Saturday, 3 September 2011

359th issue: Dance yourself clean

Yesterday I was at Llamas bar in Iso Roba (Punavuori). There I saw my friend Nini who is one of the ballerinas from group Wannabe Ballerinas.

Where did these ballerinas come from then? Suddenly Wannabe Ballerinas were everywhere, people love them. I haven't - yet - seen them performing, but I've seen their name everywhere and all the time. They dance ballet to Finnish pop music. I don't mean pop pop, I mean they dance for bands like PMMP (click the name to hear one of their song). Also seems like they dance for other kinds of music as this next video shows:

Here's a small video which someone has put on YouTube. It's from Flow festival where Wannabe Ballerinas were performing.

  Keep it going, chicas!

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