Monday, 22 August 2011

347th issue: Air Berlin - My flight from Berlin to Helsinki

I made this video, because this was the first time I had someone being over social to me during the flight. No matter how much I have been traveling, honestly this was my first time of meeting a very drunk and social person. I though this kind of things happens only in tourist flights (like the ones for Tenerife etc.) but c'mon, I was coming from Berlin! Maybe it's a bit wrong to publish this material, but I told him that he is annoying me, and after he continued, I grabbed my camera and started to film. But if I can tell something: he was all the time very positive, meaning he didn't get any aggressive. But 2 hours of him... UGH!

I have translated this as what I heard him saying to me. I didn't understand much...

(ps. also I noticed I failed to add "have" when I tell him "we have difference between our ages..")

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