Monday, 15 August 2011

345th issue: No more parties

 Ah, Flow is over. Over and done!

Last day of Flow was excellent. I was a bit sad that my body was just out of energy and i had to skip James Blake. I was watching Kanye West for a while, just to see how millionare handles stage performing. It was....dissapointing. Also when I was listening to Kanye's lyrics, they were just... so boring - just repeating same shit what all the other rap artists do.

But people dig him. I still don't understand why.

This morning I woke up and outside was all gray. Also trees infront of my window had got some yellow leafs. Summer is over, I will have to search my winter clothes.

Some exciting things are maybe going to happen soon, so I'm not getting depressed (- yet).

Ping pong at Flow! nice one!
Sunsets and Mogway playing behind me.

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