Tuesday, 23 August 2011

350th issue: Helsinki Design Week, part 1.

(Kjell, I will do different one for you :))

Helsinki Design Weeks is a warm up for upcoming year, when Helsinki is the design capital of the World. Next year is going to be huge, and I truly hope that there are really poeple working well for the upcoming year. Better than what Helsinki Design Week web pages are working, which are a fucking horrible failure. Less is more, this web page is just a hazardous amount of information, which leaves you in a huge questionmark. And a headache.

So, I was asked to try to make more clear introduce of what's going to happen during this week. I do my best, though it's slightly hard for me too, because I don't see any logic in the web page...

Also one thing is stupidity: all things cost. I think goverment should support this kind of happenings...


The Old Customs House (Katajanokanlaituri 5)

What's up?
Pechakucha Night @ 7:30 pm

"Creative people talk about creative things"
More info from FB found here
Tickets available here


Note! It's in English.


Open House Helsinki

"OpenHouseHelsinki allows visitors into places which normally are not available to the public. OpenHouseHelsinki organizes guided walks in fascinating interior spaces, interesting parts of the city as well as old and new architectural points of interest. The walks are guided by designers and specialists.

The walks are free of cost. No tickets or enrollment are required. For safety reasons some of the walks have restricted number of participants. The participants are taken in the order of arrival or drawn out in a lottery."

More info here (in English)



The New Music House

Well, it's just infront of the Parliament House, next to Kiasma.

How much?
27-35€ (get the tickets here)
Music and fashion will be bring together. Here's the press release (I just translated it straight with Google...):

"Fashion and music create the two parallel tracks of the new trends. The gathering of fashion designers and musicians for the evening into the same space we promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, and the results will surely surprise. Finnish fashion will make an international breakthrough. It succeeds in vogue, such as music from his own personality in mind. We and the public interest to hear and see how personal and creative musicians and fashion factors interact with each other: if one plus one equals two, or something more? "describes the Helsinki Design Week, Kari Korkman evening concept of the Music Centre main hall on the catwalk." (txt from here)

The Music house is a new building that has shared opinions. One thing is, that often people feel that this kind of buildings support "high culture", meaning that only people who have money can go and enjoy the music that is played inside it, but the building is built with our tax money... 

If you want to get to know The Music House, there are three free tours organized 17.9., at 10 am, 11:30 am and 1:00 pm. The main architect will be there.

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