Tuesday, 9 August 2011

340th issue: SAVE ALPPIPUISTO!

I have been writing about Alppipuisto (English: the Alp park), the park next to Linnanmäki (Amusement park in Helsinki). Now I noticed from Facebook, that there are some plans coming to this wonderful park...

A short introduce to Alppipuisto: it's a park where mostly hippies like to go because when you are there, you feel like in a secret park middle of forest. During the summer there are heaps of free festivals and smaller concerts which bring people together. What makes these fesivals possible so close to living are is the actual location of the park: the sound doesn't bother people living near because of Alppipuisto's geomethrical shape.

Pisara track.
So what's gonna hapen? They are planning on building Pisara-rata (English: drop track) which is meant trains. VR (Finnish railway company) has had huge problems with their trains: often trains are late or get broken and it's not very nice when this happens during the rush hour (ok, rush hour in Helsinki is a bit different than in Paris, but you know...). Especially during the coldest times of the year some trains just stop working. Trains have feelings too!

It's name is Drop track because of it's drop shape. Track will go partly underground. I think the whole idea is good, and I'm used to see this kind of solutions in other countries, but c'mon, they think about greener Helsinki, but WHAT'S UP? They are going to spoil at the same time the greenest side of Alp Park! Yes, this planned Drop track happens to go just partly through Alp park.

What is this? What's the point?

Here you can see how much things has there been this summer. For people, for free. This kind of happenings are important for Finnish people, because during the winter people hide inside their homes and there isn't much happening. Some gigs, yeah, but no a place where everybody could go... Social happenings are important for people!

I found this picture and I think it's actually the planned bit from Alppipuisto!
Here you can read more about Pisara track (only in Finnish)

SAVE ALPPIPUISTO! No one should touch parks, they are places which are open for everyone. ARGH!

(Pictures from Liikennevirasto)

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