Thursday, 4 August 2011

334th issue: URB 11 - festival

Urban Art Festival, later mentioned as URB, has started again. Actually I'm late on posting this, because it's been around since 29.7. Anyway, URB will last for three more days and there are plenty of things happening for these three days.

What bring URB to my mind was, when I red a news about Mariano Pensotti - an Argentinian who is an artist who makes installations. In this news Pensotti says that "at the best fiction has become reality in these installations".

What are these installations then? Basically there's a screen where appears different writings from moments happening around, but still it's all fiction. Or I think in some way reality becomes fiction, but Pensotti says that it's the other way. And probably he's right and I'm wrong. Or is this the kind of question: is your half filled glass half full or half empty?

Actually I found an aswer: reality is written again through fiction. The moment's are real, but when you fit them in a screen with three other person - it becomes fiction. But still real. ARGH! I just have to go and see it!

In Pensotti's installation there will be Finnish authors writing to the screen what they see.

Sometimes I think, I can see you 

Elielinaukiolla tue and fri (4.–5.8. ) 

What time?
8 pm - 10 pm

Also on Saturday!
Lasipalatsi square (6.8.) 

What time?
8 pm–10 pm.

URB video HERE
More info HERE

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