Saturday, 2 April 2011

105th issue: A cartoon based in Helsinki

Pasila is hilarious cartoon about a police station in Pasila.  Heh, Pasila is one stop by train from central Helsinki.

Some of the characters are straight taken from Finnish media, such as the presenter of morning TV of Channel 3 (MTV3).

I found subtitled versions, I recommend you to watch it!

Phil Collins hangover is a legend:

104th issue: a train journey from suburb to Central

Today I came from Tapanila to Central. Tapanila, also known as Mosa, is just one stop from Malmi.

I took pictures through the journey...


And you wonder why Finnish people are depressed?

103rd issue: Learnt "fact": politics, politics...

When I tell people I m going to vote for the Green party, many people tell me "Oh, The Green party is the baby party of The National Coalition Party"

After I have heard this several times and always said the same way, I started to think how can so many people have exactly the same point of view?

Then I understood: some politician brainwashed them. Isn't it suspicious if many people repeat exactly the same line? Even if these people wouldn't know each other, so it's not any kind of "friendship opinion". It's coming fro somewhere else. Someone else.. 

Now I want to repeat myself: politics is business...

So actually this isn't peoples own idea, it's stolen from someone else and now people are saying it as their own. Really this kind of people haven't even thought about things, they are just repeating what they have heard.

Ha! How soft is your mind? Make up your own mind!

This song is not actually about listening and believing on rumors, but I think everybody should mind their own business in a way that they could create their own opinions. 

102nd issue: Alcohol, music and drunken people = Helsinki nightlife: Central

I'm not even going to start telling about the places I wouldn't enter. In all bars you can order in English, it's all good.

My friend says that what I wrote makes it look like these are the bars I wouldn't enter. But what I mean is that I have listed here the bars I would enter, there are heaps of crappy bars in the central which are filled with over sized ice hockey players and rednecks.


Kokomo bar

A new bar with Hawaiian tiki atmosphere.

Average age?

Music genre?

Uudenmaankatu 16-20

Around 5€ + 2€ 


(pic from


Bar Loose

If you are searching for famous Finnish singers, this is the place.

The average age?


Annankatu 21

3€, sometimes gig held downstairs, which you have to pay separately.


(pic from



Small and cosy bar with strong mexican influence. Also you have to try the 3€ shot.

The Average age?



(pic from

Gigs and DJs. A wide selection of different music genres. Reggae Sundays, House, dance dance! Also different music in different floors.

The average age?


Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 21

(pic from

A club built under the ground. Interesting, the atmosphere supports the music genre playde in Playground making sounds more intensive.


Iso Roobertinkatu 10

(pic from

Also known as the "teenager disco". Music is good, but the whole disco is full of 18-year old girls who all look the same and boys who all wear timber man shirts. But this disco is a must see!

Almost every Saturday

The average age?


Urho Kekkosen katu 6

note: disco starts after the gig ends in Tavastia... Depending on what gig there was before disco, there can be quite interesting people mixed up with the teenagers.......

(pic from

Friday, 1 April 2011

101st issue: Helsinki wildlife: Jackdaw

I was walking home from work, it was 1st of January 2008. I was just watching photos from my camera and crossing the main street in Helsinki central, Mannerheimintie, when I noticed a bird walking towards me. I was waiting that bird to step side, of course, I m a human and it's a bird and I'm thirty times bigger. But no, I had to step aside!

Fast I put my camera on photo mode and took a photo of this bird. Later that day I saw my mother and show her the picture and she said "Send it to the newspaper!!" 

So I did.

Next week my phone rang and the caller was from Helsingin Sanomat. She said my photograph won the weekly competition. 

After that I started to see jackdaws everywhere. And I noticed how this bird breed had totally it's own character. I advise you to watch jackdaws when they walk around. I can promise it is entertaining! 

(pic from HS by me)

The story is found here (only in Finish)

100th issue: 3000 visitors in 1 month

I want to thank again all my readers. Because of around 200 visitors a day I keep my blog public.

I hope I can give you perspective and help to plan your visit in Finland. Some people have been saying to me, that I m writing sometimes about some things I don't know anything. I would like to answer for these people, that I write from everything I have experiences. So, everything is based in experience. I don't believe in facts and I hate when people who have been spending their whole life watching their own belly tell me that "no, it's not a fact".

I don't care about facts, I care about how I feel and how things make me feel. I believe on what I see. I don't believe on what every professor say, because every year they say different things.

Lot's of love!

99th issue: Finnish bikes

There are about three types of bikes I would recommend you to consider if you think about buying a Finnish bike. Wouldn't it be great to have a Finnish bike? Everybody would be so jealous!

Fixi bikes: Le Prince

I didn't even know Le Prince before I asked for some fixi bike makers from Finland from my friend. I could have one of these! What a beauty!

(pic from here)

More info HERE

60s Jopo (By Tunturi)

Jopo is a classic. If someone leaves an unlocked Jopo, it wont stay there for a long. Every summer I hear people crying how their Jopo got stolen. Jopo is a good city bike, because it's pretty small and simple. I have never had a Jopo :(

(pic from here)
Price is very flexible, from 10€ to 150€ (pic from here)
New Jopo
Price around 315€ (pic from here)

Finnish Army Bike

You will be able to see these now in the streets, because they sold a big bunch of these a couple of years ago ridiculously cheap. All the bikes have their own serial numbers. 

2nd hand price: around 65€

(pic from here)

Grandma bike - mummopyörä (Haukka, Tunturi etc.)

These are also in the category of stolen bikes. People just want these bikes, because they are so comfortable. My mother had one, but some dick head stole it :( These bikes are usually around 50 years old and have strong emotional value.

Price: cheapest 20 € - pay 100 € max!

(pic from here)

Price: both sides of 500€

(pic from here)

(pic from here)

Where to get bicycles?

In Töölö, just next to the Olympic stadium there's Bike Company.

Ruusulankatu 21

How to get?
Tram number 3T, 4, 7A, 10

Note: you can go there and continue to Kallio with 3T, because...
in Kallio there are many bicycle shops: in Helsinginkatu there are a few, and then there's Kumiluoti which is specialized on fixies.  


Also flea market in Vallila is good.


Sat-Sun 9am to 3pm.

Cheapest you can get bicycles from the countryside, take a train to e.g. Hyvinkää (around 1 hr from Helsinki) 

On the Internet?
You can buy bicycles from

Also Police stations have bicycle sale, where they sell bikes that have been found, or stolen etc.

Around spring, check more information from

98th issue: Finland for immigrants

Under the elections there has been lot's of talking about immigrants and that "They come and live with our money". Today Finnish newspaper Iltalehti wrote about Burundi born Antoinette Batumubwira who was in Finland as an immigrant years 2002 to 2005. Before Finland the Batumubwira family lived in South Africa.

After moving to Finland, Batumubwira tells in the interview that everything went very good: her children could study and otherwise everything was organized. But then some new problem jumped up: she was not able to find a job and ended up being unemployed. 

Happy ending after all

After things got a bit settled down in Burundi, Batumubwira family moved back to their home country. And what happened: Antoinette became Burundi's Foreign Minister! She served her country with this title years 2005-2009.

 Imagine, maybe Finland gave a good base for Batumubwira. Maybe she got some other perspective from Finland and could go and share this knowledge with her country.

We, as Finnish people should think this as our win as well: maybe Batumubwira didn't have a job, but maybe she learnt something more valuable from our system!

97th issue: Helsinki for Urban Travelers videos?

I'm planning of HFUT videos, about 2-5 minute each and idea is to show you practically e.g. "How to... in Finland" and where to go & what to do in Helsinki,...

If I find someone to help me on filming, will first videos come out during the summer...

Stay tuned!

Thursday, 31 March 2011

96th issue: Marimekko+Japan / マリメッコ+日本

It's a clear deal that I love Japan. Everything that reminds me of Japan - I like. Marimekko has been connected with Japan in some way for years: there has been at least one Japanese designer designing patterns for Marimekko: Fujiwo Ishimoto. His works just are feeding my mind and soul - all of Ishimoto's work have that balance which only Japanese artist can create.

Also Marimekko has other Japan inspired designings:

Ginko leafs by Kristina Isola

Designed by Sami Ruotsalainen & Maija Louekari

95th issue: Marimekko+Helsinki

If you didn't know, Marimekko has Helsinki inspired prints. Helsinki, this pretty, pretty city. One of Marimekko's designers, Maija Louekari, designed city prints which I absolutely love and next time I visit Japan to see my friends, will they get these mugs!
Design by Maija Louekari and Sami Ruotsalainen
"Hetkiä" By Maija Louekari

Check out Finnish Design Shop

94th issue: Summer and music festivals!

Sure Helsinki is alive during the summer: There are plenty of happenings and music festivals. I want to tell you something about music festivals held in the central Helsinki. If only I could get some kind of press pass to show you how these festivals really are, because I'm only going to Flow festival.

Bigger ones:

Tuska Open Air

Tuska is totally a must see festival. There are so many skinny men with a black long hair that it's almost hilarious. And they all are just absolutely hammered! Also some old school heavy metal fans can be spotted. The ones that have kind of Twisted Sister look...

Band I would like to see: Killing Joke
Other bands: Check out the web page




1 day : 60€
3 days : 110€

note: get your tickets advance if you can. They are cheaper + Tuska might get sold out.

Flow festival

Flow is the hipster festival of Finland. Last year artists such as M.I.A, Caribou and Girls played there. I love this festival, so many good bands just so near to my home. What more I can ask? Also the atmosphere is nice: Suvilahti as a place for music festival is excellent, because it has wicked buildings!

First artists will be released beginning of April.
"Waiting for something (new) makes it more exciting" - Andy Warhol




I bet around 100€

Helsingin Juhlaviikot 

This time lot's of happenings around the city. Gigs, theatre, art in its every appearance. The Night of the Arts is also part of this happening as well as Flow festival. Helsingin Juhlaviikot is just a big kaboom!

All: jazz, world, Finnish, traditional, classical, 


All around the city central

Bough separately from Lippupiste

More info HERE

93rd issue: Finnish clothing/shoe designers: Minna Parikka & Ivana Helsinki

Minna Parikka

I need. I want. I cant have :(
I was flying back to Finland from Tokyo, when I saw a woman wearing a bag I knew from somewhere. I lifted my head up and saw it was Minna Parikka. You just recognize her style straight away, though her shoes are the ones that made Minna famous...

My sister has one pair of the shoes of Minna Parikka. I tried them on and fell in love. I can't ever afford these beauties, though I feel happy for every person who I see wearing Minna Parikka shoes, because I know how comfortable they are. And so feminine. Perfect.

Also she has very pretty leather gloves. Then there are bags and some clothing.

You can visit at Minna Parikka store online HERE

Minna Parikka store in Helsinki:

Bulevardi 24

Ivana Helsinki

I think Ivana Helsinki is a great mixture of finnish "country dresses" and feminine styles. Some of the dresses are super cute, but not that cute they would make you feel sick. The dresses stay in the same line that Ivana Helsinki is known for. The patterns, the colors, the shapes, oh you just gotta love them all. Also the dresses are going well with different body shapes, so wearing them doesn't require skinny body.

You have to get one of Ivana Helsinki's dress!

Ivana Helsinki shop in Helsinki

Uudenmaankatu 15

Shoes from 2008. I want them!

Ivana Helsinki has designed a dress to Topshop

92nd issue: Arguing with a Finn

Oh no, don't ever do this. Try to avoid arguing with a Finn as long as you can. Why?

As I have told, many Finns have problems with their self. They are emotionally reserved, so thinking about this kind of people psychology - they have lot's of things going inside their head which they haven't been able to express.

What I see often happening, is that people who are emotionally reserved just explode when they end up in any kind of argument. Or, sometimes this kind of people have so much things going inside their head, that they search someone to argue with. They do this by searching mistakes, and when they find a mistake from someone else (and this mistake might not be even a mistake actually, it is just other persons experience or point of view) they start arguing.

Then you are dealing with a devil. This kind of people won't let you go, they will follow you and keep on pushing you down until they stand on you. You might want to change the subject, but they will say to you "ha, so you are admitting that you are wrong" or "don't change the subject". They will continue it until you say "ok, you are right". Then they will smile and feel satisfied, because from their point of view you lost and they are better than you.

My tip is: say to that person "ok, you are right", walk away and never see this person again. If it was your friend, now he/she can be your ex friend. Do you need a person next to you who is pushing you down? Do you think she/he will do this only once? No, this will get worse, because now they have hold on you...

I have never met this kind of people in any other country than Finland. Or maybe in some other country this kind of people are in mental hospitals.... Here they are in the wild, so be aware!

I know people who never argue and they are the nearest people to me. Anyone who argues with me, gives me negative vibes. I can argue, and when I argue it's LOUD. And I don't like arguing, because it's disrespectful. I have to thank my best friends, Sarah and Laura for never arguing with me and I havent argued with them. Some people say arguing brings you closer to each other, I think this is bullshit, because arguing with someone teaches you how to control the other person. You want that other person to change, because of your needs. Disgusting.

91st issue: Trendy sayings in Helsinki

I can't say if these have born originally in Helsinki or Finland, but people use these. Mostly common with teenagers, but you can brake the edge by saying these in some situations:

"A hippy is a hippy for a hippy" ("hippi on hipille hippi")

- Said when someone says someone else is a hippy, for e.g. someone who orders vegetarian food...

"Your father was" or "Your mother was" ("faijas oli", mutsis oli")

- Said when you are criticizing someone personally

"Your father was your mother when they made you" or "Your father was your mother" ("faijas oli mutsis kun suo teki", "faijas oli mutsis")

- Used for same reason as above

"Your mother" or "your dad" ("mutsiis", "faijaas")

- We just like to mix our parents in everything...

"Show your boobies" ("näytä tissit")

- This is good way to zero a conversation

Also what I do is that I mix sayings, making them ironic: "The hours down, salaries up!", I say "salaries down, hours up!"

90th issue: Suburbs in Helsinki, part 1. : Malmi

If you want to experience "the other" Helsinki, the one that isn't all about looking good and smelling nice, then you should take the train and travel to Malmi. It's only 15 minutes away from the central and a culture shock compared to the central.

First the train journey will be interesting, especially if you go there friday evening: the train is full of people going to Järvenpää and Kerava, which are known for drug using teenagers, teenager mothers, alcoholists...etc. Also the train journey is interesting experience, because there you can see even people fighting against each other - at least by words. Ok, you won't be able to understand what they are saying, but you'll understand that these people are not acting as the way you might be used to see Finns acting like. Passion, anger, swearwords... the train journey to Malmi!

Malmi train station is linked to two different shopping malls, both having huge supermarkets in them, like a bit USA style supermarkets, where you can buy everything from underwear to frozen kebab meat. Also there's cheaper food market, Lidl. When you arrive the station there's a stand selling veggies. Also there was organic food market&cafe but as you can guess it didn't succeed in Malmi where people rather buy food for eating, not that interested about nutritious levels.

To stereotype people in Malmi, there are lots of around 50 year old men who wear windbreakers and are angry to the society. Also there are those teenager mothers, and other kind of families... Actually I was one of the supermarkets with my mother and there was a girl with strollers. There was a line and it was her turn, but because she couldn't move fast enough, this man (who was wearing windbreakers) just walked over her to pay his one packet of sausages. Because I am faster, I can just go first. The rules of the jungle...

Also from my point of view people in Malmi buy more convenience food then people in the central Helsinki.

Malmi is worth of seeing, because it represent certain Helsinki - the one that started to grow and there were lot's of block of flats built fast to get more homes for people. Thinking about the time to visit Malmi is very flexible: different time of the day different people are around, I heard from my cousin that there is a big line of people waiting for the liquor store to open in the morning (Alko opens at 10am), and mid-days there are lot's of young mothers with trollers and in the night time you can end up in a fight easy, just for no reason... So, choose your timing right...

On the way to Malmi, in the train.

Arriving Malmi station.

Just a view

Thai restaurant in the station

Lot's of people hnag around at the shopping malls usually

Cheaper food market - Lidl
Cheaper Pub/Pizzeria at the station

The station from drunks point of view

The area is just so rough... not very welcoming

A broken bottle of strong Finnish alcohol - Leijona - at the station

Vote for man?

The station area is not very warm

Stand selling veggies


How to get to Malmi?
Trains I, K, N and T.
Also busses run, but train is much faster.

Tragedy in Malmi?

Yes, in 2004 from Malmi's recycle pallet someone found a 34-year old females HEAD. Rest of the body parts were found from Kerava landfill and from different bushes near Route no. 1. Malmi is full of surprises!

HFUT is rising again!