Tuesday, 6 September 2011

366th issue: Loft houses in Helsinki?

Yesterday I was daydreaming about buying an apartment one day. Even if I wouldn't stay in Finland forever, it would be nice to own apartment in here...

First I was looking at around 40 sq meter apartments from Punavuori. They were nice, but there was on problem: all of them were so dark! No proper windows. I need HUGE windows, I need to have a nice view from my window. Windows are like paintings, but even better, because here the scenery changes four times a year because of the seasons.

Pretty fast I realized it's a loft apartment that I want. Nothing else matches my dreams - it must be loft.

Happily I noticed there are pretty good mount of loft apartments in Helsinki. Some of them are already on sale, some of them just about to come on sale. For me again it's important to live in the central, so that rises up the prices.  But there were new loft apartment areas in Arabianranta and Tali (both about 20 min away from central Helsinki by bus). Also there are new loft apartments pretty near Kallio, in Alppila

Then I found this new place from Hernesaari (just next to Punavuori), which matched all my dreams (and as we're talking about dreams, the price doesn't matter. If it was real I wouldn't even be writing this post... ;)). It's in this building:

The apartments are not ready now, but are on sale. The one I would like to buy is  They have also sauna's in them (well, I'm not that sauna person, but it's a nice bonus, eh?). One example from the apartment I would like have: 56,5 m², 2h+kk+s, 348 900,00 €. 

Why wasn't I born a golden spoon in my ass?

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