Tuesday, 30 August 2011

358th issue: FAIL!

Esin has failed. My summer project was supposed to be a one day story of the Baltic sea in Helsinki. My script was very clear, too clear when I look it now. After many hours, after heaps of my own money and after going insane I finished my work. Our producer didn't like it. He said it's not at all what my script said. My pictures were nice, he said, but the work didn't work.

I created something crap.

My first script was about how we use the Baltic sea, what we get from it: fishes meaning food, enjoyment, traveling... But when I was filming it I realized that how naive I've been: it's not healthy to eat those fishes in Helsinki. The more I red, the more I got disgusted.

I decided to change my focus to how we use the Baltic sea - we use, use, use... It's important for us for traveling, enjoyment, ...

But that wasn't what my original script said.

I wanted to cry after failing, but at the same time I knew it all the time that it's not going to be a success. But a total failure... What annoys me is that tomorrow I will have to deal with bigger bosses about my failure and talk about it. Talk about why I failed, why I did a documentary which didn't go along the script at all, why I wanted to do everything alone, why I though I can do what ever I want... and after all this I might up just saying: I'm quitting this school and going to work in a bar FULL TIME!

Oh well, life goes on and Gang of Four is playing at my work this saturday. Wohoo! :)

I will put my crappy video here after having that difficult conversation about my crappyness with teachers.

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