Sunday, 11 September 2011

367th issue: Kallio is THE place

I was just reading news about a strange object that some people had built to support WTC stickes. There was a box which six bicycles would move through the streets of Kallio.

In the news they write about  people, who were sitting in the bars terraces. They stood up (which they only make when they go to get a beer) and strated to point and clap hands for that odd moving object.

Here we se again: Kallio is THE place. If this kind of odd object would have traveled through Punavuori, Ullanlinna, Töölö (Especially Töölö), Kruunuhaka, people would have only staired it or play that they didn't even notice it.

People n Kallio are more relaxed and not so serious. And that's why I love, love, love Kallio! Let's keep it that way!

Here you can see a picture of that object.

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