Thursday, 15 September 2011

369th issue: three counts zero

 I had  a super interesting problem few weeks ago: I had THREE men that I liked much. Each one of them had lot's of good sides, but also negative sides were there. I was hoping to mix these three men good sides and put them in one person. Then I realized I can't built a perfect man like this.

What were the good sides of these men? Well, first one had A PERFECT SKIN. Yeah, his skin was softer than a baby sheep. He also had a thoughtful and caring personality. Second one was fun, outgoing, social and handsome. Third one had magic in his touch. I felt something inside me everytime he touched me. Before I thought it was love, later I undersood that we had some kind of cosmic connection (:D) Also he had supergood music taste.

I bet I sound now like a narrow minded person, but I want to say that I didn't mention MONEY even once! 

Even there were such a nice sides, but what is normal is also that then suddenly the negative sides jump up and all those fun sides start to fade. Reality hits. All of us have negative sides, sure, but there are things that matter, such as : I didn't see future with none of these guys.

I believe there are men that have all these good sides that these three men had in total.

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