Monday, 22 August 2011

348th issue: Helsinki could get there too...

When traveling, probably most of the people do is that they start to compare countries between when they travel. Especially they compare their home country to the one they're visiting. So, this weekend I spent in Berlin and I fell in love with it. Like almost everybody does.

Why did I fell in love with it then?
I love how people seem so relaxed there, people might have problems, sure, but everybody were still chill. I could notice that people in Berlin weren't afraid of things. They are free, emotionally.

Then I strated to think that we could have this same kind of atmosphere in Helsinki too, if only some things would change. What are these things then? Or what IS this thing then? NEGATIVITY!

There's all the time so much negativity around. This negativity includes jealousy, fear and unsureness. If we could clean these things from us - meaning people who live in Helsinki - this would be so much chiller place to live. If only people would start noticing each other in a positive way. I might sound naive, but also I can tell that this works in Berlin, why wouldn't it work in Helsinki?

Actually, everybody could learn from Berlin. I mean World wide. There are problems in Berlin (and Germany), but I want to look to the positive things, that could help us all to become better people.

Congratulations Germany, you have created a wonderful city. Keep it that way, don't ruin it!

Ps. Actually I started to think seriusly about moving to Berlin!

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