Thursday, 4 August 2011

332ns issue: Neighborhood lovin', part 2

I wrote about physical lovin' what was happing in my neighbor. It all started when my friend was complaining me about his neighbors...

There is also different kind of lovin' happening in my neighborhoods. I have lived nearly two years in this apartment, and rarely I meet anyone else than the mna who lives next door to me. It's a bit strange, but I try to accept that basically we have the same living rythm.

Last december someone new moved downstairs. I noticed new name in his door but didn't meet him. His name is Heiskanen. Those times I was working again in a bar and coming home early in the morning, this time it was almost 4am. I was tired and walking the stairs up, when suddenly there was a man! A man who seemed like dead. No reaction at all.

Straight away I was trying to make him wake up, and while I was stesting his pulse, he opened his eyes. This man was just so drunk that he couldn't managed to go home, stayed half way through. I asked him "who are you, which apartment you are going", and while his eyes were going round and round he said "I'm Heiskanen". I knew where to take him...

Months past and I didn't see or hear anything about Heiskanen. On July I was coming home from clubbing and it was again nearly 4am. Who did I found sleeping from the stairs, infront of his apartment? Mr. Heiskanen. This time I knew him and shaked him "Heiskanen, AGAIN!" He opened his eyes and just started to smile, and went home.

Then, like a month ago I saw Heiskanen in the stairs - sober! And I asked him "Hey, you haven't been sleeping in the stairs. What's up???", he answered laughing "Yeah, let's see if it happens today!", I said "Ok, I will come and search for you then..."

Last friday I came home from work. Again it was nearly 4am. I was climbing up the stairs, and what did I see? Heiskanen! He was absolutely hammered, with no shoes on, just haning in our stairs. His door was open and friend inside. I don't know what he was doing, but he looked like a huge dange, because he wa so drunk. I said "Heiskanen,.....aaaaaaagain!", he said "c'mon, don't be like that", I grabbed him and pushed to his home and closed the door.

This is just another way of strating to know your neighbor...

So now you think what kind of dude am I talking about? Well, he's about 27-28-years old, have converse sneakers and tight pants, probably same length hair than I do. He seems like a positive person, though he is an hazard.....

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