Thursday, 4 August 2011

335th issue: Forests are full of...

My mother has told me same story about five million times: "When your grandpa was in the war, they ran out of food and your grandpa said "the forest is full of mushrooms, let's make food from them!" And that's how they probably survived from starving.

My granpa passed away in '95 but he was one of the coolest person I've ever known and I'm thankful he survived from the war, because I never had the opportunity to see my Turkish grandpa (he died in '59 in a car crash), so I saw my Finnish one - Toivo! (Toivo means Hope :))

Collecting mushrooms and berries from the forest has been always a hobby for my family. And all of us love mushrooms, so we collected always so much mushrooms that we could eat them for one year. Chernobyl explosion in '86 effected the shroomies in Finland and I'm not sure how radioactive I am, but as long as I'm not neon color, everything's ok and I keep eating mushies!

Mushrooms in Finland are also very delicious. And I love the moment when I find a perfect mushroom, with no worms in it. And how about those moment's when you just find ridicilous amount of chanterelles? WHOAA!

There are also good places to collect mushrooms in Helsinki! You just have to know in what kind of places certain kid of mushrooms grow. Helsingin Sanomat gives hint's of places where you can find shrooms:
- Espoo; Luukki, around Myllyjärvi, Nuuksio, Latokaski forests west side of Finnoo road and surroundings of Korpilampi.

- Helsinki: Mustavuori, Keskuspuisto ja Haltiala. 

- Vantaa Petikko, Storträsk and near Sipoo.

I think there are more places in Helsinki, like East-Helsinki in Vuosaari. No one wants to share their secret mushroom places and I'm sorry, I can't tell mine. You will have to find your own :) 

If you have an iphone, download a mushroom recognizer in it.

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