Monday, 5 September 2011

364th issue: A place that will be destroyed...

Recently there has been lot's of happenings in one special place: Kalasataman Konttiaukio (Engl. Kalasatama container square(?))

There has been gigs, clubs, exhibitions, open air cinema... etc. There are seven differents containers, which each include different kind of things inside them.

I found a very good picture of these containers from I put it here to because it's only in Finnish...

1. Free container, 2. Storage container, 3. Conference container, 4. Bermuda container, 5. Unknown gallery container, 6. Container of University of Fine Arts (Aalto University), 7. Picture container.
 So, this whole container square is basically an art blast! Even if it's almost end of the summer, there are still happenings organized. Check out events here.

Next year? Oh well, this area is not going to stay like this. Huge amount of block of flat's will be built in this area, meaning soon container square will be history. From my point of view Helsinki needs this kind of places, where art, music and culture meets. It's a very good representation for high culture. We don't need no Music Centre, which cost something like 120 000 000 €, we just need space and containers!

More info about Kalasatama container square here.
More about Kalasatama's future can be found here.

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