Saturday, 12 March 2011

34th issue: Sharing is caring

I'm usually afraid about meeting random people on the net. I still have kind of image in my head that there's real life, and then there's Internet. I kind of think that everybody on Internet are  killers or rapists.. eh.

Well, then there's this web-site which someone said is "communistic". We Finnish people like to judge, my whole blog is about judging and seeing everything black and white. I believe in black and white life. And everyone in Internet are rapists and killers..

Well, this mentioned web-site is meant for people who want to switch their skills with someone: one knows how to fix pants and other one knows how to fix a hole on roof. The one who fixes usually roofs has broken pants, and the other one who knows how to fix pants has a hole on her roof. What happens? They put their skills together and help each other.

But I m so super surprised that this actually works in Finland - or between Finnish people. But then I red in which area the whole organization works: Kumpula, Käpylä and Arabia. Those all - especially Kumpula -  are slightly hippy-ish places. Also now we hit the issue about judging again: hippies are communists and so on...

Sharing is caring and COMMUNISM!

Don't you just love the way of clicking the word "help" into communism. Why everything have to be so political based! Nothing can be a lifestyle and come purely from heart... no no no, it's communism!

Check it out HERE 
(Only in Finnish)

33th issue: Fashion is for fashion people

There are heaps of fashion blogs around. Some of them are famous - even world famous. Wowowoo! Internet is amazing place, it feels like fame is more reachable than ever.

Also in Finland we have loooot's of fashion blogs and some of the bloggers have became "famous". I was watching TV and I saw some girl talking there, but I didn't know who she is and what is she talking about, until I understood she is talking about her blog. Also soon I saw this girl in magazines. Just because of a blog her face was everywhere!

There are organized different kinds of parties for these "famous" fashion bloggers. They are also invited for different companies showrooms, because they advertise these companies after the visits on their blogs. I kinda of think these companies are using these bloggers: companies get more customers when the blogger shows some products on her/his blog and writes "this dress is awesome". Then the product is a hit.

Still I don't think this phenomena will stay for long - though fashion is always something that interests people. It might change it's appearance in the future. Or maybe the bloggers who are now on top are going to have a sparkling future for a while, but then they will realize that sharing your life with X amount of readers is slightly suspicious and will quit doing it. Also I wonder are they going to put on their CV's "I was writing for a really famous blog which had 10,000 readers".

...Actually after I wrote that, I started to think why the heck I'm even studying media when there are people who work in supermarkets as their daily job and on top of that they get free stuff from companies for showing on web what they are wearing today. Also some of the bloggers get free travels and VIP passes to e.g. fashion weeks held in different parts of the world.

Unfair. I have failed in my life.

I want free clothing, invites to vip parties and travels including five star hotels too!

ps. those hotels *must* have breakfast.

Dear Santa?

32nd issue: Good work Finnish mobile operators

Finnish mobile operators offer free calls for Finnish people in Japan to Finland. This is very rare, because nothings ever free in here. They make money with everything they can. Actually wouldn't have surprised if they would have doubled the prices, but no, they made it all free.


31st issue: YES NO YES NO YES

First they wanted to build one power plant more to Finland. We had two before that. Then the politicians talked and talked and talked about it the Green league say NO, the National Coalition Party say YES, others say yesnoyesnoyesno...yes. And yes, they decided to build one more. No, wait, instead they decided to built  TWO MORE!

Welcome to Finland the country of thousand lakes...

Yes, thousands of lakes. We actually argued once with my Swedish friend which country has more lakes: Finland or Sweden. I won.

I don't write this because nuke made a big danger in Japan, I'm writing this because Finnish politicians who voted for "yes" should really think does country like Finland need more nuke power, when we have other possibilities to make electricity.

Check out New Zealand, they are totally nuclear free country!

"A memorial listing the names of all parliamentarians who voted for the nuclear power reactors on 2010-07-01, seen near Töölönlahti, Helsinki."

Pic from HERE

Japan, you are in my thoughts.

Friday, 11 March 2011


Nightmare has become true.

All my support to people in Japan and everyone who has family/relatives/friends in Japan. I heard most of my friends are doing well, but very scared.

Brakes my heart to see this really happening...

Picture from my friends apartment in Shinagawa. He lives in the 32nd floor...glad he wasn't home when it all happened.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

30th issue: Jokes you shouldn't tell Finnish people...

"Oh, you are from Finland, are you finished?"
- That joke is not funny at all.

"Oh, you are from Finland. I've heard you drink a lot"
- Yes we drink a lot and that's it. We know it.

"Oh, you are from Finland. I red you commit lot's of suicides"
- You think it's funny? I bet you'd commit a suicide too if you'd try to live in Finland instead of sunny California....

"Oh, you are from Finland! You must love vodka!"
- Vodka is Russian...

"Oh, you are from Finland. What do you think about Russia?"
- What do you think about Russia?

"Oh, you are from Finland. Do you have polar bears"
- Is this even a joke or is that person asking it seriously?

"Oh, you are from Finland. Are you part of EU?"
- This too sounds like a joke, but it's not...

"You can't be from Finland, you don't have a blonde hair!"
- Yeah.

29th issue: Die, die, die my darling: postmodern art

2012 Helsinki is the Design Capital of the World! Wohoo! *balloons and stuff*

This means lot's of our young designers get a chance to become famous, because lot's of foreign medias are going to surround Helsinki and hopefully tourism will rise high too... It would be good for our economy, which is going down after Nokia decided to build a huge factory in Vietnam.

But no worries, we don't need Nokia, we have super good designers who can create something that no one in the world can. Why is this? Because we - Finnish people - have different way of seeing life... (as you may have understood after reading some of my other issues...)

But there's a BUT....

Timo Soini, I hate you.
Elections are coming. Before the biggest parties were Social democrats, The National Coalition Party and Central party. Suddenly something happened... That guys face, who is staring you on the right, started to appear everywhere. He came up with his nationalist thoughts such as "less immigrants to Finland" and the latest "postmodern art is not art and we shouldn't support it". This guy, Timo Soini, is the leader bloke of TRUE FINNS-party. Imagine, there are Finnish people and then there are TRUE Finns. What does that make me as a half Finnish... A fake Finn? A joke Finn? Not Finn at all?

Well, anyway this party has been making heaps of amateur mistakes, but the more mistakes they make the more people vote them! Isn't it strange? In a way I understand why they get so much votes: no one's perfect, so people are feeling bad for them and giving their voices because of that?

Well the real problem is, that they are rising and actually touching the same level as social democrats are. This means that our next Prime Minister might be that troll nosed man who doesn't understand or respect postmodern art at all. Yep! What will happen when we are the Design Capital of the World? And I wonder are they gonna quit the University of Fine Arts, because it's the postmodern art student factory. This reminds me of Nazi Germany: Hitler quit Bauhaus school because the art of Bauhaus was too strong. And so is postmodern art..


Pic from HERE

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

28th issue: WELL DONE FINLAND!!!!

A Finnish art student has come second in an international FUR competition! She made a fucking ugly "dress" from mink.

It's not surprising that Finland succeed in such competition because there has been a huge issue about how they treat fur animals. You know, we produce loads of fur, but we don't know damn about animal rights. Or we know, but we rather ignore them, because we LOOOVE money.

There have been also issues about how bad they treat farm animals: some pigs have been castrated without using any painkillers, just cutting their balls off.  Was Finland known for it's high technology and good education?

If you want to see how Finnish people treat fur animals, just write on google : TURKISTARHAUS and you'll get lot's of nasty pictures. I don't want to put any here, because those pictures are not delightful at all.

Attitude of Finland : MONEY FIRST, MONEY SECOND, MONEY THIRD. Nothing else matters.

Monday, 7 March 2011

27th issue: Modern gothic scenery: Angelica Kult

Angelica Kult is a Helsinki based band which is highly influenced by the 80's gothic music scene. Their highest influence comes from bands like The Cure and Siouxie and the Banshees. They have got also slightly some influences from garage rock.

This band is one of a kind - there isn't any band who would make this kind of music. Mostly Finnish music scenery is based on indie, electronic, pop and metal.

Angelica Kult just got their new LP/cd out, so I recommend you to check it out!

Agelica Kult @ Myspace 

Purchase their tracks online

Sunday, 6 March 2011

26th issue: Marketing Finland for turism

Idea by Me.

25th issue: Chinatown in Helsinki?

No, we don't have a Chinatown! I bet we are the only country which don't have it. It's maybe because we don't basically have that many Chinese here. It's a pity, I like Asian people and I think we should have more of them here.

I have traveled to Asia many times for different reasons and I still admire the food culture in each Asian country separately. There are Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean restaurants, but what if you want to cook some of these countries cuisines at home?
Supermarket's have some stuff, like soy sauce, noodles, seaweed, wasabi, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, curry paste, coconut milk, but these are not the only things to prepare delicious Asian food. With these you can do limited stuff, but still some spices might miss and the taste will be just slightly Asian.

Go to Asian food markets to get all the ingredients for your cookings. Asian stuff in supermarkets are double, even triple the price of Asian markets! They are found from Hakaniemi, very close to each other.

Vii Voan hase a wide selection from indian spices to Japanese cuisine. Also fresh Thai basil leafs and other fresh vegetables available.

My recommendation:
Tempeh for 2.20€. I always buy many and put them in my freezer. Tempeh is not available always, so if there isn't any, ask the workers when they get more.

Hämeentie 3 (Hakaniemi)

How to get?
Metro/tram to Hakaniemi

More info HERE

Oriental supermarket I used to call this shop the Taiwanese shop. I don't remember why, maybe because the workers were so super nice and kind - like Taiwanese people are! Then I figured out they are Chinese. Very nice Chinese! Their selection is mostly based on Chinese, Korean and Japanese food products.

My recommendation:
Big pack of organic seaweed for sushi rolls around 5€, miso paste cheaper than in Vii Voan, pack of goji berries around 2€

Oriental supermarket
Sörnäisten rantatie

How to get?
Metro/tram to Hakaniemi. Take the Hakaniemi tori exit.

24th issue: Stupid celebrities: Maria Veitola

Maria Veitola is "famous" Finnish tv and radio presenter.

Veirola has her own talk show called Maria! coming on channel four every Wednesday 9pm. The whole idea is to kind of "tease" other celebrities live. Unfortunately thes person (Veitola) is not managing very well. She tries too hard and ends up just sounding and looking very FAKE.

So, she tries to be provocative to all the other celebrities, like asking our Prime minister Matti Vanhanen if he could have a relationship with a muslim woman. She asked this question after Matti Vanhanen was selected to be the main speaker at Muslim culture festival.

 I understand Maria asked this question from Vanhanen, because he has been changing girlfriends quite often. But I would say Veitola made herself look like very unsophisticated and simple person.

Where do these rubbish tv-presenters come from?

After she asked: "Do you wish you children would have wonderful muslim girlfriends"




23rd issue: Free Wifi covers Helsinki

Iphones, androids, ipods, ipads, laptops...
email, facebook, twitter, news, youtube....

The World we live in has become virtual. Then you go to a new country and all the WiFi's are only working with prepaid cards or hard to find or locked... But hey, we don't have this problem in Helsinki! We have free WiFi almost everywhere: in the parks, in coffee shops, in trams! Also soon trains and busses will get free WiFi. Aren't we some high in technology, huh?

I don't even pay for Internet at my home, because the library Wifi covers my area. This is like saving 24€/a month. With 24€ I eat for 4 days! 

Choose hkl_open

And there you go!

22nd issue: Public music quizes

Wizard of Loose

In Finnish, but you can ask them to ask the questions in English. It will be more fun.

Almost every sunday at 7pm ->

Bar Loose
Annankatu 21 (Central)

How much?

More info HERE

Ravintola Kustaa Vaasan Musavisa

Finnish, same as in Loose, you can ask the questions in English.

Every Wednesday 8pm->

Vaasankatu 10 (Kallio)

How much?
Prince,Purple Rain - Purple Vinyl/Gold Promo Stamp,USA,Promo,Deleted,12

HFUT is rising again!