Monday, 29 August 2011

356th issue: The New Music Centre

Today the New Music Centre is ready and opening. What's this building? It was built for Sibelius Music Academy, but it's for "everybody's" use. I mean Everyone who has the €€€.

(More info here)

Building this house just central Helsinki has cost something like 140 000 000€ (according to this news from 2010). That amount of money sounds funny, after Euro is living it's crisis. I bet this amount could have half if they would have chosen another place for it.

I still don't understand why Sibelius Academy has to be in central Helsinki, when there's space in East Helsinki, just next to the sea. Or in Sipoo. Or in some other city or even town. What's more inspiring than huge windows that show the sea? Now they see straight the train tracks, Kiasma modern art museum and the Parliament House. Good and inspiring surrounding for Finnish musicians. Jean Sibelius got his inspirations from our nature. In year 2011 the student's of Sibelius Academy get their inspirations from traintracks.


I was just watching an interview from YLE (Finland's broadcasting company) and they were talking about Centre's organs, which were something extremely amazing. The interviewer said "cleaning this organs must be a nightmare for the cleaner", and the man who she was interviewing said "Yeah, a total nightmare". But the whole building is built with tax money, meaning that cleaners tax money!

Me, who studies in Metropolia polytechnic, and our school is struggling all the time with money problems, I'm glad that musicians got this great building. Who needs media anyway? Wait a second, media helps music to get more popular.. Hmm... Oh well.

I don't get it. I love music, but does it require this kind of building to appear... We will see.

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