Saturday, 6 August 2011

336th issue: Kallio Block Party was a success

Whoa, I don't know anything better than a street party just next to my home! Everybody seemed to have fun, there were all kinds of music available and what I loved the most, was that there were lot's of families as well. I mean it's good to show this kind of urban culture to children as well.

Yeah, our favorite was which we called "the midged disco". There were lot's of children dancing and doing stuff. No stress when you're a child. Just let it goooo!

They can learn and keep it alive later on.

Also we found new shops, there's a very cute second hand shop. I will try to make bigger issue about smaller second hand shops in Kallio... Maybe in autumn. Now I'm just so busy that it doesn't make any sense. Good that I could relax today at KBP!

Hopefully next year there will be Kallio Block Party again!
Loooot's of people. Gotta love to see everybody in one place and with so good atmosphere surrounding us all.

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