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68th issue: My life as a student in Finland

Finland is knows for it's free education - aren't we lucky, huh?

On top of the free education, we get student money, which is for university and polytechnic students 499€/month (minus taxes). I get 470€. On top of this student's can earn around 660€/month (minus taxes). My taxes are around 7%, which allows me to earn around 13 600€/year. (our EX Prime minister, Matti Vanhanen, earned 13 000 € / A MONTH!)

I live with 1000€/ a month. It minuses my rent 640€+bills 75€+credit card 100€/month. After this all the money goes down from my throat as liquid and food. Also I don't eat non-fairtrade and I want to eat as well organic as much as I can. Living like this is expensive, but I refuse to become un healthy eater because I don't have money, rather I eat high nutritious food, which I don't need to eat that much, than lot's of cheaper poisoned GM food.

But this is how I live. I know I pay way too much for my rent as a student, but I think it can't be reason to give up all that I have managed to built before I started studying. Some of the students move to cheaper student apartments, which are located mostly around 15-20km away from the central Helsinki. Now I live 2 km away from the central. Some of the student apartments are in Pasila, which is just one stop from the central by train. But most of the apartments are communes. Also some people get share apartments with a friend, which is good idea because this way you split all the bills. But I still don't want to give up my own 30m2. I need space for my thoughts.

So I pay. I loose weight and pay rather high rent than give up my life.

(I have lost 6 kg in one year for just eating lighter and less to save money)

There is only one problem: because I get slightly stressed about money and this is when my creativity suffers. When I'm stressed, I get super depressed. That's a rhyme! But maybe this also feeds my future, because I start respecting things I wouldn't if I had money all the time. Also it would be unfair if we Finnish people would get: free education+nice apartments+healthy food and happiness at the same time. Somethings you can't just get...

Friday, 25 March 2011

67th issue: Finland vs Finland..vs Finland

Finland is separating for three different groups: The True Finns, Anti-True Finns and people against anti-True Finns (but who are not True Finns fans either).

First True Finns came up with their racist comments, then Anti-True Finns came against them and after Anti-True Finns were against True Finns, started people say that Anti-True Finns are being racist because they are against racism.

When I was bullied at school, the teachers were just telling me "not to do anything", and I was trying not to do anything, but the whole bullying went insane after this. Then I went to the school boss and this is when really things started to happen. So from my life experience it is always better to act, than sit your thumb in the ass quietly.

You know politics is business. Politicians earn lot's of money. They always try to find a human group that is kind of "sleeping". People mean money.

And this is what Finnish politician Osmo Soininvaara did: he found a group that has been quiet, maybe saying something small things about nuke energy, a bit keeping the side for gays... But at the same time these people are mostly "sleeping". They are not doing anything. They say things they would like to be different, but they don't act!

Now they woke up, they were against The True Finns, but they didn't dare to say anything because they were scared to look like narrow minded people. When other people started to be against The True Finns, did these people who were "sleeping" become angry, because some other people said what they didn't ever dare.

So, Osmo Soininvaara found these people and wrote a blog about "are sophisticated people reacting to True Finns intolerance". And after this he will be collecting the peoples who were "sleeping" votes. I think this is good, because Soininvaara is from The Greens.

ps. As you can guess I am Anti-true Finn

66th issue: Demonstrations in Helsinki

I think from early to mid-2000's there were lot's of demonstrations in Helsinki. Maybe there are still many organized, but with a smaller scale and I don't go to them anymore. Some people may say "maybe you have grown up, and that's the reason you don't go anymore" (this is very Finnish way of zeroing everything). I still think it is just my lazyness I don't join demonstrations anymore.

SMASH ASEM-demonstration was probably the craziest demonstration I've been involved in Finland. All the demonstrators were surrounded by riot polices for several hours in the cold central Helsinki. They didn't allow us to leave the area, not even to restroom. They were just waiting that people would do some huge act, but hey, this is Finland. People act very calm always (except when they are drunk).

I took this photo in ASEM-demonstration. It tells a lot.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

65th issue: Ordering a beer

In especially Helsinki you don't need words for ordering a beer. You can only show like this:

This means one beer in Finland.

If you want three beers you show three and so on. Also you can show that you want big beer by taking your hands apart from each other.

Then you give the money and walk away, or if you have a bank card you show that you are going to pay wit ha card, press your pin code and walk away. You can also show "no" with your hand if you don't want the receipt. If you want receipt you can pass your hand towards the bartender or just show "yes" putting your thumb up. If you want to thank, you can just bend your head a bit down and up.

Imagine, this is how people really do. I don't say this is very polite, but it's how you can survive through a social situation without saying a word.

64th issue: Generalizing

In Finland you shouldn't generalize, because if you do people will come against you personally. Especially if they don't agree you they will tell that you are "childish" or that you are "narrow minded". This is just because they always think their opinion is the only one that is right and when you are generalizing sure you are saying your opinion quite straight.

"Everything is not that black and white", means from my point of view "my opinion is better than yours". Finnish people use this a lot, because they want to control your opinions. But truly I think they say this, because they don't except your opinion. Who's being narrow minded?

This is probably same in many country, but what I have experienced is that in other countries people try to bring some other perspectives to my head instead of starting to give me names.

But at the same time this is so funny, because in Finland people talk lot's of crap behind each other. So what I mean is that when someone says something with a loud voice - it's wrong. But talking crap behind is ok.

Double standard...

63rd issue: Racism in Finland

After all the negative news about immigrants in Finland, after True Finns getting their voice loud out the result has come:

March 24th, 2011 place which helps immigrants to settle down and gives them place to sleep and eat has got it's share: some racist idiot went and set a fire there! The place gives place for 200 people.

I want you to watch the video in THIS WEB PAGE to know why I think the fire was set for a racist reason!


I'm going to leave this nazi country!

And I hope the world end comes in 2012!

ps. this is not yet the exact truth, it's only my opinion until police says that the fire was set for a reason by some person.  But you might understand why I take it so serious - because racism against immigrants has grown to horrible numbers...

62nd issue: How to get an excuse in FInland?

If you say :

  • "I am tired", people will advice you to drink coffee.
  • "I have homework from school", people will tell that you are boring and can do them tomorrow.
  • "I wan't to watch TV", people will tell you again that you are boring and they will mention that it's not trendy to have TV plus they will say you can watch it from the internet later...
  • "I'm going to meet my parents", they will tell you to come after that.
  • "I don't have money", they will borrow you money.
  • "I don't know what to wear", they will say "but that your black dress was nice"
  • "I don't really want to go", they will say that it's going to be fun and relaxing to go if you don't want to, like surprising fun...
  • "I have headache", you will hear "take some medicine".
  • "I have taken medicine already", they will say "I have stronger ones at my place, I can bring it to you".
  • "I don't want to drink", you will hear "you can drink soft drinks".

I know these examples sound a bit maniac, but this is what I have been going through. Some people here just don't understand when you want to focus on your own stuff... Some people in Finland don't know how to be alone and they do anything to avoid being alone...

I mean people are a bit brutal here, if they want to see you (=they don't want to be alone) they won't allow you to focus on what you really want. Sometimes I have found myself saying "ok", though I didn't want to go and meet someone, and then I've been tired and angry and I don't want to be like that in front of people. So this is when I really want to stay at home but people are talking me over to go out. The one I use often is "I am depressed", it just works the best, because depression is serious issue here and in Finland everyone knows what is depression...

So remember: every time you don't want to catch up with a Finnish person tell that you are depressed!

61st issue: How does people in Helsinki look like?

There's a web site about street fashion in Helsinki, called Hel looks. Some people think the page is "super hipster and people are stupid because they dress up like that" or that "the people want just attention by dressing up like that", but my opinion is: SO WHAT!

I think it's good that people dress up differently and use their imagination. Helsinki doesn't have that many clothing stores, the main brands are H&M (Swedish), Zara (Spanish), Lindex (Swedish), Seppälä (Finnish).. I mean if you don't want to pay your whole salary for a t-shirt. But at the same time if you buy stuff from these mentioned clothing stores, it won't be surprising if in the party there are 4 girls wearing the same dress.....

And that's my worst fear....

Many of the people in Hel-Looks are dressing up cheap, but still differently. And this is what I like. Dressing up cheap doesn't mean H&M always. Some people may think these people look trashy - but that's then the main hipster ideology, to look trashy but neat. Most people in this web page mix recycled clothes with expensive - but this is much better than wear H&M from head to toes! This is even more nature friendly: buying recycled stuff and just one pair of expensive & good quality jeans than 5 pairs of H&M jeans which you have to wash after one use because they stretch.

Check Hel Looks out HERE

60th issue: When to travel to Helsinki : SUMMER! part 1

When is summer?

When the schools end just beginning of June - it means summer starts. This is just rule, because if the schools wouldn't end - summer wouldn't start. We grow up going to school 9 months a year from mid-August to end of May/beginning of June, so that 3 months is something we wait for. We go to school 9-12(-16+) years from our life, so it's pretty logical that we embrace the idea of summer starting when schools end.

So, when we graduate from school there's no 3 months holiday during the summer, but at this time we are so used to think that "now's the summer, because schools end". A little bit complicated, but this way you'll know that it's summer also, because sometimes Finland's summer isn't warm at all and it's difficult to even call it "summer". So the "school rule" makes it summer, even though it's not summer in the terms of temperature.

Summer is: June, July and August. 

How do I know will it be warm: The frog man

We have lot's of funny people in Finland too. I think funny people are very welcome to this country, where so many people are insane (= too serious).  There's the Frogman, who always appears and says something about the weather and it usually happens. The Frog man - as you can guess - is forecasting the weather from frogs.

But the truth...

You can never say what's the weather going to be during the summer. I remember we have had fantastic summers, and we have had rain 24/7 for the whole summer. Everybody wishes good summer - of course - because after summer starts darkness and winter again. So some way we need to get our batteries loaded. And if the summer is not good - huh - you are going to meet many, many angry Finns. Just like the game Angry Birds - we are angry Finns. And lot's of suicides. There won't be enough space in Hietaniemi cemetery anymore for future generations.

So we Finns are serious about warm summer. We really need it, because it's definitely ruling our mood and mental health.

Summer in 2010

Last summer was something we are not used to in Finland: it was hot and humid. It started straight away on June and last until end of August, just as it should. But it was just too hot all the time - it actually remind me of Japan in June when it's the rainy season when the air gets just too muggy. I was thinking all the time that this can't stay like this, it must just come down in some way, and then we got it - the crazy storm that many of us have never even seen. I was thinking now it's the world end...And so were many others...

The following video is from Hietaniemi beach (just next to the Hietaniemi cemetery), see how people are going insane...

So, what I mean is that Finland's summer like christmas present (or like a pig in a bag as we would say) - you never know what's it's going to be. You just have to take risk. But I can promise the nature will be pretty how ever the weather is going to be, so that's for sure.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

59th issue: Helsinki street slang vol 1.


When traveling: 

Dösä - Bussi - A Bus
Dösäri - bussipysäkki - Bus stop
Spora - Raitiovaunu - A tram
Tsygä - Pyörä - bicycle
Känny, luuri - Kännykkä - Mobiletelephone

Onks tää oikee dösä? - Is this the right bus (orig. Onko tämä oikea bussi?)

In a restaurant:

Kiitti - Kiitos - Thank You
Bisse, biisoni, bisanderi, keppana - Kalja/Olut - beer
Safka -  Ruoka - Food
Sidu - Siideri - A cider
GT - Gin Tonikki - Gin Tonic
Sumppi - Kahvi - Coffee 
Messii - Mukaan - To go

Otetaanko kahvit? (orig.) - Otetaaks sumpit? (slang) - Should we have a coffee? 
Otetaanko kahvit mukaan? (orig) - Otetaaks sumpit messii? - Should we take coffees to go?

At gig:

Musa - Musiikki - Music
Soundi - Äänimaailma - The Sound (world)
Siistii - Hienoa - Cooool/nice
Magee - Hieno - Cool (one)
Diggaan - Tykkään - I'm liking it
Nihkeet - Ankeaa, Ei hyvä - Not so good

Musiikki oli ankeaa (orig.) - Musa oli nihkeet (slang) - The music wasn't good
Äänimaailma oli hieno - Soundi oli magee (slang) - The sound was cool/nice

When talking to someone: 

E - En - No (when talking about yourself)
- Sinä - You
Tyypit - Te/Henkilöt - You guys, those other people
(Mikä) Pössis - (Mikä) Meininki - (How is it) going?
Kelaa - Mieti - Think
Tsiigaa - Katso . Look
Bylsii - Harrastaa seksiä - Have sex
Pygee - Pystyä - Can't
Meikä, meitsi - Minä - I
Daiju - Tyhmä - Dork
Idari - Idiootti - Idiot
Sori, tsorge - Anteeksi - I'm Sorry

Anteeksi, mutta tuo oli idioottimaisesti tehty (orig.) - Sori, mut toi oli idarimaisesti tehty (slang) - I'm sorry, but that was idioticly done.

Lähdetäänkö harrastamaan seksiä? (orig.) - Lähetääks bylsii? (slang) - Should we go and have sex?

Also shortening sentences:

A long word can be shortened also : lähdetäänkö (orig.) - lähetäänks (slang) - should we go, mennäänkö (orig.) - mennääks (slang) - should we go 2, oletko (orig.) - ooks (slang) - are you, lähdetkö (orig.) - läheks (slang) - would you go/come

     Original                                           Slang

Oletko varma                       - Ooks varma? (Are you sure?)
Mennäänkö bussilla?           - Mennääks dösäl? (Should we go by bus?)
En minä pysty.                     - Ei pygee ((I) can't)
Lähdetäänkö meille?           - Lähetääks mun luo? (Should we go to my place?)
Minulla on pissahätä!          - Mul o kusihätä! (I need to pee)
Sinä olet ruma!                    - Sä oot ruma! (You are ugly)
Olet mukava nainen!           - Oot ihan kliffa mimmi! (You are a nice girl)
Tuletko mukaan?                - Tuuks messiin/megeen? (Do you want to come?)


- Minä pystyn katsoa mikä bussi se on (orig.) - Meikä pygee tsiigaa mikä dösä se on (slang) - I can look which bus it is

- Yksi iso olut ja siideri jäillä, kiitos (orig.) - (Yks) iso bisse ja sidu jäil, kiitti (slang) - One beer and a cider without ice, please.

58th issue: This is what Finland talks about

At this moment Finland has split in four human groups in political issues:

1. Gay people

Problem: Some of the narrow minded people say that the child won't grow up well if there's only 2 fathers or 2 mothers. Also they are saying the child will be bullied at school. 

My opinion: The child of two gay won't be bullied, if other children's mothers and fathers don't teach their child to be narrow minded. Instead they can teach their child to be sophisticated and except people from different background. I was bullied at school and I had a mother and a father, I came from a very happy family, but still there was something wrong about me from the people who bullied me point of view. 

I also think that gay people in Finland are much more sophisticated, because they travel and are open for new things. They know how to enjoy life, because they are comfortable with their self! And so they would teach their children to be the same - to be comfortable and truly them self. Maybe their children would even avoid depression which many face because they are not allowed to be what they really are - and I m not only talking about being a homosexual, I m talking about anything: a person with a loud voice, a skinny person, a fat person, black/yellow/white person.....

Who are against gay people in Finland?
Christian party and True Finns.

2. Super Christians 

Problem: There has been lot's of issues jumping up between super christians and rest of Finland. Especially one politician from the Christian Democrats, Päivi Räsänen, came up with her gay against opinions, such as 

(I just translated it straight away with Google translator, so some mistakes may appear. But you will get the point...)

"Yes, I think that here, if anywhere in the Bible is very clear about homosexuals. I do not understand how it can actually be interpreted otherwise, because marriage is made so clearly between a man and a woman. The homosexual behavior is clearly in the New Testament seen as contrary to the will of God and it's sin. And I myself think that it's fair that homosexuals get from the church to hear the Bible's true law - God's law, which concerns us all sexual area of ​​life, for it is intended that we understand that we are sinners and that we need grace."

"I think a mistake has been made in society, when we have accepted the internal adoption, which means that a child can have at the same time two legal mothers or two legal fathers. It shuts off at the same time, for example women's pairs, the family that this child will never be able to get their father. And yes it is deep in the father's need for human beings. It may not appear immediately, even if just the firstfew decades. But there is a harrowing time, when the 80-year-olds human beings willcry, the father's lack of it, and yet at that stage I would like to know who is my father."

(Txt borrowed from HERE)

The result was many people left church. In Finland if you belong to the church you pay church tax etc. There's a web page where you can leave church just by one click. And after Räisänen came up with her gay racist -opinions in 2010, did 83 097 people left the church during the whole year! E.g in 2000 only 13 600 left the church. And after Räisänen dropped the bomb on television straight away 20 000 people left the church. 

My opinion: I have never belonged to the church, because I was born atheist. But from my point of view should church be open for everyone and support everyone, no matter if they are gay.

3. Immigrants

Problem: True Finns think that Finland is supporting too much immigrants, that our tax money are just flying away, when they should be used for elderly people.

My opinion: I just think everything True Finns say, is rubbish and coming out from narrow minded people's mouth. These people have traveled only to Mallorca and Tenerife and there they speak Finnish in very loud voice and eat only Finnish food. These people don't know anything about other cultures and think our culture in Finland is the only and real and original one. Though all the Finnish people are mixed race anyway. 

Also True Finns don't remember that Finnish people were immigrants also one time:  After the Winter War 400 000 Finnish lost their homes and ended up as immigrants.  Between 1939-1945 Finland sent immigrant children to Sweden, Denmark and Norway, this included 80 000 children. 

How many & where? Sweden around 72 000, Denmark 4 200 and to Norway around one hundred child and mother. 15 500 never returned Finland. 

PS. I have written about True Finns HERE and HERE and about nationalism HERE. Also I was Shocked after seeing this: Click here to see the video. If this is not feeding racism, what is?

True Finns

Maybe I have sair everything about these people...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

57th issue: legs wide open: What to do if you end up at his place...

I' m known from my men problems. I always cry to everyone “Boohoo, he dumped me without no reason”. What do I hear from my male friends, from almost everyone, and almost always is: “Esin, you go to bed with them too fast

W H A T ? !

Yes. Finnish guys are emotional (as you might have understoon from my ”How to hit a Finnish Guy"-issue). But if I can tell my point of view as a Finnish female: I don’t care about hugging and showing that I care and I'm not going to think straight away you are going to marry me. And either do many of my female friends. The time is now and we have to live for the moment. And if you guys are not having a relationship – yet – why to behave like a couple? Time shows anyway if you too are ment to be. But no, Finnish guys want to cuddle and tickle and hihihi.. STOP, THAT'S DISGUSTING!

Let's be mature.

But Finnish guys say: ”We lose interest on you, if you have sex with us straight away”, excuse me, but why in Finland men have right to choose how long this "thing" between two people lasts? What if we female lose interest on you guys - then you start calling us in the middle of the night. Plus, I haven’t yet met any guy who has been amazing in the bed during the first time. Once I was sending a txt message because it was so boooriiing. But still I wanted to see this guy many times, because I wanted to give him a chance! 

But in Finland we have this thing called: keep your legs closed and you'll get married.

I don’t want to sound like a feminist, but Finnish guys are far too sensitive and they have to work it out in some way!

So, my tip for you: Keep your legs closed and go to the church every Sunday. This way you'll find your dream Finnish guy.

56th issue: Low budged day in Helsinki vol 3.

Did you run out of cosmetics and won't bother to buy a big tube of face lotion? No worries! Just go to Stockmann...

Stockmann is a higher class department store located in central Helsinki. They sell lot's of luxury and design brands. It's kind of a cheaper version of Harrods if you want to think it like that. Everything in Stockmann is just a little bit expensive but the service is just excellent. So you pay fro the service in a way, but let me tell you why:

When you go to the department stores first floor, where all the brand cosmetics are, such as Clinique, Biotherm, Mac etc. you just walk there a bit and look at something, then seller comes and recommends you something. It's always a bit risky to buy any expensive cosmetic without trying, right? So quite fast the seller suggests you to take some of the product with you as a tester.

How good service is this? And how good it is for you because you don't have to buy a big tube of the product to carry with you on your travels, instead they give for you for FREE tester which is enough for 1-2 weeks.

Put this tip behind your ear!

Where is Stockmann?
Aleksanterinkatu 52 - so it's just central Helsinki.

Aleksanterinkatu is the shopping district.

Monday, 21 March 2011

54th issue: Finnish convenience food

Some people just refuse believing how unhealthy convenience food is. Still you see people just buying different industrial food, instead of buying veggies or real meat. They live with this crap, and I don't know how they manage! We have a couple of brands that are very popular: Atria, Pirkka, Rainbow, Saarioinen and HKSaarioinen is actually advertising itself as "food made by mothers", I'm sorry, but my mother doesn't add E450, E412, E202/E211 into my food.

Atria, Saarioinen and HK are mostly based in Finnish ingredients, when Rainbow, Pirkka and Lidl products are usually mixture of different countries stuff. So they have bigger "coal footstep". Actually a Finnish documentary director is making a documentary about one of Lidl's products how all the ingredients are flew from different countries - even continents!  

Large selection of industrial crap..I mean food. From supermarket in suburb in Northern Helsinki,  Malmi.

One very popular is lihis aka lihapiirakka - meat doughnut. It's made from white flour and in it is "meat" (leftovers meaning brains and cows titties) and rice with some spices. Then the whole bun is deep fried and there you go. Also some people buy this after coming from the bar sold in street kitchens.

Meat pie is sold like this in supermarkets. This package costs around 2,50€.
(pic from HERE)

Fancy having one? (pic from HERE)
Another very popular is lihapullat - meat balls. Often you can see homeless alcoholics eating these, but also elderly people do buy these because it's easy to prepare. Some people do buy these also to the park as a picnic food. Anyway, you can read from the package specification that industrial meatballs don't actually have actual meat in them, instead they have broiler skin, animal brains and lard. Also potato starch added. Sounds delicious? 

Price around 4€. (pic from HERE)

Then there's a classic - HooKoon sininen - HK blue. This is a very thick sausage, holy gosh. It also has two different "meat" in it, from pork and cow. The package specification says "43% of meat and 53% of something that can be compared to meat". Yummy, sounds deee-licious! How people eat this? When they have hangover they put on top of that lot's of cheese and to the owen, it's called uuni makkara - owen sausage.

One legendary convenience food is Saarioinen jauhelihapitsa aka roiskeläppä - "meat" pizza (nickname: roiskeläppä = spacker flap). This is with what many of us have grown up because it's a "good"(= read easy) snack. Some people perceive it as food and actually their daily diet consists from two Saarioinen meat pizza & 1,5 liter coke. As you look at the ingredients of this "food", you'll notice it doesn't actually have any nutritional value.

But still I propose you to taste one. You have to eat it cold, if you heat it up it's not the same. And people usually eat it cold because they are skateboarding and don't have microwave there. And in Finland supermarkets don't have public microwaves like in Japan they do. Oh, and I have to ad here too, that it doesn't have much real meat in it, mostly it consists brains and leftovers from animal. 

There are lot's of different kinds of industrial food sold in the markets' I just wanted to introduce you to the typical ones that have almost flag as national Finnish convenience food. There's one very hilarious one from Pirkka: frozen sushi. WTF?! This is the most disrespect towards Japanese food culture!

Seriously? Like seriously, seriously? (pic from HERE)

53rd issue: Best character ever: Åå

Because in Finland we have four official languages: Finnish, Swedish, Sami and Sign language. Swedish is used in all the road signs as well and all the Finns should be able to speak Swedish in some way because we learn it at school. 

You will come across with this character in Finland. It's used for Swedish words and pronounced as normal O. Finnish words don't have å, we use always O, that's because Swedes pronounce O as U in many cases, so they need this extra letter... 

Finnish Tarzan would yell :"OOOOOOLIOOLIOOOO", 

HFUT is rising again!