Thursday, 11 August 2011

343rd issue: 24h market in Kallio!

Food market Alepa has answered for my silent calls about getting a 24h market in Kallio. I'm especially kind of a person who stays up late (or until early in the morning). Also one thing is that I never have anything too much at my home, meaning food products. All I have is lentils and rice, but sometimes I start wanting something else in the night. Like ice cream...

I can never buy a litre of ice cream, because I won't stop eating it and I will replace my meals with it. Yesss.....No self control...

Now I can go to market any time of the night! This market is less than 1 km away from me. There's one 24h Alepa in Töölö, but it's too far away. And I think this Alepa in Kallio will make much betetr business than the one in Töölö, because in Kallio there are lot's of people who live like vampires.

Hämeentie 25

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