Thursday, 24 November 2011

A busy bee is a busy bee, but..

I strated my blog after I erased my Facebook account and wanted to do something else. That time I was thinking that there arent that much blogs about urban Helsinki. Now there are heaps, but those time there werent that many around.

I started to write about Helsinki in every way, but the main point was to keep it simple and the perspective of an urban citizen of Helsinki.

I got many emails from people, who wanted to know more about things, and I tried to answer as many of them I could. Sometimes I had to think a little bit of the questions and I'm a kind of person that when I start to think, there's no end. So that's the reason I couldn't answer some of the e-mails.

Now, some of the people have noticed that I'm going to be on television. There's starting Finnish version of Israeli tv format called Connected. In Finland it's name is "Iholla" and it includes six women who are given cameras for nearly six months and they are filming their life for that period. I'm one of the women and I've been filming my life now for around 4 months...

Here's the link for the tv show. There hasn't been much around yet, because it was newly introduced, but as March comes, it will be more and more around...

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