Sunday, 7 August 2011

338th issue: SlutWalk was a success, as well!

Something around 4,000 people took part in SlutWalk demonstrarion in Helsinki! This is a huge amount, comparing that there are only 591 306 people living in Helsinki (based on Wikipedia). And if we think about the narrowmindness of Finnish people, 4,000 people is more than better!

I didn't manage to go there, because I was too busy on making myself looking like a slut.

I have to tell, that one night/morning I was coming home from clubbing. I had my red pants on and high heels. Well, I always have high heels, but those red pants I bough from my last trip in Istanbul, after my aunt forced me to get them because "red pants are now high fashion here, you have to buy them!"

I was drunk, which doesn't surprise anyone probably. I was walking home from Sörnäinen where my friends dropped me with taxi. Well, I started to walk. There were lot's of people in the street who were going after party or home. Then this guy came to talk to me. I kept walking, but I'm not kind of person who tells anyone to fuck off. So he was walk with me. Still, I didn't tell him to fuck off, I though he would leave soon.

Anyway, after he kind of started to walk with me for too long, I asked him where he lives. He said "there" and pointed other way. So I said "So, maybe you should turn around then", but he didn't. In this point the situation became awkward and I said something like "ok, good night then!" and started walking faster, when he grabbed my ass in a very nasty way. Not like squeezing or anything. The nasty way.

I just became so angry. Still I'm not the kind of person who would yell "fuck off you...", or in some situations I am, but as this male person was African I didn't want to be bad towards him, because racism has been so top issue in Finland for a while.

After being angry for 2 seconds, I became sad. Why did he do it? I always want to support foreigners, I think it's important to mix cultures and get influences from other cultures. Also I like the culture in many African countries. I know so many nice Africans - or I mean people who come fro mAfrican countries.

Many of my friends told me "well, you shouldn't walk home alone", but hey, I ve been traveling alone in Taiwan, Australia, NZ, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, China,.... I've been to Cape Town and went put alone after 6pm (because I didn't know how dangerous the city is). I don't want to live in a fear, but this kind of sexual harashment I lived for the first time, and I think it was all because of my red pants... Some men think red is the color of sex and porn, for me it's a visual thing...

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