Thursday, 15 September 2011

370th issue: I heart Finnish people

I had to travel to my fathers country to realize this fact again: I LOVE FINNISH PEOPLE. Why's that? First of all even if many of Finnish people are shy and anti-social, at the same time they give you space. They give space for you to think and breathe. People say that it's not nice that people don't talk to each other in the bus, but I think it's pretty good thing. When I'm in the bus/train/etc. I like to watch what happens outside, I like to enjoy that I'm alone and think deep.

Here, in Turkey, there's not such space given. Elderly people complain here all the time to youger people, you have to keep all of your sences open all the time or you'll be hit by a car, if there's a cue - it's not cue, it's a bunch of people trying to get in at the same time. Also everything is a number here, people are ready for a fight all the time.

Too, I love how most of Finnish people re trustworth and they don't hide things. They are sometimes just too shy to talk about things, but they don't make up things (sure there are this kind of people too, but not as much as here). I love how you can trust Finnish people. Here you make up things to make others believe that your life is good and perfect. In Finland people say: "My life is miserable and I have no problems by saying it out loud".

I miss Finland, I miss Helsinki. I miss shy people.

If you like to have emotional space, travel to Finland. There you'll have as much time lone as you prefer. No one requires you to talk a word if you don't want.

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