money, or do you?

My friend showed me an eyelash tonic, that makes eyelashes grow. When I saw the price I went insane, 99€ on discount, real price 145€. Wow, must be super product, huh! Then I looked at the product closer and it looked like I have seen it before somewhere..

I turned my head to my right and looked at my make up bag. And there it was - DHC eyelash tonic which I got from Japan. And how much was it in Japan? 7€! Seven god damn Euros! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7! SEVEN!

And in Finland they sell it with 99€. Now I understand how people get rich..

It has made my eyelashes grow, but 99€ instead of 7€ sounds pretty rip off.
(link from here)

Link to DHC eyelash tonic

120th issue: Aurora borealis in Helsinki?

Lot's of especially Japanese people come to Finland to see the northern lights. The best they are seen in northern Finland, Lapland, because there isn't that many people living and the city lights are not disturbing.

In Helsinki to see the northern lights is pretty rare. There might be quite often them, and if you see northern lights they come out pretty light. I've seen twice northern lights in Helsinki, and both times it felt magical. It truly is as amazing and I totally understand why Japanese people travel 9 000 km to see them. I can't even imagine how nice it must be to stand in some empty space in Lapland and watch northern lights. It could be meditative as well!

Best time to see northern lights is when the first frost comes (around September), or then when the winter is it's cold (January-February).

I was in the hill of Alppipuisto with my friends and suddenly we noticed the northern lights wiping over Pasila..

119th issue: Congratulations Helsinki!

How can I miss this kind of news announced 11.2.2011:

Helsinki has been chosen as the 6th best city - in the World! We are the only one of the Scandinavian countries, so even highly hyped Stockholm didn't reach the numbers before ours!

Last year Helsinki was holding the same number as well. I have a kind of feeling that net year Helsinki is going to rise top TOP-3 because we are the World Design Capital.

Töölönlahti garden (pic by me)

Taken from Merihaka (pic by me)

As well taken from Merihaka (by me)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

118th issue: My style vol 1.

Ok, I'm fed up about politicians. I'm fed up with politics. I want  to take rest about those and for one week I'm going to play fashion blogger.

Also at the moment I have so many essays to finish, one is 16 pages in media culture and Im writing about Japanese adverting and it's graphical appearance. So I cant stay so focused on what's going on in Finland when I'm doing a research in totally another country.

Scarf: Chloe (from Japan), fake leather shorts: Lindex, jacket: age old from Turkey's H&M, boots: Sixtyseven, Stockings from Japan.

I was a bit suspicious about putting these stockings, because Finnish men have quite often very nasty mind... But I didn't get any comments, yeah!

117th issue: Photographs from Hakaniemi to central Helsinki


116th issue: mid-season sale: spring

(This is a bit girly post)

Suddenly it feels everywhere is having huge discounts. Usually sales are not so good here, as you -  yeah -  find clothes ridiculously cheap, but then when you wear it, everyone has the same. What I usually do, is that I buy only black clothes from sale, if I buy anything. Usually I just buy full price.

But then I heard a hint from my cousin: Carlings had Swedish Acne jeans on supersale. Now 149€ jeans were 39€. I went there and what happened? They had just my size jeans there! I ended up buying two pairs.

I don't usually like jeans, because they make me feel like a man, but Acne jeans are my favorite, because of their cut. They have pretty high waist. Also Acne is very good quality, I have had one pair of Acne for now 1 year and they are still like brand new!

(Carlings a clothing store, sells clothes such as Tiger of Sweden, Nümph, Levis, Acne..etc. I don't even know all the brands)

There are two Carlings in central Helsinki, one in Kamppi shopping mall and one in Forum shopping mall. 

Usually underwear's and bra's are also stupidly expensive, you pay easy 15€ for a crappy set of bra+undie. But mid-season sale didn't let me down on this either: in Lindex there were lot's of bras+undies -50% and

Also good discounts were in:

* Monki
* Weekday
* H&M
* Sokos (I bough very nice high heel sandals from Tamaris for 27€ (real price 57€))

Also there were super sales in Aleksi 13, which sells lot's of branded clothes, but I think it ended already.

Acne jeans 39€ (real price 149€) , Michael Kors shoes 70€ (real price 235€), T-shirt 4€ (real price 8€) and necklace for free from 2nd hand shop Fida, because the seller forgot to charge it and then gave it to me :)    

Also Stockmann has Hullut Päivät - "Madness Days" twice a year: spring and autumn. There I usually buy cosmetics, like a huge bottle of Clinique facial soap for 22€. Wow.

115th issue: Flow Festival

Flow released today it's first artists. Flow is organized 12.-14.8.2011.

There will be:

* Lykke Li
* Röyksopp
* Twin Shadow
* Ariel's Pink Haunted Graffiti
* Matthew Dear
* Tensnake
* Hercules & Love Affairs
* Iron & Wine
* James Blake
* Warpaint
* Destroyer
* Midlake
* Mogwai
* Kanye West
* Q-tip
* Janelle Monáe

More artists will be confirmed in May.

Tickets available 11.4.2011. Get yours advance, the tickets might end. Also this year you can pay 2€ more for your ticket and it goes uncut for charity to save the Baltic sea, operated by WWF. Good!

I CAN'T WAIT!! Thank you organizers, excellent bands!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

114th issue: Helsinki Apartments vol 2.

In this issue I'm going to introduce you to my friends apartment. He's a 30 year-old graphic designer who lives alone in Lauttasaari, also known as Laru, which is an island just 10min away from the city central.

The house is probably from the 60s.

24m2, There's also a balcony!

Curtains, which the owner got from his grandparents, actually are scary, especially when he was a child and visiting his grandparents, in the dark they became monsters. Those curtains are from the 70s and you know the psychedelia.. 

(Picture from

113th issue: Sarah Palin in Finland?

Sarah Palin (pic from here)

Päivi Räsänen
(pic from here)
Yes, don't worry USA, first we were laughing at your Sarah Palin, but the truth is that we have our own Sarah Palin in Finland - Päivi Räsänen.  She's from the Christian Democrats.

Räsänen is known for her funny ideology  and negativity about gay people and their right to adopt children.

She has caused: a mass resignation from church.

I wrote about this in the "what Finland talks about"- issue.

"This heaven gives me migraine
This heaven gives me migraine
This heaven gives me migraine"

- Gang of four

Räsänen is not sweet - she's sour. (pic from here)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

110th issue: Finnish punk documentary

A documentary about Pelle Miljoona made in 1978 as a student work. Pity it doesn't have English subtitles because Pelle is saying very good things about politicians and society. 

109th issue: My life as a student, part 2

Some people are wondering how I manage to stay alive with paying so high rent I don't know how much people use usually money for food and actually I don't know how much I spend. But one of my portions total cost is probably 80 cents. 

I eat more veggies too, but lately they have been so bad in the market. 

And if I haven't told yet, I'm vegetarian, who tries to avoid any kind of animal products, but not a vegan because sometimes I eat cheese, chocolate and I buy leather clothes.

108th issue: "I'm better than you - no I'm better than you"

Finland is the land of unbalanced people: one day a Finnish person says "it's like this", other day a Finnish person changes his/hers mind, because someone writes something on newspaper about some "research" made.

One example was superfood: first people were excited about them, then suddenly someone wrote about goji-berries having lots of pesticide in them and suddenly people who believe in things they read are shaking about how bad superfood is.

One example is also about Fair Trade products. Someone says Fair Trade is a good thing, other person says  "no, it's not good, by buying Fair Trade, you are taking money out from other farmers. And in all farms they don't act disrespectful to their workers". But in this case, how can you know in which farm they treat well their workers? Fair Trade is a guarantee on this.

Sure it might sound also that I'm against my own writings, but as a reader you have to remember that I'm just writing how I feel - what I have experienced. I've done research as a person, without no financing.

What I want to say, that ok, someones writings may influence you, but don't let them rule your head.

107th issue: Kallio school - IT'S ALIVEEE-EEEE

106th issue: When to travel to Finland: Autumn

Puu Vallila - Wooden Vallila
(pic from here)
Why would someone want to travel to Finland during the autumn, when there's is summer that is warm and there is lot's of light.. Well, let me tell you that autumn in Finland is one of it's kind. I bet you can find similar autumns from Canada. 

Autumn is all about the colors: all the leafs color the city and all the colorful old buildings support the atmosphere. Especially I recommend you to walk around Helsinki central and its parks, but also from Kallio to puu Vallila - wooden Vallila, where they have old wood style houses. Even though puu Vallila is just 15 min away from central Helsinki (tram no. 7A), it makes you feel like you are very far from the central.

Also during the autumn the sunsets are amazing. 

Happening in the autumn?

The Night of the Arts - Taiteiden yö

Different art happenings around the city, mostly for free, some of them costs. 


Linnanmäki Light Carnival

(pic from
Is a carnival organized in the amusement park - Linnanmäki, which is located just near Pasila. 

Last year 8.-12.10. this year TBA

What time? 

How much?

How to get to Linnamäki?
Take train to Pasila (one stop) or by tram 3T/B. 

Channel 4 Fireworks

A fireworks competition.

Last year 10.9., this year TBA.


How much?

Sunset from my home window

HFUT is rising again!