Wednesday, 21 September 2011

373rd issue: "Helsinki is homogenic"

Every now and then I hear people saying Helsinki is homogenic. I believed so before aswell.

I believed that if you know certain people, you'll only manage to become something. I was getting pissed off because of this learnt fact. Then I understood: if I just be myself, a real person, keep on expressing myself the way I want, I will reach what I want.

Some people are wondering that there are only one group of, well, let's say photographers. And if you hang only with these photographers, you'll become famous. No, it's not like that. If you really know who you are, you have your own style on photographing and especially if you are innovative, you'll be found by the people sooner or later. I bet this is the same in every city. You'll need to see some effort and especially you'll need to trust yourself.

By trusting yourself I don't mean you'll have to be head up in the clouds... realistic.

Eevrything new and fresh is always welcome, though people are slightly more suspicious here in Finland than in other countries. Therefore you'll have to find the way what will be the hook for people. Usually in my case I don't see what's my hook, it's ofthen something else than I though, but at least people seem to find it.

So my tip is only to trust yourself. Close your eyes from "what's in at the moment". Usually the things that are "in" are in for a while then again something new comes. And you can be the one who creates this new, just t r u s t y o u r s e l f. Plus remember to be realistic.

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