Wednesday, 3 August 2011

331st issue: Student who prefers organic

In Finland organic products are expensive, and I believe it's the same in many country. Actually in Turkey they have lot's of local and organic stuff and you can get these from bazaars easy. And the price is not that expensive. In Finland the price is double, or triple - even four times as much as non-organic product.

What does organic mean for me? It means real tastes and more nutritious vegetables. So I rather spend money on healthy and nutritious food, than end up buying lot's of fast grown untasteful veggies. Like zucchini is now super cheap, something like 1.20€/kg. I love zucchini, so I was happy to see it for so cheap. Then I had a look in organic zucchini's and the price for them was something like 2.40€/kg. Which one did I choose? The organic one for sure.

Then I went home to cook my meal and I noticed fas tthe difference between organic and non-organic zucchinis: while non-organic zucchinis become watery after heating them up, these organic ones kept their shape. When I was eating I could really taste zucchni (I know, they don't taste much, but I could taste the difference). It wasn't like eating watery slimy cucumber-thing, it was zucchini.

It's not a student thing to eat organic. But I think less is more!

From my shoppings 80% are organic. Sometimes when I'm totally broke, I have to choose the cheapest products,.... or maybe rather I stay healthy and ask my mother to go food shopping with me ;)

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